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Man Sought in 'Brutal' Attack on Store Clerk

Posted November 9, 2007

— Police were searching for a man who attacked a convenience store clerk early Friday.

A 50-year-old woman was working along at the Hess-Wilco station at 3706 Raeford Road between 4:30 and 5 a.m. Friday when a man tried to buy a case of beer, police said. When she told him state law prohibited the sale of beer after 2 a.m., he began punching her.

"He began assaulting her and began beating her in the face (and) actually beat her unconscious," said Jamie Smith, spokeswoman for the Fayetteville Police Department. "He brutally beat her."

A surveillance camera in the store showed the assailant then went to the cash register to steal some money, and he also swiped some cigarettes before leaving, Smith said.

The woman, whose name wasn't released, was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. She sustained serious injuries to her face, including fractured bones, but they were not life-threatening, police said.

The manager of the convenience store declined to comment.

The assailant was described as a black man in his 30s with dreadlocks pulled into a ponytail. He is about 6 feet tall and 180 pounds.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Detective T. Joyce of the Fayetteville Police Department at 910-433-1883 or 919-433-1856 or Crime Stoppers at 910-483-8477.

"No matter how minor you think it is, just give them a call and let them make that decision," Smith said.


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  • Smorgas_Of_Borg Nov 10, 2007

    In my youth, the saying applied to graffitti and wanted posters. I don't think anyone who heard it then could imagine it would apply to video imagery in the future:

    "Fools' names and Fools' faces often appear in public places"

    Hope they catch this moron soon. I hear there are some pretty good 'scrappers' at Central Prison...

  • lizard Nov 10, 2007

    Let's get back to the days when a store owner could have a store open anytime he wanted to serve the customer and have as many people working that he wanted and have it open anywhere he found a market it a building that doesn't look like a fortress. It's called freedom. Thugs like this take advantage of it and need to be dealt with.

    Let's get back to the days that these thugs have no right to assume they won't be shot in the chest. Does this stuff go on at Rocky Mount vegetable stands?

  • lynddsy Nov 10, 2007

    NO STORE SHOULD HAVE ONLY ONE EMPLOYEE AT ANY TIME! the ones that get robbed and someone gets killed or hurt is always ones that have just one employee working. my heart goes out to this poor woman who was only trying to make a living. shame on the store owner!

  • Rocknhorse Nov 10, 2007

    We should get back to the days of stores closing at reasonable hours and being closed on Sundays as well. WHY do we need 24/7? In the days when that was not available, people planned in advance OR simply waited until the next day. Perhaps on a long stretch of highway, near a rest stop, a gas station might remain open, but otherwise, no!

  • Rocknhorse Nov 10, 2007

    1. At least this 50 yo woman was willing to work an honest job! Perhaps it's the only job she could get that fits her life needs.

    2. I hope they catch this guy! Unfortunately, if he is caught, he'll MAYBE serve a nominal time in jail where he can commiserate with his peers and then he'll leave, probably harder/harsher than he entered. Seems there isn't much in the way of justice these days.

    3. I wish for this lady a speedy recovery! What an awful, frightening thing she experienced.

  • floyd_lawson Nov 10, 2007

    "Why do we need stores open 24/7, especially in risky neighborhoods with a proven crime record."

    Some people work 3rd shift. The store owners don't have to be open and the profit compared to to the people that steal probably isn't that great. it's a good quesation, I'm grateful to people that ae open but I wouldn't be. It's too bad that people are wimpy enough to kill over money let alone a very small amount of money, the prisons must stop catering to criminals!!!

  • rainy39 Nov 10, 2007

    The store that my ex used to work at finally did what was suggested and closed the doors at 10pm and only used a walkup window for purchases. At that time of night, most sales are either cigs, or gas anyway so it actually worked out very well.

  • LoveOneAnotherAsChristTaught Nov 10, 2007

    I know it's sometimes hard not to indict an entire race based on the actions of some, but we all really must try not to.

    I think it should be a law that at least 2 people must be present in convenience stores after hours, or they should just close after hours. Why do we need stores open 24/7, especially in risky neighborhoods with a proven crime record.

  • Tonedout Nov 10, 2007

    Where in the story does it say the race of the store clerk?

  • Tonedout Nov 10, 2007

    f6rider and grenlyn1 - why would you even bring race into this, you cowards are just trying to get something started. The story did not even mention the race of the store clerk. Please go somewhere else with your racist views.