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Teacher Assaulted; 8 Teens Arrested After School Fight

Posted November 7, 2007

— Eight students were arrested Wednesday following a fight at a Raleigh high school, police said. At least one student was charged with assaulting a school employee.

The fight happened at about 7:30 a.m., before classes, in the cafeteria at Leesville Road High School, principal Dr. Steve Gainey said.

A 16-year-old student was charged with simple assault, assault on a government official/employee and resisting a public officer.

According to the arrest warrant, the student twice pushed a teacher who was trying to break up the fight.

The other students, most being 16 and 17, face charges of misdemeanor assault and/or affray.

No one was injured, Gainey said, and classes were not disrupted.

"We're going to have school every day," he said. "If people don't want to behave, we're going to deal with it, and we're going to move forward."

Nearly 2,500 students attend Leesville Road High School.


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  • Is it Friday yet Nov 8, 2007

    "Beyond that, it violates the 14th amendment"

    how so?

  • Cameron Nov 8, 2007

    I have a child at Leesville and part of the problem is that the school is just too big and overcrowded. The staff is unable to maintain discipline in the corridors, in the cafeteria area, and in many of the non-honors/non-AP classes. Too many satellite attendees are bused into this school, and these students cause a disproportionate number of problems. The fight in the cafeteria was gang related and these students should be permanently banned from LRHS.

  • Mrs. Fabulous Nov 8, 2007

    This is just sad. It's sad that parents today do not know how to handle their children and instill self-respect in them and for them to have respect others and especially their elders. However, why are we so amazed???????? Many of you may not be bible believers or readers. The children today will get worse. Mothers will be against daughters, fathers against their sons. The children born in this day in time are WEAKER as in following the tactics of the devil and they are WISER because there is more knowledge in the land. So these kids, if they do not have a better upbringing, will only get worse. All we can do is teach our children better and pray that they act out what they are taught.

    The problem is there are so many young mothers today who are not mature themselves and they are raising children--child having a child so to speak. So with this being said, the children are probably not receiving the proper nourishment and teaching that they need.

  • thepeopleschamp Nov 8, 2007

    Obiviously Timbo does not work in a public school. Students are told from the first day that school is no place for fighting, so there is their official warning not to fight. And Assault of Govt Employee has been on the books for decades, how does that pander to a voting block for anyone? I don't get that.

    If fighting in school is no big deal and just boys being boys maybe they will fight in the courtroom and then we'll see if it's no big deal. One of the problems in school today is that when someone does get in trouble too many people, mainly parents, rush to defend their bad behavior instead of working on correcting it.

  • Timbo Nov 8, 2007

    This is unreal. For those of you who never had significant quantities of testosterone, and for those of you who obviously don't remember having a significant quantity of testosterone, quit your judgmental sniping.

    In case you are wondering, young males sometimes fight. To dam (purposely misspelled) these kids the rest of their lives for this incident is ridiculous. Sure, they shouldn't fight at school. So suspend them for 3 days and let them know if it happens again, you'll ratchet up the consequences. Then be done with it.

    As for "assault on a government official/employee", that's the most made up law whose only purpose is to pander to a large voting block I've ever seen. Beyond that, it violates the 14th amendment. As far as I'm concerned, assault is already a crime. What a joke.

  • buckos18 Nov 7, 2007

    whoever says that race/bussing is not an issue in wake county public schools, you are kidding yourself....these kids are gang members that bring their "beefs" to school..they could care less about learning and only disrupt those that do want to learn....spend a day in a wake county school, as i have, and you will see....there is no respect for anyone...when their parents, if they are around, spend their day sitting on the couch collecting welfare, what do you expect? if you ask these kids where they want to go to school, they usually say southeast raleigh high...they don't want to be bussed all over the city....but you can't put them all in one school because it wouldn't meet any testing standards and would be shut down.....i'm sure somebody will label me a racist, but if you can't see this problem your kidding yourself

  • Raptor06 Nov 7, 2007

    I'm sorry, but I teach at the high school level, and I'm not afraid of my students' parents. Yes, you have some who should have never been allowed to conceive, and then you have some who are trying to do the best that they can. You're right though; when I have a bad student and call home, I have a very good idea why the child is that way. Since we're required to have a license to drive, we should be required to have a license to have a child!

  • 1Moms_View Nov 7, 2007

    Parents have abdicated their responsibilities to teach and instruct right behavior or even to model it. Most of the time the parents don't act any better than the children. Don't believe it? Spend the day at a school function or in the class room. Vile language, inappropriate dress, obnoxious behavior, and utter disregard for others. And, I'm talking about the parents.

    So can we expect children to act differently?
    partial post by blueridgerunner

    YES!! I couldn't agree more! Add to the mix, administrators who are afraid to deal with parents or want to give the appearance their school is perfect, and the situation becomes even worse. I'm sick of kids being disrespectful to adults, assaulting or bullying other children and then being allowed to get away with it. In the end, we are not teaching children proper values when we allow this to happen. Teachers end up being blamed even though children come to school with these behaviors. They can't teach academics in that situation.

  • Made In USA Nov 7, 2007

    More the reason to make home-schooling a new employment opportunity in our area that has so many issues in school.

  • knowyourrole Nov 7, 2007

    Some of the suggestions for remedy I read here may seem appropriate, but obviously, not permitted by law. As an educator, I see way too much tolerance of inappropriate behavior. This is due to the fact that many teachers are afraid of some students and the entire system has caved in to the threat of lawsuits by parents. Unfortunately, this fear is justified as evidenced by the fact that students cannot be touched and cannot be spoken to in a negative tone, because they have "rights." How disgusting it is! It does go back to the parents and the upbringing of the child for which the parent is responsible, not the education system. Not all wayward kids are the result of poor parenting, but more than likely, the parent(s) are not making the children respect them and act as decent human beings. Children act out what is modeled in front of them, so there you go!

    For any of those in the public who think teachers have it easy, go work in a school for a semester. You'll rethink it!