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Boy Scouts Give Up Disney World to Help Rebuild Church

Posted November 2, 2007

— Time at Disney World could not compete with helping others for three Boy Scout troops in Vance County.

Every year, Boy Scout Troop 691 in Henderson joins with two other troops for a chicken cook-out fundraiser. The proceeds go to pay for a trip to Disney World for the boys.

This year, however, the scouts volunteered to donate money they will raise Saturday to help Union Chapel United Methodist Church rebuild its sanctuary.

Lightning likely sparked a fierce fire on Aug. 10 that burned most of the 178-year-old church to the ground. Among many other items, the church lost its stained glass windows, which were brought from Europe and dated to the early 1800s.

Larry Medlin, described how his 11-year-old son, James, who so far has earned his second-class scout rank, came up with the idea on his own after hearing about the fire.

"James said, 'Daddy, let's raise money to help them build their church instead of going to Disney,'" Larry Medlin said.

Pastor Robert Hammond said he was deeply touched by the boys' unselfish offer.

"We're amazed, because they don't have any relationship with the church," Hammond said.

James Medlin said he simply heard what had happened to Union Chapel and felt that he and his buddies should do their part, "because everybody should have a place to go to church."

"You don't hear that much from little children," Larry Medlin said.

Church members said they hope to start building a new sanctuary by late spring 2008, but still have a lot more fundraising to do. Rebuilding will take one to two years and cost about $1 million. Insurance will probably only cover about $400,000, church officials said, because they couldn't afford a policy that covered the church's worth.

Those challenges make the donation by the Boy Scouts all the more special, church leaders said.

Troop leaders said that the Scouts seemed to have inspired unselfish behavior throughout their community.

"People throughout town have called us, (saying), 'Hey, what can I do?'" Troop 691 scoutmaster Tomie Patrick said.

The Boy Scouts will hold the chicken cook-out Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Union Chapel United Methodist Church, 6479 Raleigh Road, south of Henderson. Each dinner costs $6, and all proceeds go to rebuilding the sanctuary.

Troop leaders said they hope to cook up and serve at least 1,200 chickens.


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  • Offshore Nov 4, 2007

    God bless the Boy Scouts. James Medlin and his friends have hearts as big as the Montana Sky. What a selfless act. You guys rock!!!

  • jkuwalik2 Nov 3, 2007

    giffman, ever hear the sayings: "you reap what you sowe", "what goes around come around", and "one good turn deserves another"
    That is why I feel these young gentlemen desreve to still go to Disney. So far I am not have much luck with corporate America for the same reason IBM gave. I got to say I am confused that corp. America does not to help children because their leaders want to protect them from pedophiles. I guess if the scouts said "come on, rape our sons on a camping trip" then they would be willing to help. Seems the right of the gays out weighs the rights the rest of us have to protect children. I am not saying that all gays are pedophiles, most are not. I for one am not willing to take the chance with my scout. I salute the scouts for standing up for the views.

  • Made In USA Nov 3, 2007

    Wow! This story has put me into an early Christmas spirit. A salute to the scouts!

  • mayor Nov 3, 2007

    You guys/gals who are posting "ain't" so bad yourselves!!!!! Blessings to all you good folks - lovely weekend to all.

  • jenn27537 Nov 3, 2007

    I just want to kinda give everyone a heads up on the directions on how to get to the church for the fundraiser today. If you are coming from Raleigh or that direction down #1, once you get into kittrell and pass a little store on the left called Kittrell Grocery, you will go approx 1-1 1/2 miles down #1 and bare to the right(I think it is #1 business). The church is down that way about 1 mile on the right. I am sure the crowd will give it away. So what if you have to drive 45 min for a chicken plate, please go out and support this cause and let these boys now how much we appreciate their thoughtfulness. I know I will be there.

  • giffman Nov 3, 2007

    What a great story. Slo-talker, I couldn't agree with you more. The point of charitable giving is not to get something in return. It's about sacrafice. If the corporations want to chip in, let them match the boyscouts donation and give it to the church. How great would it be if this snowballed and the church were to rebuild sooner because of the scouts selfless act. What a fantastic life lesson that would be for all of us.

  • shine Nov 3, 2007

    It is wonderful to see young men who are willing to sacrifice the hard work they have done for an immediate cause in their own backyard. Their unselfishness should be awarded.

    JKU - - just a thought we ought to get them on National News, CNN, Fox News, and all of the other programs that follow the Big News programs.... and offer for donations for these young men to have what they have worked for. What do you think? We could send the article to the news networks and let them run with it.

  • jkuwalik2 Nov 3, 2007

    My reply to IBM: They are Boy Scouts. the members don't discriminate. The leaders
    discriminate to protect them. I can not understand a corporation the size of
    IBM denying a group of children help to go on a trip because their leaders
    want to protect them from pediophiles

  • jkuwalik2 Nov 3, 2007

    I sure am glad that this is not an IBM thinkpad. I knew there was a reason I did not even consider IBM when looking for a laptop

  • jkuwalik2 Nov 3, 2007

    Well, IBM has already replied and turned me down due to the fact that the scouts have a policy against homosexuals. Who needs IBM then.