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Raleigh Falling Short of Easley's Call for Water Cuts

Posted October 31, 2007
Updated November 1, 2007

— A week after Gov. Mike Easley asked North Carolina residents to cut water use by 50 percent, Raleigh appears to be falling short of the goal.

Easley asked people to halve their water consumption between Oct. 22 and Halloween to give them an idea of what sacrifices would be needed in a water crisis and to help officials get a handle on what steps work best in various communities.

Raleigh water customers have consumed about 41 million gallons of water a day in recent days, a 24 percent drop from the average daily demand earlier in October, officials said.

Durham has reduced water use by an average of more than 10 million gallons a day over the last two months, officials said. State government has also cut its overall water usage by more than 30 percent.

"I want people to understand this is a very serious problem, and it is a manageable problem if we just conserve," Easley said.

Meanwhile, Cary will implement tougher water restrictions on Thursday, when lawn sprinklers will be banned. Outdoor watering by hand will still be allowed every day under the new rules.

First-time violators will receive a warning. Those who violate the restrictions a second time will face a $500 fine.


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  • wcnc Nov 1, 2007

    What do you expect from a mayor who is a liberal lawyer?? Someone needs to come up with someone who has some sense who can at least run against him.....When was the last time he ran against someone??

    As far as creating more reservoirs, you can thank the lib greenies who say it will hurt the environment too much to build new reservoirs. There is one slated to be started in the Zebulon area but it takes YEARS to get the necessary permits and such.....the government, scared by the environmentalists, doesn't exactly make it easy.

  • waterUser Nov 1, 2007

    I have always conserved water while living in Raleigh (having lived in California). For months and months leading up to the call to cut consumption in half by 10/31, our wise government officials did nothing to curtail use. People should have been limited on lawn watering back in the Spring. Our wise government officials only know how to react to crisis rather than plan effectively for the future.

    I look forward to washing my car this weekend as I will continue to do until I can take our wise government officials seriously. As has been said, "a __up on their part should not constitute a crisis on mine".

  • Fun Nov 1, 2007

    ma2345, exactly...Meeker is not a leader, he is a politician. I grew up here, lived here for 54 years. I never voted for the man, Ive met the man, he is the worst Mayor Raleigh has ever had, in my opinion. A tax and spend guy for his political advancement and legacy at our expense. WE will be paying his tab for years to come after he's gone. But you look at Raleigh guy like Paul Coble, X mayor now Wake commissioner. He's not done much either. I thought for sure he would fight, but he's just as lame.

  • blackdog Nov 1, 2007

    ...when you have a large city or metropolis like Raleigh and Wake County, a lack of community spirit comes with it. Withoput the sense of community, there is little concern for "neighbors"....

  • ma2345 Nov 1, 2007

    Screw Easely and the City of Raleigh. I pay a $94.00 bimonthly storm water runoff fee for my business in downtown Raleigh. Where the hell is that money going? My actual water use for the same two months is about $35. That is $17 dollars of actual water usage a month.
    Business's are just as tired of being screwed as residents.
    It is time for these idiots that are so pro-growth to tell us how they will provide water for the existing residents and business. Oh yeah, I have been here in Raleigh 47 years. A local that is absolutley sick of the leadership. Meeker included.

  • dws Nov 1, 2007

    50% reduction is a pipedream unless businesses ante up too

  • CestLaVie Nov 1, 2007

    Nobody but Carolina: I only take a shower every other day now; it works; it won't kill you. But, I know, I know - when are all these other suggested curtailments gonna happen???? Why should residents curtail more, when there is still ridiculous waste on the part of businesses.

  • jkuwalik2 Nov 1, 2007

    Southern Fried Yankee, phosphates grow algae agressively and that actually is detrimental to our resevoir system. That is most likely why it is not being put into the system. Remember back about 15 years ago, we had tons of phosphate problems in out lakes

  • Southern Fried Yankee Nov 1, 2007

    N&O had a good story in today's paper about PCS Phosphates and the run off of pumping water out of the aquifer.....That amounts to about 50 million gallons a day.....Does ANYONE think it doesn't make sense to pipe that water to Raleigh's reservoirs?

  • talkabout Nov 1, 2007

    Why should I cut MY H20 usage and consumption when I see EVERYDAY water wasted by companies (i.e. watering the lawns, gold courses etc)...IT IS GRASS, ONLY GRASS!!! When you are sitting in your home, dying of thirst, aleast the lawn will look good! Our vanity will be the end of us.