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Ex-Officer Indicted on Animal Cruelty Charges

Posted October 31, 2007

— A former Fayetteville police officer accused of burying puppies alive has been indicted on animal cruelty charges.

John Leggett, 44, of Jessie Hood Lane, was indicted on eight counts of animal cruelty. A patrol officer since 2002, he left the Fayetteville Police Department last week, but officials declined to say whether he resigned or was fired.

Cumberland County Animal Control officers were called to a home in the woods about three miles from the Bladen County line on Sept. 15 to respond to a report that puppies had been buried alive.

Two coonhound puppies were found dead at the property – authorities haven't said how they died – and another seven 1-week-old coonhound puppies, along with their mother, were seized and placed in the care of animal control.

Leggett was issued nine civil citations at the time by animal control officers, charging him with animal cruelty.


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  • animalover Oct 31, 2007

    BFBNYC: 1. The person calling the animal control officer was a member of his OWN FAMILY. 2.He admits to burying the dogs alive, his reason: they were cross bred, not pure bred show dogs. In other words not worthy of living in his opinion. YUKONJOHN3: Although there are people in this world that share a bond with their animals closer than any bond with a human, no one is equating animals with humans in this story. It's about punishing someone who at one time was supposed to be a public official that was paid to enforce our laws and yet here he is breaking a law. He was not mistreated. He wasn't even arrested!!! He was given a pink piece of paper that told him to appear in court. If he were being treated like a murderer he would be in jail, in a secured facility for his protection(ugh), but in jail nonetheless.WCNC: You can't, without kidding yourself, compare Mike Nifong to Ed Grannis. He is unopposed and not desperate for re-election.

  • bfbnyc Oct 31, 2007

    There was a REPORT that the puppies were buried alive. NO proof, no forth coming witness. The report could have been made by some-one he arrested, to act out revenge. GET your FACTS straight before you condemn.

  • yukonjohn3 Oct 31, 2007

    We are the Sheppard’s of the earth responsible for God's creatures and we should ensure that people like this are prosecuted to the fullest for mistreatment and murder.

    I agree that this dude is a sicko, but murder?? People have got to realize that these are ANIMALS not PEOPLE. I am not for animal cruelty to animals, but God said in Genesis that man was to have dominion over all the animals of the earth. Forever we have killed animals for food and clothing. Here in Alaska we still do. Granted, as I said before, I realize he is a sicko, but lets not go overboard with pet protection laws that equate animals with people.

  • All child molesters should die Oct 31, 2007

    I echo all the previous comments! I love animals too and this is very upsetting.

  • wcnc Oct 31, 2007

    Several things to say here--

    First, if he did it, he deserves the punishment!!

    Second, remember the indictments in the Duke Lacrosse case?? Turned out it was based on lies, so let's wait to see the facts before we convict and sentence him on here.

    Finally, why are we at all surprised that people treat animals cruelly when we say it's ok to kill babies before they are born. If we can't say that innocent human life is sacred how can we expect people to take care of animals??

  • IHave1-2 Oct 31, 2007

    I'm proud of animal control for doing what was right in this situation. Going up against a cop could not have been easy or a comfortable position to be in.

  • dogmama Oct 31, 2007

    People who do this kind of thing are sickos. There's something seriously wrong with this guy.

  • f6rider Oct 31, 2007

    We need tighter laws on the books regarding animal cruelty! Animals can not speak for themselves or defend themselves against this kind of crime. We are the Sheppard’s of the earth responsible for God's creatures and we should ensure that people like this are prosecuted to the fullest for mistreatment and murder.

  • Iquana Oct 31, 2007

    This guy does nt look like M. Vick , but the outcome is the same. People dont like people who harm dogs.

  • Mad Baumer Oct 31, 2007

    Unbelievable, once again this stuff is in the news. It makes me crazy. Love your animals people, they do you, unconditionally; you won't find that any where else in life...