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Ex-Enloe Teacher Plans to Sue Wake School Board

Posted October 31, 2007

— A former Enloe High School teacher plans to sue the Wake County school board.

In February, Robert Escamilla was suspended with pay after he invited Kamil Solomon, head of Kamil International Ministries, to his class. Solomon handed out pamplets entitled, "Why Women Should Not Marry Muslims."

The school board said Escamilla knew Solomon's guest-speaking engagement would denigrate Islam and was not acceptable. Escamilla was later reassigned to Mary E. Phillips High School.

On Oct. 17, school board members released part of Escamilla's personnel record because members felt they needed to protect their integrity. The records both praised and criticized his teaching ability.

Escamilla, who taught at Enloe for 18 years, also fought to get a 12-page reprimand removed from his employment file, but the school board denied the request.

Escamilla's attorney said he plans to file suit next week.


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  • BUCKEYEnNC Nov 1, 2007

    yukonjohn3; no, some people don't see that our laws were designed to protect ALL religions. They feel that Christianity is under attack which couldn't be further from the truth.

    I haven't seen any government round up of Christians. Churches aren't being confiscated. Pastors aren't being executed.

    The only thing that has happened was a teacher brought an evangelist into the classroom who made negative remarks about another religion. The penalty, he was reprimanded. He wasn't arrested, beaten or fired. Sure, he was reassigned to an alternative HS. Probably not the best assignment for a teacher. He still has his license and he is more than able to find another teaching job. From some of the comments posted here I would imagine that he would come highly favored in some "Christian" schools.

    and to ifcdirector, my daughter is in a public school because I want her to have an open mind. The classroom is not a pulpit!!!

  • yukonjohn3 Oct 31, 2007

    People, especially Christians, need to realize that this sort of thing is not appropriate in our secular school system. Just imagine the outcry from Christians if a Muslim had been invited to speak about why people should not marry Christians. Comprende?

    Truth-B-Known, you hit the nail on the head!! What if it had been the other way around and a Muslim person had been there expousing that women NOT marry Christians. Dont people see that the law that protects that from happening has to be applied equally to ALL religions.

  • skaternum Oct 31, 2007

    Wow. So much ignorance and hating in these comments. I'm greatly saddened by some of the hateful comments made by my alleged fellow Christians.

    There are 2 issues here:
    1. The lawsuit that he says he will file. We don't know exactly what the basis is, but I would imagine it concerns the release of his personnel file. Since no one here has indicated expertise in labor law, I think it's safe to say that we'll have to see if there's any merit in what he alleges. My personal opinion is that a court will find against him.

    2. The appropriateness of Mr. E allowing such a presentation in class in a public school. There are rules against presenting biased or proselytizing for ANY religion in our schools. Did he break this rule? That is really the only pertinent question here. Based on what we've heard, in my opinion, yes. He broke that rule. Whether it was because the speaker was Christian and not a Buddhist or Wiccan or whatever is completely immaterial. He was wrong.

  • doodad Oct 31, 2007

    The Civil Rights Movements wasn't controversial?

  • notaproblem Oct 31, 2007

    Why does it have to be a religion thing?? just because he was speaking against women marrying muslims?? that doesn't necessarily have to mean he was smashing the muslim religion, maybe he was warning women about abusive relationships

  • veyor Oct 31, 2007

    Christians aren't invited to a lot of classrooms in the Middle East to speak either.

  • bill0 Oct 31, 2007

    Everybody should check out his website - not because it will convince you he is right, but because he has his last 3 reviews posted. The school system should be embarrassed of all 3. The first 2 have virtually no comments or feedback - positive or negative. What a horrible way to evaluate a teacher! However, it really undercuts his claim that these evaluations show he was a good teacher - they only show the school system is lazy. The third evaluation actually included critiques, but it is written by someone who never saw him teach! The damning parts are all about how he reacted to the controversy and lied to the principal. The items that show he was a "bad" teacher are unfortunately fairly common in our schools - watching movies, outdated materials, reusing tests for years etc.

    The claim that he had other speakers from other religions is false. The school had a muslim speaker, but it wasn't part of his class or teaching. He had other speakers in prior years, but not now.

  • Steven Oct 31, 2007

    Wow, sad to see some of the really uneducated responses in here on the history of the USA, what's going on in schools, etc. Looks like some people didn't pay attention in class when they should have.

    I'm a Christian and at no time have I felt like people are ganging up on my religion and persecuting me or anything like some of you act like you've supposedly been through. It's people like you that make other people move further away from Christianity instead of embrace it.

  • Seeminglyopposed Oct 31, 2007

    Your kids here and see more on MY SPACE than anything or anyone this teacher could have brought in this class!

    My child is in the 11th grade and I still monitor his teachers, but I don't get stupid. I have hoped raised him to learn all that he can, and choose the way that he knows is right for him. But without knowledge of as much as they can learn, leaves them vunerable in the long run for these maniacs later in life.

  • T-Man Oct 31, 2007

    ltbarkley: I appreciate the link, however I'm sure the truth in this case lies somewhere between what the school board says and what Mr. Escamilla said on his own website. I may be wrong but I don't think the problem was that the speaker was Christian, but that the speaker was making negative statements about a religion to which he didn't belong. If one is to foster a discussion of different religions, then the person speaking about each religion should belong to that religion. It would be fair if he had invited a Muslim to the class to talk about the Muslim's perceived negative aspects of Christianity.