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Confusion Reigns After Cary Power Outage

Posted October 30, 2007
Updated October 31, 2007

— A power outage in Cary created some confusion Tuesday for a local high school.

Initially, officials at Panther Creek High School in Cary planned to close early because the school did not have any power when it opened at around 7:30 a.m. However, Michael Evans, spokesman for Wake County schools, said the school would remain open for students.

Power was later restored at the school at around 10:15 a.m.

Officials at the school did send students home for the morning, but it was up to the students to find transportation back to school. School officials said absences will not be counted.

Progress Energy said a feeder line located near N.C. Highway 55 malfunctioned, knocking out power to the school and traffic lights in the area.


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  • superman Oct 30, 2007

    No wonder kids are dropping out of the school-- parents cant read either-- the article clearly says in paragraph 4 that absences would not be counted. Most school buses run several routes-- so the buses cant just turn around and pick up the same students-- or they will miss picking up the students on the next route. Where you people been living?

  • oldrebel Oct 30, 2007

    re..."The handicapped kids can't leave the first floor since the elevators don't work"???? So in the event of a power failure during a fire (God forbid) those children, if on other floors than the first, would be trapped? Surely this can't be true?

  • rahowa Oct 30, 2007

    Yankees in the dark....LMAO

  • knowyourrole Oct 30, 2007

    When I read all the comments posted here, I have to wonder how many of them come from educators. It's always easy to give an opinion of what someone else should do, but how many of those posting comments here are capable of being a teacher, administrator, or school official for one day and would be able make a decision that would "please" the public? How easy it is to criticize!

  • djofraleigh Oct 30, 2007

    If the schools were to just NOT run ONE day, 77,777 miles would not be driven, saving an estimated 11,111 gallons of diesel fuel, which at $2.50 per gallon and 7mpg average, would be $27,777 savings in fuel, plus the bus driver hourly salary of over $10/hr. Think of a four day week for the schools, saving this every week by adding ONE period to the high schools block schedule, from four to five classes = a MILLION dollars saved each year. Then there would be the 20% saving in breakfast/lunch free meals, water, electricity, gas and other savings. Teacher pay would be the same, unless they had to work on Fridays (and Teacher work days could be on Fridays). Friday's would be an easier commute without the busses and kids driving out there on the roads. Now, there would be only 144 days of school. Year around school calendars could then take advantage of those 100 new days possible for classes of longer hours. Kids might go to an every other school day, year round, with full weeks for testi

  • djofraleigh Oct 30, 2007

    Panther Creek is a newer high school and perhaps it has NO mobile classrooms, but if they do, there is very little light. The ventilation system stop circulating air. The windows do not open, save one 3'x4' emergency exit. The bell system quits. The lunchroom can't heat the food, the refrigerators lose their cold from being opened so often and what isn't served is lost. Gads, but the drink machines won't work. The handicapped kids can't leave the first floor since the elevators don't work. The computers won't work. The auditorium (drama), band room (music)gym and weight room probably become too dark. Most bathrooms don't have windows now so they are dark. The students have a broken routine and start to let their minds roam. The battery powered emergency lights will get their life diminished a bit. Teachers whose lessons are based on overhead projectors, white boards, or other electronics will have to wing it. And today, the heat was supposed to be running.

  • Commentor5 Oct 30, 2007

    "Confusion" and "Cary" in the same sentence - now that's a big surprise! Isn't that why Cary is the way it is? Too many Yankees moving down and causing mass confusion to our way of life!

  • mindyourown Oct 30, 2007

    Confusion reigns.....again...why am I not suprised?...

  • ladyblue Oct 30, 2007

    They could have kept the kids in school longer to see if power couoldbe restored. My goodness it wasn't 100 degrees or 10 below outside. Are classes that dark without lights now? Our schools in the 60's had nice windows...

  • PDMARTIN Oct 30, 2007


    How long is a semester? And why would your child be out more than 10 days in that length of time anyway.