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3 Lawyers Say They Want Nifong's Old Job

Posted October 29, 2007

— Three experienced prosecutors say they've learned from Mike Nifong's mistakes, and now they want his former job.

The three have been or are still members of the Durham district attorney's office and worked for Nifong before he was disbarred for his handling of the Duke lacrosse rape case.

Tracey Cline is chief assistant district attorney, and Mitchell Garrell is an assistant district attorney. Freda Black was an assistant prosecutor until Nifong dismissed her two years ago.

All three plan to run for Nifong's old job next year. Steve Monks, a lawyer who ran a write-in campaign against Nifong in 2006, said he might run if he's not elected to the City Council in the meantime.

Nifong was appointed to the post in April 2005 and elected to the job last year. He resigned in the furor over the Duke lacrosse case, in which three athletes were falsely accused of raping an exotic dancer during an off-campus party.

Gov. Mike Easley appointed Chief Assistant District Attorney David Saacks, a 15-year veteran of the office, to serve as interim district attorney until the 2008 election. Saacks, who lives in Wake County, has said he does not intend to run for the position.


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  • Jokers Wild II Oct 30, 2007

    LOL @ the comment about the NAACP being "helpful". They are just as racist and ignorant as any other hate group.. they are looking after one group and one group only! Such pity we allow it..

  • iamforjustice Oct 30, 2007

    Who said I was baiting? Nope, I am being serious. I don't understand why it is so hard for people to realize the good that the NAACP has done for people.

  • Timbo Oct 30, 2007

    iamforjustice, you really need to quit trying to bait people. It's getting old.

  • iamforjustice Oct 30, 2007

    Timbo..the NAACP represents people of all colors. They stand for justice. They always help people out. The only people that bad mouth such a God fearing organization are cruel klansmen.

  • Timbo Oct 30, 2007

    Did the NAACP get elected by the people of Durham? I guess not.

    Besides, what color do you have to be to be a "Colored People"?

    NAACP is so '50s.

  • iamforjustice Oct 30, 2007

    I believe the NAACP should look into choosing who takes Nifongs job. The Duke Lacrosse boys still need to go to jail for doing something to that girl. Nifong was only doing his job. Something fishy is going on and I don't like it. NAACP should find someone to take the position. Preferably no one from Durham.

  • mommy2caroline Oct 30, 2007

    I'm seconding the suggestion of Duck Duck Goose from clickclackity2, however, I think Durham will get "goosed" by anyone associated with that office during the Duke fiasco!

  • rperry Oct 30, 2007

    Elect John Edwards,he did nothing for North Carolina and he'll do nothing for Durham. It's seems that's all we do is elect "Do Nothing Politicians"

  • tbajr Oct 30, 2007

    They learned from Nifong's mistakes; They must have taken a crash course on our State and Federal Constitution's.

  • cmxiguy Oct 30, 2007

    Learned from Nifong's mistakes? Do they not teach ethics in law school. What lesson was there to learn? You get in trouble if you lie? Give me a break, I'd hope these fine educated folks that want his job would have known that since maybe kindergarten. I would think that if they learned a lesson this late in the game maybe they aren't the people for the job.