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Officer Undergoes Surgery After Horse-Riding Accident

Posted October 28, 2007

— A Garner police officer underwent surgery on his thumb Saturday night after he was injured in a horse-riding accident.

Officer John Taylor and several other police officers were scheduled to patrol the N.C. State University football game on horseback Saturday.

The officers took the horses for a run in a parking lot near Trinity Road before the game to keep the animals from being skittish around the large crowd.

Taylor’s horse strayed off and ran into a guide wire from a light pole, authorities said. The horse was not injured, but Taylor’s thumb was torn and had to be operated on, officials said.


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  • DireWolf Oct 30, 2007

    I have not anything about a $5 bet. I have seen multiple postings at PackPride by different posters over there about racing. There is no reason to even "run" the horses in a crowded parking lot. Run them across the street at the horse facility before bringing them over to where people are tailgating, kids are throwing footballs, etc. This happened right at the end of the 2nd quarter/start of halftime, not before the game like the cover up story by the cops says.

  • chadtrojn11 Oct 30, 2007

    It is just sounding so far fetched now it sounds hard to believe that any of this is true. For one it starts out that they are racing and then it is that they are racing with no hands and then it is that they were betting five dollars on it. That doesn't sound very characteristic of a 20 year veteran but I am just trying to use a little common sense. If you do not know much about horses you would think that they were running or "racing" rather than just galloping side by side. After all the officers are trained to ride at least in tandom and not by themselves. But some people just live on gossip and do not have anything better to do with there lives.

  • DireWolf Oct 30, 2007

    It isn't rumor when I was there and saw it with my own eyes.

  • chadtrojn11 Oct 29, 2007

    It is amazing that people automatically try to say rumor is fact. I do not understand why people try to overlook the fact that an officer was seriously injured and may not ever work again and people do not seem to care. They seem to be more worried with the fact of them racing a horse or not. What does that matter there only reason for being out there was not to have a good time but to protect the drunks that were out there. I am sure that they would rather be spending time with there family or watching t.v. rather than watching a bunch of drunk people chunking empty beer cans around. I wish that people would try to let this racing thing go and focus on the health of this officer instead of being so hateful on nothing but hearsay and rumor. I can't believe that people would be so judgemental of an officer on nothing but hearsay and rumor. It is obvious that they people making these comments have more of a criminal mind than that of an honest individual.

  • tehsmurf Oct 29, 2007

    I can tell who amongst the commenters knows horses and who does not. and those that do know horses are spot on with their comments.. I saw these horses before the game outside of the stadium, they were very calm and placid. They were not prancing, tossing their heads, stomping their hooves or even swishing their tails. They seemed to be very calm, well trained police horses. The only time i saw these horses "worked up" is after they made a few runs through the parking lot. Working them up for a race does NOT calm them down!

  • DireWolf Oct 29, 2007

    "So what if they were racing the horses". If the people involved think it is no big deal, then why are they lying about it?

  • rpdwife05 Oct 29, 2007


    Theres a difference btwn horses and cars... honestly people. So what if they were racing the horses... either way they were running and getting the jitters out of them. Tons of fans come back out at half time... so theres a need for the horses to be calm. Just hope this officer dosen't drive a desk for the rest of his career b/c of his thumb. Hopefully its not his lead hand.

  • Go Georgia Tech Oct 29, 2007

    Why thank you tgcmisc and Direwolf.. its amazing when the truth comes out.. perhaps they can be ticketed as well for "exibition of speed, reckless driving, and driving to fast for conditions"? Why if we raced our cars down trinity- that is exactly what we would have gotten!

    come clean officers- apologize and lets move on..

  • DireWolf Oct 29, 2007

    Also, the racing/thumb incident took place at half time, not before the game. Perhaps it is policy to run them before the event, but that is not what was going on.

  • swisher1 Oct 29, 2007

    I just hope the guy gets better and can go back to some form of work...