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Wake Tech Holds iChat With Presidential Candidates

Posted October 27, 2007
Updated October 29, 2007

— Wake Technical Community College held an iChat on Saturday with presidential candidates.

About 75 students came to the student lounge at Wake Tech's main campus to talk online with Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama. The majority of the participants were high school and college students.

"One-third of every high school students drops out. So how could you change this problem?" Charles Howe, a Fuquay-Varina High School student, asked.

"I think America should create second-chance schools," Democrat John Edwards replied.

“They are the future. The young people today are the future,” Dr. Paul Norman said.

All too often, students don't take an active interest in politics.

"There's not much participation. Most of the people my age don't understand politics. Some see it as a source of division," Wake Tech student Alex Edwards said.

A group called Generation Engage wants to get students involved. This was the third year they organized an interactive forum in Raleigh.

"Raleigh has a unique breed of young people. You have 16 colleges, public institutions that is, plus you have an array of private institutions and then you have 58 community colleges on top," John White, with Generation Engage, said.

Organizers said technology was the key to getting students engaged in politics.

"This generation has taken it to another level. You have MySpace. You have YouTube. You have all these major networks that are opening up the means of communication," White said.

Republican presidential candidate John Cox and Ron Paul also talked with students Saturday. Raleigh and cities in Iowa and California were the three palces chosen to participate in the iChat.


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  • HockeyRules Oct 29, 2007

    "So many people that have come in contact with the Clintons are missing, dead or in jail."

    LOL...you are such a joke.

  • HockeyRules Oct 29, 2007

    Blah, blah, blah...more blustering from the fool.

  • casp3r Oct 29, 2007

    If so they will blame it on Bush. Even if there are documents stating that it is because the Clintons ignored again then they will just have Sandy Berger to steal them and shred them once again. Absolutely amazing that this guy got away with doing this and yet Hillary has the nerve to bring him on board with her again.

  • destewart2 Oct 29, 2007

    oh please do not put the CLINTONS back into the white house if so their will be another terrorist attack because the clintons are COWARDS

  • now Oct 29, 2007

    Then again, these Clinton’s have a way of skirting the law. Remember she and sick Willie stole over 800 FBI files in the early 90’s. They can shut their critics up or they will be on the missing list or in jail. So many people that have come in contact with the Clintons are missing, dead or in jail.

  • now Oct 29, 2007

    If Clinton don’t clean up her campaign contribution crooks and some of the people that illegally contribute don’t stop showing up missing, she is going to GO in 08. GO TO JAIL CLINTON in 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • casp3r Oct 29, 2007

    Tisk, Tisk

  • mt1190 Oct 29, 2007

    GO CLINTON 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • now Oct 29, 2007

    Ignore the Hockeything Casp3r. Maybe WRAL will finally do something about this person. It never comments on stories, just copies and paste other posts and says something outrageous.

  • HockeyRules Oct 29, 2007

    really, Caspar? I have read your posts as well, attacking folks who don't agree with you. What gives you the right to pass judgement on anyone given your history?

    As for Now, every one of his posts are filled with insults and name calling. Using all kinds of names to call folks he disagrees with. Where is your outrage at that, Caspar? Or is it just selective outrage, the kind you practice, only criticizing those that don't agree with you.

    Please. A judgement from you is laughable.