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Reward Offered in Hit-and-Run

Posted October 22, 2007

— The family of a hit-and-run victim is offering a reward for help finding the person who drove a vehicle that struck him on U.S. Highway 301 near the Wilson-Johnston county line late Friday night.

Andrew Lee, 18, of Kenly, was bicycling northbound in the southbound lanes when a vehicle struck him. Family members said Lee has brain damage and, if he wakes from a coma, likely will be paralyzed on one side of his body.

"I will appeal to anyone that has any information to come forward and give it," Don Lee, the victim's grandfather, said. "I have put up a $2,000 reward for anyone that can lead to the arrest of the person involved."

"He loved people. He loved to talk and be around people. Now, he lays on a bed with his face all broken up, teeth gone, who knows if he will be a people person again," Brenda Lee, his mother, said in a statement.

Lee was listed in critical condition Monday night at Duke University Hospital.

The Highway Patrol said troopers do not have a description of the vehicle because there were no witnesses. The vehicle would likely have front-end damage and a missing side mirror, they said

Anyone with information is asked to call the Wilson County office of the Highway Patrol at 252-237-5294.


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  • Meandmytwo Oct 23, 2007

    I pray that who ever did this to this young man will come forward. I hope that this will eat him/her alive until they come clean. God has the power to make it happen and I pray that it comes soon. praying for him and the family.

  • OALA Oct 23, 2007

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I don't think the comments about the direction the kid was going or the saftey questions were nasty. It may not help him at this point, but if it helps one persons, then it is worth posting cycling rules. As for the comments about not putting up enough money as a reward- the family shouldn't have to put up any money to get info, unfortunately in our society it is rare to find a person who does good for the sake of good.

  • momx2 Oct 23, 2007

    Mrs. Lee you should not need to appoligize. As a mother you are tired and fustrated. If you did not love you stepson this would not be the case and everyone should understand this. Our prayers are with your family.

    To those whom have commented on the drving direction of this young man. Think about this does it really make a difference now. Why are you sending nasty comments for any one but especially his family to read. Instead as humans with a heart we should be offering our support in any way we are able. How would you feel if this child was yours. Always put yorself in the other person shoes before sending negative comments.

  • ladiip2 Oct 23, 2007

    First I would like to extend my prayers to the family in their time of need. Second to all of you heartless idiots that can't see past the judgmental state of things SHUT UP!!! I hope nothing ever happens to anyone in your family and if it does be so blatent as to blame it on them. Noone sets out to say I think I will get hit by a car today or shot today or raped today things happen and from these things we should learn a lesson. So yes cyclist for future reference be sure you are following all rules of the road. Ladies that don't look around when going to their car at night please do so, so you don't get raped beat and killed. And if anyone knows anything please help this family with some closure turn the person or persons responsible in to authorities.

  • brechamplee Oct 23, 2007

    I apologize if I appeared to be attacking UNC81. I didn't mean to start anything over reward money. I'm just worried, tired, not sleeping, and you rattle this old country girls cage I will defend my young. I appreciate everyones well wishes and prayers. Yes, it is sad you have to pay for info these days, but it would be worth it to find this person. It would have been just a tragic accident if they had only stopped. Thank you again for those who are thinking of him. Brenda Lee stepmom

  • rafiki Oct 23, 2007

    If I witnessed this crime I would turn the fool in without that $2,000. I would tell the family to keep the money because they will need a whole lot more before their boy recovers completely. My prayers are with this family and keep faith, I have seen people come from worse and became 100% normal.

  • tiredofgovtwaste Oct 23, 2007

    UNC81 - what a cheep shot at the grandfather. You do not know what the financial condition of the used car lot is or what other expenses this man has. Maybe you need to match this reward with your own funds and then see how much $2,000.00 really is. Thats a months pay for some of us.

  • JessGH Oct 23, 2007

    Poor judgement on this young man's part does not excuse the driver from driving away from the scene. How long did this poor kid have to lie there after the accident before someone else found him and called 911? I'll never understand how you could live with yourself after leaving the scene of a crime where someone was hurt. Most likely it was an unlicensed driver who didn't want to get caught. (And there are unlicensed drivers of all ethnic groups, so I'm not singling anyone out here.)

  • brechamplee Oct 23, 2007

    To UNC81:
    I'm sorry you feel like $2000.00 isn't a lot of money. The car lot in question in used cars, maybe 20. We are trying to organize a fund raiser to help in this situation. How much can I put you down for????? Brenda Lee his stepmom brechamplee@hotmail.com

  • doodad Oct 23, 2007

    I would walk down the road before I would EVER ride a bicycle. Terrible accident, and I hope he can recover.