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Funeral Planned for One Stabbing Victim, Second Fights for Life

Posted October 20, 2007
Updated October 24, 2007

— The lone survivor of a stabbing inside a Rocky Mount church was recovering in a hospital, while funeral services were held Sunday for the woman killed in the attack.

Eve Beasley, 60, and her friend, Kornegay, were working for the Meals on Wheels program at the Lakeside Baptist Church Thursday. A drifter stabbed Beasley and Kornegay multiple times inside the church kitchen, authorities said.

Funeral services for Kornegay were set for at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Church of the Good Shepherd, 231 N. Church St., in Rocky Mount. More than 700 people were expected to attend, family members of Beasley said.

Beasley’s son, Billy Beasley, said his mother's condition is improving, and she has been responding a little more every day. He has stayed by his mother’s side at at Pitt Memorial Hospital since Thursday.

Eve Beasley was stabbed 10 times in her neck, torso and back. She was upgraded from critical to serious condition Sunday, her son said.

The last couple of years have been difficult for his family, Billy Beasley said. In March 2006, he lost his father, Bill Beasley, in a Rocky Mount house fire.

But the support of the community has been helping his family pull through the tragedies, Bill Beasley said.

"The Beasley family appreciates all the love, support and prayers we've received from the people of Rocky Mount," he said.

He invited those concerned about his mother to check a CaringBridge Web site for updates on her condition and to share messages of support.

Billy Beasley also thanked police for their response to the attack on his mother.

"We're very happy with the way the Rocky Mount Police Department has handled the situation," he said.

Police said Eve Beasley and Kornegay were calling shelters trying to find help for Tommy Lee Holiday, who then stabbed them. An officer spotted Holiday in a secluded park in Edgecombe County and arrested him early Friday morning.

Holiday was charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder, as well multiple other offenses. He was being held without bond in the Nash County Jail. His first court appearance was scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 23.


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  • SunnyDays Oct 21, 2007

    One of the most horrific crimes I've heard about in a long time.

    One of the earlier postings said, "If he is found guilty" surely there will be not question about that or at least I hope not.

    And the thing is these two women were trying to help this man, what a senseless, senseless act of violence, it just makes me sick to my stomach, I am sorry, but that is the only way I can describe it.

  • Riverracer Oct 21, 2007

    Gov. Easley is from RM, and I'm sure he knew the victim and her family. It was nice that he went, and I hope the connection will speed this criminal to the chair.

  • raysson Oct 21, 2007

    I agree with the previous comments,and for a Governor to attend a funeral of good citizen strikes a heart in all of us....Here was a woman in great faith doing some good for the people of the community,and here comes a vagrant off the streets and takes it away....The woman who was killed was doing something for love of a community and the church in general. The guy that committed this senseless crime needs to be executed for the wrong he did! Fried him like chicken! This was a senseless act with no respect for authority and no respect for the person who was a follower of God.

  • dbh5652 Oct 21, 2007

    maybe by the Governor attending this funeral he will think positively about reinstating the death penalty and quickly. There is no rehabilitating this coward.

  • superman Oct 21, 2007

    It would be nice if the governor saw fit to attend the funeral of every state employee.

  • NZ Oct 21, 2007

    Very touching for our Governor to attend. She was committing an act of kindness, and her killer was committing an act of evil. My our justice system be fixed to allow her killer his rightly earned and quick execution.

  • gratefultoGOD Oct 21, 2007

    I agree withthe majority of these comments... WHAT A SHAME>> THis man need the death penalty.. if ever anyone does. He just got out of prison less than 6 months ago.. has a record a mile long... and trusted to live in society as a decent citizen?? he has had TOO many chances. He does not deserve to live on this earth. There are TOO many good people .. like these woemn trying to help.. and what do they get! Yes,, I am a CHRISTIAN.. and we talked about this in Sunday School today.. WHAt A SHAME!! hIS LIFE SHOULD NOT BE SPARED!

  • VivaceConBrio Oct 21, 2007

    May God bring comfort to the families of these 2 fine ladies. It is a shame that such evil exists in this world. I hope our community can band together and revive RM from the hell that it has become. God Speed

  • Polly Oct 21, 2007

    These women and their families deserve all our condolences and best wishes. This was an utterly senseless crime and I hope it doesn't deter others from giving back to their communtity like they did. God speed to Ms. Kornegay.

  • illegals--GO HOME Oct 21, 2007

    My continued thoughts and prayers are with both of the victims' families and the church members too as this tragic event has greatly affected all of them.

    If ever there was a case calling for the death penalty it is this one. This man could have easily robbed these two women without trying to kill both of them. Heck, they were trying to be so helpful to him, they would have probably given them their money had he demanded it....without him having to stab them repeatedly!!!!

    I could easily pull the switch on the injection pumps if they need a volunteer...