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Wake County Sheriff to Crack Down on Illegal Immigration

Posted October 17, 2007
Updated October 18, 2007

— Wake County plans to launch its own crackdown on illegal immigration. Sheriff Donnie Harrison said Wednesday he is working out plans to have deputies start policing immigration issues.

Harrison is among a growing group of North Carolina sheriffs getting into the business of enforcing federal Immigration laws. They are part of a partnership that gives local authorities access to an immigration database.

State troopers said an accident on Interstate 40 in July is an example of a tragic pattern playing out on North Carolina's roadways and involving illegal immigrants.

The man charged in the fatal accident turned out to be an illegal immigrant driving drunk. At the time of his arrest, Michael Delatorre had a fake ID and had already been deported twice in the past three years.

“That’s what concerns me,” Harrison said. “I have to look at it for safety reasons.”

Harrison said he is quite sure there are a number of people sitting in his jail who may have committed a crime in another state, but the department is having trouble identifying them. He believes the database will help detectives get to the source of that information.

North Carolina is home to the nation's eighth-largest illegal immigrant population – estimated at 300,000 to 600,000 people.

Marisol Jimenez-McGee is an advocate for the Hispanic community. News that Wake County will be doing an illegal immigration crackdown is concerning, she said.

“Word of mouth about the possibility of being targeted [is] going to spread so quickly that people would be afraid to report crimes in which they are victims to law enforcement officers,” she said.

Harrison said he doesn't see it that way.

“We just want to know the people that’s committing crime, who they really are,” he said.

Hispanic advocates said they are also concerned about what type of crimes will be included in the crackdown.

Harrison said training could take five to six weeks. There was no word on when that will start or how many deputies will be trained.


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  • syracuseinwonderland Oct 19, 2007

    mia wrote: "So why do people focus so much in Mexicans, latinos/hispanics?"

    Maybe because there are 12-30 million illegal hispanic criminals in this country.

  • Mia Oct 19, 2007

    "The bottom line... as soon as you crossed the border into the US (whether black, white, yellow, purple, green, whatever)..."

    So why do people focus so much in Mexicans, latinos/hispanics? you say that you don't care... but ohh my lord you do??? if not there wouldn't be so much racism as there is against hispanics and let me tell you some of them do como here legally.... is not about being illegal because theres people from china, india, africa that come here and stay here illegally but no one says anything.... why??? do not know... but you people need to stop being racist start getting more sensitive..

  • gordonbabe Oct 19, 2007


    Stay on point, this blog is not about African Americans, but illegals which is why I spoke to that effect. Take a drive through Siler City's complexes any day and you'll see what I mean. Read the Chatham News. 90% (that's a low estimate) of all reports are hispanics with DUIs, driving without licenses or other crimes that they've committed, not that have been committed against them.

    Our other problem is the fact that the gangs around here are realizing how much money the hispanics are carrying around with them (due to aforementioned reasons) and are beginning to rob them. How many of these "victims" would report these crimes and be granted a "U Visa" according to Wral's latest stories about immigration?

    The bottom line... as soon as you crossed the border into the US (whether black, white, yellow, purple, green, whatever).. if you didn't do it with a green card then you are ILLEGAL and you have broken the law and you should be deported.

  • DandyJenn Oct 19, 2007

    "Dandyjenn...you don't know what you are talking about...the illegals use a fake SS number to get the job..."

    Not always, Whatusay! My stepfather served this country in the Air Force for twenty plus years and some ILLEGAL stole his Social Security Number and used it to find employment. Come tax time, the government was trying to make him file for the money he, supposedly, earned. All the while, some ILLEGAL ran off with the money he earned in my stepfather's name.

    Don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about, because I do. And yes, if anyone feels stupid enough to ask, I do have proof that he is illegal.

  • scuncic Oct 19, 2007

    I'm proud of you down there in North Carolina for taking a stand on these "ILLEGAL ALIENS". I wish Delaware had some back bone to get a crackdown going. Maybe we will once some other States start their crackdown like Pennsylvania. When they pass their Immigration law, maybe it will get Delaware off it's ___. I'm fed up with these "ILLEGALS" and all the raping of the American taxpayers they're doing, forged documents, over crowded schools teaching their anchor babies. I never could understand how you can "ILLEGALLY" enter this Country and be rewarded with the precious gift of citizenship for the anchor. Can someone explain that to me?

    We must keep this in mind...to enter this Country is a privilege, It is not a right! No "ILLEGAL ALIEN" has a right to be here. Get them out!

    All the best North Carolina.

  • MSN93 Oct 19, 2007

    peace1982: The illegals came here so the USA would feed, educate and give free health care to their family. They did not come because of political or religious persecution. They came for money. Yes, they work for substandard, sometimes under the table salaries, but having free health care, cheap housing (4 families to an apartment, for example), food stamps, a free education, etc., etc., leaves them plenty of money to send home to Mexico. And those who are getting paid in cash are NOT cotributing to the country by means of taxes. Why do you think they are flooding across the border? Because they know we will give them everything they need. If they want to be true Americans they will go through the proper legal channels.

  • peace1982 Oct 18, 2007

    It makes me really sad and I know it makes Jesus really sad to know that there are people that treat their brothers and sisters like if they were trash. What is wrong with you people?? How can you go to church? How can you pray to god when someone is sick? When someone you love has died? How can you thank god for what he has given you? As I am writing this tears are coming out. It is just so sad to know that there are humans who think that other humans are worth less than you. To god we are all equal and he created one world for everybody he did not create fences. The only difference between Mexicans is that the majority of them are very ignorant people but they are nice and most of them go to bed everynight praying that they don't get separated from their kids and praying to god to change the minds of people like u. All they want is a better life for their kids and for their grandchildren. I pray that when you all are at church you remember my words. Yes I am an illegal Mexi

  • peace1982 Oct 18, 2007

    I agree with DHamma. Americans do not understand how hard it is to come to this country and they don't get it because the majority of them have never even been outside this country to see the poverity out there! I was lucky, born in Germany by an American Air Force man, I got automatic citizenship. I feel sorry for those less fortunate then myself. The people who come here illegally do so for the most part to support and feed their families, why, because both their countries have failed them in not having enough jobs to go around so they could support their families and this country because we don't have enough visas to go around for them to enter legally. If you didn't have enough money to buy food and clothing for your child, guess what, you would do exactly what they have done too! You're lying if you say you wouldn't! I agree to deport those who are criminals, but don't look down at the ones working to feed their kids. God doesn't ask for your papers when you enter his gates

  • Run_Forrest_Run Oct 18, 2007

    Here's one I saw this week

    Calling an illegal alien a undocumented immigrant is like calling a drug dealer an unlicensed pharmacist.

    Love it, don't love illegals - go away, go far far away

  • atozca Oct 18, 2007

    "Hispanic advocates said they are also concerned about what type of crimes will be included in the crackdown" What? How about starting with the crime of being here illegally.