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Franklin County Sees Money in Federal Inmates

Posted October 15, 2007

— Franklin County commissioners have approved a $25,000 study to determine the costs of a jail expansion that could end up making money for the county.

The county jail often houses more than its maximum capacity of 167 prisoners, Sheriff Pat Green said. Overcrowding prevents officers from separating certain inmates, which can create dangerous situations, he said.

"Tempers flare amongst the inmates. We've had a couple of (inmate) fights since I've been sheriff," Green said, citing three since December.

The Franklin County Jail also houses dozens of federal inmates. Limiting the number of those prisoners would free up space for the local inmate population, but officials don't want to do that since the county receives $40 a day for each federal inmate.

Getting rid of federal inmates would cost the county about $800,000 a year, Green said, noting that area residents would have to make up that lost revenue to keep the jail running.

"I don't think they really would want to do that. As a taxpayer, I wouldn't want to. It just offsets the costs of running this jail daily," he said.

Commissioner Robert Lee Swanson said expanding the jail could bring in more money to offset the expansion costs.

"I think it's got to be expanding," Swanson said.


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  • Joy4u2 Oct 16, 2007

    Yeap good old Clinton open up a lot of door's when he was in there and now they want to put another one in there? was not one enough?

  • wakeupWC Oct 16, 2007

    If they are only receiving $40 a day for the Federal prisoners, that's not enough to cover the costs. I think they would find out that they wouldn't miss that $800,000 dollars with the reduction of personnel, food costs, etc. They might even save money.

  • Thornes Oct 16, 2007

    "Getting rid of federal inmates would cost the county about $800,000 a year", Green said, "noting that area residents would have to make up that lost revenue to keep the jail running"

    LOL, wait a sec, does'nt the TAX payers dollars already provide support for the correctional dept. I tell you, politics are running rampid nowadays, and they sure think the people OWE the criminals something eh?
    If we could get back the JOBS that Clinton let slip to CHINA and other countries. they would'nt have to "depend" on the folks for money, the companies could provide a source of revenue for the county.
    What Franklin county needs is the "Good Ole Boy" network taken down and a more modern thinking organization put in place, someone that will bring and promote business in that county, not trying to get praise or help for being recognized as the prison as their big source of income.

  • tbajr Oct 16, 2007

    Wonder how many of those federal prisoners are in for non-violent crimes...wonder if society would be better off if they
    were out working their crime off...Making money off prisoners-
    a shame for the land of the free!

  • jhnewman Oct 15, 2007

    Lock and load folks!

  • jhnewman Oct 15, 2007

    Good Business Sense!

    An abundance of idiot criminals will bring lots of dollars! Ain't that wonderful?

  • phoenixelon99 Oct 15, 2007

    dj - it's going to be an expansion of the jail in Louisburg, not a new jail in Franklinton.

  • gvmntcheese Oct 15, 2007

    More NWO bull, I hope they understand we are not as stupid as they think we are.

  • djofraleigh Oct 15, 2007

    Better a prison and prisoners than a landfill. No pollution, steady work in hard times and good. They can't vote, don't require schools, increase in roads, hospitals etc., just good jobs with good benefits. Look at Butner, or Huntsville Alabama to see what it might do for Franklinton. Just make sure inmates are released to and in the county from whence they came.

    I'd suggest they put it in Pocomoke or Grissom. A prison deserves a good name. Needmore Prison just wouldn't get it for a name. Easley Prison..naw...Jim Black Prison...no, too racial...I'd make up a name like Jagged Rock, or Big Stone Prison. What name would you suggest?