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Knightdale Volunteers Whip Yard Into Shape for Soldier’s Family

Posted October 13, 2007
Updated October 14, 2007

— More than two dozen people in a Knightdale community spent their Saturday working in Courtney Bunch's yard. Her husband, a Raleigh police officer, is on his third deployment to Iraq.

“Just about everybody we enlisted, they came running,” neighbor Annette Brown said.

Bunch's yard needed a lot of work and with her husband away, neighbors decided to roll up their sleeves and help.

“It's just a way of saying thanks, trying to take care of things for him while he does his job,” Brown said.

"We mostly came out here to help the neighborhood out, help the family out with their yard,” volunteer Yoel Griffen said.

When Bunch returned home Saturday, she was surprised by all the volunteers.

"[Her husband] would just be totally blown over. When he sees the photos, he's probably gonna cry like me,” Courtney Bunch said.

“You can never receive until you learn the full fulfillment of giving,” Brown added.

Everything used Saturday from the potted plants to the flag pole was donated.

“I know, I have a big support group, but to see them all in my yard is like, wow,” Bunch said.

Bunch's husband was deployed in May, and should be back home in the spring.


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  • Lookelou Oct 14, 2007

    What a wonderful story. It was nice that the whole community (white and black) were there to support the family no matter what the reason. The naysayers that have posted here are in need of some lovin too! For some reason, they need to add negativity. Maybe they need to find some help to figure out what subconsciously is wrong in their situation. These complainers are the type that if someone gave them a million dollars in ones and fives, they would be unhappy because it wasn't tens and twentys!

  • dogeatdog Oct 14, 2007

    So nice to see a story like this among all the murders and suffering. This husband is a REAL American hero and it's good to see people helping his family out while he is serving his country. I hope this will keep him and his wife going while he is away, the help they received, and I hope those people who worked on that yard receive blessing 10 times over and above what they did, though I know they did not do this for recognition.

  • FlSunshine Oct 14, 2007

    This type of behavior used to be the norm in this Country especially in the South. Everyone used to look out for each other. It was not charity. It was just being neighbors. It was what you did. Unfortunately you don't see that much anymore. Kudos to the neighbors for their actions and HUGE kudos to the husband/father for his service to his Country both at home as a police officer and in the military.

  • grenlyn1 Oct 14, 2007

    Happy, perhaps you didn't notice the emotional state of mind of these families while their loved ones are overseas. It's depressing to have such an enormous amount of responsibilities on one family member. There has to be a certain level of support for these wives while their husbands are away. It's wonderful that you can cope. It only shows me that you have a good support system in place. Or even perhaps you are well adjusted in your relationship where these responsibilites come natural for you. But for most of the families I have worked with, the children have needs, the finances are strenuous, and a simple trip to the grocery store becomes a major task to perform. I don't think these families intentionally let things go, it's just overwhelming on them and alittle help from those who care is all it takes. The families you visit are so appreciative for the company and someone to talk to. You are doing a great thing and leave it at that. There is no right or wrong way to cope.

  • BottomLine Oct 14, 2007

    Nice to see some community support for our troops - there isn't enough of it ! Ew-raah !

  • abf1 Oct 14, 2007

    What a great story! Kudos to all involved! And one last note, why do some of you have to see the glass as "half empty" here? Can't you just be happy for someone else? You don't know their situation so, until you do, just BE HAPPY for them.

  • Heatherbrook Oct 14, 2007

    Whatever the motive, it was a nice thing to do.

  • superman Oct 14, 2007

    My neighbor went to Iraq- as soon as I learned he was leaving--I went over to his place-- told him I would mow his yard every week, told his wife I would fix or repair anything that was broken and needed to be fixed. Our neighborhood is like that-- we always help each other--Another one of my neighbors cut down a dead tree for me on Friday. We always help each other and it doesnt take someone being sent to Iraq to get help. If I need anything-- I have about 6 people on my street who would be more than willing to help. It is just called "being a good neighbor"

  • PikeQueen Oct 14, 2007

    The neighbors have been caring for this family for years. (By:lecach)

    Why would that be?

    The way I was raised,it is called CHARITY,and that you do not accept unless extreme emergencies where you are children are involved.
    The volunteers are quiet nice to do this,I applaud them.
    But this woman needs to get with it herself.

  • Worland Oct 14, 2007

    When people say they "Support The Troops", this is the kind of thing they should be doing.