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Wake School Board Considering New Middle School Design

Posted October 10, 2007

Wake County Public School System

— Wake County Board of Education members are considering a new middle school design that would combine auditorium and cafeteria space.

One of the major cost savings recommendations from the Citizen’s Facility Advisory Committee, or CFAC, was to reduce the area for eating and meeting.

CFAC suggested either a “cafetorium” in middle schools or a small theater that can be expanded by opening it to the cafeteria with pullout bleachers for seating.

At Wednesday’s Facilities Committee Meeting, staff presented the school board with a model for a middle school cafetorium.

Under the new design, the stage and support spaces would remain unchanged from the current middle school design. The biggest change would be to the seating area, which would double as dining space and an auditorium and be acoustically designed for middle school performances.

Overall, the design would still have a cafeteria and stage, but the two spaces would be reconfigured in order to create a shared common area for multi-use, officials said.

The school system currently uses cafetorium designs for new elementary schools. By utilizing them in middle school designs, the system would save an additional $300,000 and have a net savings of 2,000-square-feet per school, officials said.

The board will vote on the new design change at their next meeting on Oct. 16. If implemented, the changes would affect all future middle schools, starting with Holly Grove and Mills Park which are slated to open in 2010.


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  • poohperson2000 Oct 10, 2007

    People do not take the time to look or be involved enough to realize what these people do for our kids everyday. I am frequently called upon to help with various tasks at my son's school. Why do they alway come to me I wonder? But quickly you realize it is because no one else is willing to help. Sometimes I feel like the kid in the front row always being called on. Sometimes that is okay, other times I wish they would pick on someone else. But since there is no one else, a few parents in each class will continue to carry the load for everyone else's kids. And I do not mean showing up for the fun stuff like plays and field trips, they have plenty to do that stuff. It is the real work and or money that a few supply. Find time to help out, or at least quit complaining about every little detail. A cafeteria and an auditorium together.. WHO CARES.

  • AWakeMom Oct 10, 2007

    No matter what the school board does the public isn't going to like it. Yes - send back all the Mexicans that aren't legal, but bleachers in - build for growth - NOT LOOKS. But let me tell you something, honest and true, the WCPSS employees that are the grunts, the one with barely a paycheck coming in, are the ones that are doing the work. Not that the superintendent doesn't deserve his money -- I wouldn't want his job for all the money in the world. But in Central Office there are not enough payroll technicians, accounting technicians, or growth management positions. In the schools there are not enough teacher assistants. And growth happens all year, not just at the start of school. Where is our money for the extra 130 students we've gotten in since the 10 day head count??? Further more - if you think the teachers aren't doing their job, go visit a local school -- you'd be amazed at the wonderful people trying to teach every child.

  • poohperson2000 Oct 10, 2007

    It took an amazing 12 comments before immigration was brought up..

  • romex Oct 10, 2007

    send the mexicans back we wont have a need for this..........

  • poohperson2000 Oct 10, 2007

    Growing up our cafeteria was our auditorium. As for kids running around on the stage at lunch, they are old enough in middle school to know better. If they can not behave there are consequences. If they fall off because they are screwing around, perhaps that will be incentive to behave properly. We site way too many things as safety issues, that are either just things that happen to a typical kids, or things that are results of kids misbehaving. You can put your kid in a cacoon if you wish, I prefer to teach mine how to behave.

  • littlegramma Oct 10, 2007

    An elementary school is not a middle school. And newer building techniques will make this a good move to help save money. I still say too much money is spent at Central Office, ie. too many associate/assitant superintendents, the recent pay raise to a rookie big boss who has done little to fix the problems. If the school board and Central Offic are so wonderful why do they still screw up population predictions, and keep fighting a losing court battle about forced year-round schools? I am so grateful we are out of the public schools in this state. Hope our high school teacher son (Guilford County) makes out better than what they had/have here! We need more teachers like him who not only know their subject matter, but love it and love teaching truth, not politically correct principles!

  • Fun Oct 10, 2007

    smcallah, Its a government school, it's not YOUR MC MANSION. All you need is basics, the lowest cost will suffice...or send your kid to private school!

  • OpinionatedGuy Oct 10, 2007

    For everyone that complained about the school board last semister... Yesterday was your chance to make a change, by voting for new school board members... but instead, you kept the incombents... Not another word...

  • whatelseisnew Oct 10, 2007

    I am surprised it is a four foot stage. Given how insane everything has got to with child safety, I expected it to have a 1 foot stage. I have not seen this type of arrangement. My kids have been out of the schools for a while. On the surface it sounded like a reasonable way to save a decent amount of money. Although not pulling the bleachers out for people to sit sounds like a case of the lazies too me.

  • smcallah Oct 10, 2007

    The "cafetorium + gym" at Millbrook Elementary sucks.

    It doesn't have pull out bleachers, or at least, they never pulled them out. The just set up chairs on the cafeteria/gym floor and everyone is on the same level. So if you're sitting in the back, you don't see much at all.

    It would be nicer if there were actually pull out bleachers so that everyone can actually see the stage, rather than the inconsiderate parents in front of them that must stand for the entire presentation.