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Historic Fayetteville Hotel on Auction Block, Again

Posted October 8, 2007

— The Prince Charles Hotel in Fayetteville is about to hit the auction block again, after years of poor management and neglect.

The building built in 1926 has artfully designed columns, rooftop lamp posts and a stone facade around the front door. It is constructed of brick and is eight floors tall.

Jewelry store owner Bob Dees hears a lot of complaints about the Prince Charles Hotel from customers staying there.

"The stories have been terrible,” Dees said. "One woman even said she had water dripping through."

In his shop, just down the street from the historic hotel, Dees listens to tales of broken air conditioners, phones that do not work and poor service.

"It's a glorious hotel. We had fabulous parties and benefits here. It was really a wonderful spot," Dees said.

Even the exterior of the hotel shows signs of neglect now, however. Paint is peeling, and the awnings are falling apart.

The hotel was the centerpiece of a bustling downtown Fayetteville during its heyday. Then, historians say, it declined and hit rock bottom in the '70s.

"The hotel was full of drug dealers and prostitutes,” Bruce Daws, manger of historic properties for the Fayetteville Historic Resources Commission, said.

It was forced to close, but investors renovated the Prince Charles in the '90s, and the future was bright again. Then recently, the hotel's owner filed for bankruptcy. The bank holding the mortgage plans to auction the hotel next week.

Travel reviews online confirm reports the Prince Charles Hotel is in bad disrepair. A Fayetteville investor estimated it would cost at least $1 million to get the old building back to national franchise standards.

The auction is scheduled for Oct. 16 at 10 a.m.


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  • BUCKEYEnNC Oct 9, 2007

    It's a perfect opportunity for the right investor! I'm not sure more residential space is the right fit. There is already a parking problem there. I don't think I'd want my car parked downtown Fayetteville over-night....

  • wife-of-a-concrete-man Oct 9, 2007

    Apartments? ABSOLUTELY. A wonderful idea.

    From a Cumberland County native who sees the Prince Charles every day.

  • The Walrus Oct 9, 2007

    this could be a bidding war between the drug dealers and the prostitutes goo goo g'joob

  • bronzegoddess40 Oct 9, 2007

    I stayed there about two years ago and I thought that it was a nice place, I guess it must have really gone down since then. The weekend that I was there, there was a banquet, as well as a wedding and other activities. The breakfast buffet was really good too and the workers very nice and attentive. Wow, and in this bad shape in just two years? Oh well, I agree with making it into apartments or office space.

  • superman Oct 9, 2007

    It is like downtown Raleigh. Who would want to stay downtown with the parking problems unless they had business downtown. You would never exit 95 or 40 to get a hotel downtown on your way to somewhere. Just give it up.

  • horseonthefly Oct 9, 2007

    oh yes of course...Fayetteville is not on the way to anywhere...all of those people taking I95 through Fayetteville are on their way to absolutely nowhere...

    My point is that there is a market for hotels in Fayetteville, it's just that any hotel in the condition the PC is currently in is not going to make money, and it does not sound like previous investors have done what it takes to sell rooms...hopefully the next owner will make good use of it...

  • TheWB Oct 9, 2007

    The PC has become the immortal white elephant, new owner, after new owner, renovation, after renovation and still no success. That is why I suggested a new tact by converting it into a residential building. Since they've already spent so many tax dollars downtown it is important that people populate it or else there will be no customers or workers to sustain it. People like me, who live far away from downtown, have little use for it except for an occasional visit to the park or when taking visitors to the museum once or twice a year. The area needs to generate a base populace of its' own, within walking distance to survive. Tourism dollars are nice , but that boat, at that location, has already sailed time and time again. Property taxes are good too, so keep the building's charm, create homes and collect property taxes.

  • wyheel Oct 9, 2007

    There's no hope for Fayetteville's downtown... it is
    in the wrong part of town now.

  • NC is my home Oct 9, 2007

    The Prince Charles should be bought by someone who will restore it. Fayetteville is a destination, as well as an "on the way" spot! The detractors either haven’t spent any time in the fair city or can’t be pleased. They need to visit during the Dogwood Festival, visit the Airborne Museum, take in a play, go to Crown for a concert, visit the Museum of the Cape Fear & Poe House, or participate in the Holly Day Fair and other Christmas events! Fayetteville is one of my favorite places in NC.

    The Prince Charles has hosted celebrities, aristocrats and political leaders. It can be restored to its former glory and add to the work that has been done in the Market House district. There is alot of charm in the city of Fayetteville!

  • FragmentFour Oct 9, 2007

    Mrscook05: The hotel really isn't as bad as ncguy says - quite. But if Fayetteville is going to get it into good shape and keep it there, I think TheWB has a point - go with apartments. The town really is NOT on the way to anywhere - which cuts down on hotel traffic and revenues considerably. If some Fayetteville residents can pool their funds, buy the place, and restore it to good use, it might turn a profit and pay for its upkeep that way. If it's passed on to some other non-resident entrepreneur, you're going to get more of what you've got now.