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Raleigh Water Demand, Supply Dropping

Posted October 2, 2007

— Demand for water in Raleigh continues to drop under Stage 1 water restrictions, officials said Tuesday, adding that there is no need for tougher rules to offset the effects of the continuing drought.

Local water customers use about 54.4 million gallons of water on an average day, down about 1 million gallons from the 30-day average, officials said. Since the Stage 1 restrictions went into effect Aug. 28, consumption has dropped 18 percent.

But despite the lower demand, Raleigh's water supply continues to dry up. The level of Falls Lake, the city's primary reservoir, fell by more than 6 inches last week, and is now more than 7 feet below normal, officials said.

Falls Lake has enough water to last until Jan. 23 under a worst-case scenario of no rain and current demand levels, officials said.

But Dale Crisp, director of Raleigh's Public Utilities Department, said Stage 2 restrictions that would ban all outdoor watering aren't needed yet because forecasts call for some rain in the coming weeks.

The National Weather Service expects normal rainfall for the region this fall, but below-normal precipitation this winter, officials said. The Triangle's year-to-date rainfall is almost 8 inches below normal.

Almost 270 $200 citations have been handed out for violating the Stage 1 restrictions, and six $1,000 fines have been issued for repeat offenders, officials said.


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  • Amruby Oct 3, 2007

    Until you have had no water and have to have it trucked in from another country--you cannot appreciate the problems that we are facing.

  • justjean Oct 3, 2007

    Joshua....ha, ha, ha, ha! That's funny! Too bad city leaders can't put a ban on poor spelling and grammar!

  • Joshua Oct 3, 2007

    Ranquick, try as I might, I cannot decipher your encrypted message. I too believe that high density fibre keeps hogs from spanking chickens while riding side-saddle cross-country, behind a bus of illegal aliens on their way to the state fair to see high density fibre hogs spanking chickens....

  • ranquick Oct 3, 2007

    I read some home owner are still watering yard even after they have been fined. Well I say they are thumbing their nose at the middle and lower class. I know if iwas inpoaition and they been fined and warned before and still are watering, the water get turn on right then and the water meter box locked or welded shut until they com ein and pay very LARGE fines. In these develoments that thehome owners are not going by the rules
    I would patrolled everyday.

  • shine Oct 3, 2007

    Headlines : Raleigh Water Demand, Supply Dropping

    I will go along with the statement after the comma.

  • truth-hurts Oct 3, 2007

    As papa jim pointed out, there does not seem to be any slowdown in the issuanec of building permits. Look around - housing subdivisions, apartment complexes, townhome communities are going up daily. Those homes are being connected to the same water supply we are using...

  • bubba01 Oct 3, 2007

    On my way into work this morning, I noticed the city had the sprinklers turned on in Moore Square. What a way to set the example for the rest of the city to follow!!!

  • ejrsut Oct 3, 2007

    I live down-stream in Lenoir co.& there are places in on the Neuse River that you can actually walk across it & where do the water comes from Falls Lake, so if all the water gets wasted away,it's gonna be a bad time for all of us. What's more important a green lawn or able to take a bath, let your nose answer that question!!!!! Also, think someone needs to call those big on the west coast & ask them how they handles droughts, I never hear about water shortages in L.A. or Phenoix

  • shine Oct 3, 2007

    First paragraph of story:: "Raleigh sees no need in tougher water restrictions" The headlines of WRAL news as of midnight that " the high dollar housing developments are not following water restrictions during the drought".

    Wonder how much more we could save while we are wasting it?

  • ArkAngels Oct 2, 2007

    Lookelou, look on the 2nd page of these postings, dwspra posted about where we get our water from in Franklin County.

    What gets me is, the people that are getting the $1000 fines, are paying and still watering. They can afford it and just don't care. I would have already cut them off. Period.

    These people should have to take a trip out to Falls Lake to see their water source, or lack of it at this point. What part of 113 more days and a dry winter do they not understand? Or do they want to do what one Franklin County commissioner wanted to do... make their own? I had not been there to hear that statement, I would not have believed it.