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No Vote on Controversial Rolesville Development

Posted October 2, 2007

— The smallest town in Wake County is growing, and that is not sitting well with some of its residents.

Ammons Development Group wants to clear 355 acres of Rolesville farmland for the Averette Farms mixed-use development. It would be the largest development in Rolesville history and would include 831 homes, soccer fields, children's parks and a commercial center.

Residents against the proposed development voiced their concerns Monday night at the Board of Commissioners meeting.The commissioners took no vote on the proposal, and it was unclear Tuesday when the issue could come up for a vote.

Critics said they are worried the additional residents will put a strain on roads and local schools.

"We are not going to be a small town anymore. We are going to be a city" if the development is built, opponent Glynn Roberson said.

Other residents think Averette Farms will benefit Rolesville, however

"I think it is much better to embrace it and get the tax base and do smart development versus turning a blind eye to it," proponent Kris Burkett said.

Averette Farms' developer, Andy Ammons, has argued that growth will come to Rolesville no matter what, and his proposal offers an organized way to go about it.

In 1990, 572 people called Rolesville home. By 2006, that number had nearly tripled to 1,711.

Averette Farms would also have an impact on Rolesville's water supply. If approved, the town will only have 20 percent of its allotted supply remaining.

Rolesville Planning Director Brian Hicks said the town will have enough water, even with the new subdivision, and plans are in place to ease traffic congestion should Ammons get approval.





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  • NCishome Oct 2, 2007

    I once lived in Rolesville, the only store in town was Eddins Grocery store. The "Big Chain" grocery store was located just before where the U-Haul place is at on Capital before the Beltline. That was many years ago. The people of Rolesville now have many options on where to go for shopping. Yes, back when I was at Rolesville Elem. we used the library for class rooms. That was back in 72. Traffic has always been a problem on 401 even back that far. Yes, it takes planning and working with the developer will help ease some of the problems that are being seen. I now live in Eastern Wake, with two huge developments less than a mile from my home. Yes, it will add traffic to an already busy road and add more demands on the system.

  • diana123 Oct 2, 2007

    i know rolesville and boy oh boy were the cops annoyed when the traffic increased 15 months ago! handling tickets out right and left every single day, all through the day! now most everyone does the 35 mph speed limit. but they ain't happy. because now and it is increasing, they don't know the people behind all these new closed doors. so many strangers.

  • EasilyAmused Oct 2, 2007

    ummmmm,there is an "impact" fee for new comers as far as cars are concerned although it may not be as high as you desire ...

    I had to pay $250 to transfer the title to my car to nc and also pay $250 per billing cycle more in car tax because my previous state had car tax relief.

    And people who move here are also "we the tax payers". My taxes pay just as much for road and school maintenance as do yours.

    Now ironically, I do agree that some mechanism for "managing" growth is needed since the resource strain is becoming obvious. However it may become self managing as living in this area may become less attractive as more and more infrastructure and resource strain is realized.

  • Blessed Oct 2, 2007

    If the developer wants to build it, let him build it, but he must first make road improvements to carry the load of the larger volume of traffic. While development is a good thing, the town of Rolesville is already way to congested with traffic to support even more traffic. Maybe, the developer should ante up for a 401 bypass around Rolesville, then the heavy traffic burden would be relieved and there would be more room for the traffic coming out of his subdivision...

  • applesmith Oct 2, 2007

    Its all about the money. Rolesville leaders do not have enough exspertice to deal with this,and ammons knows it. Its gonna happen. I hope they build on every square inch of wake county because when i retire in 10 years i can get the most for my property THANKS YOU TRANSPLANTED YANKS KEEP COMING!!!!!!!

  • Lookelou Oct 2, 2007

    eastncgal - No I'm not involved in real estate. My first professional was nurse of 20 yrs and then healthcare IT for 5 yrs. I am now retired at the age of 45 because I chose to be. I am a native North Carolinian and now live in Youngsville in Franklin County one of the fastest growing counties in NC. What's wrong with more, more, more? It's called progress! No I don't need a shopping center on every corner, I would just like a convenient grocery store and gas station.
    I don't have children but I do pay a school tax for a service that I will never use. Many local folks keep popping out the youngins, where will the children go to school, work, and live. People always move looking for a new life. Do you believe that everyone should just stay in place?
    Progress brings change and we will always have change, do not be afraid of changes for it will come to Willow Springs too!

  • likemenow Oct 2, 2007

    the people are coming....which means the builders are coming...the developers need to be squeezed because North Carolina is about the only place right now that is keeping many of them profitable......Rolesville should be able to get just about whatever they want from the developers...if not, another developer will be happy to take their place to keep the money coming in

  • LaLa-Land Oct 2, 2007

    Lookelou - sounds like you are involved in real estate in some way or else you just feed into the mass frenzy of "more, more, more" without thinking through the reprecussions.

  • rpdwife05 Oct 2, 2007

    I don't care if this neighborhood is allowed as long as 1) 401 is widened to accomodate the new people 2) new schools are built. The traffic in the morning through Rolesville is horrible. It makes my blood boil DAILY. I am in a bad mood every day because of it, I feel like one day my head will explode. 401 is only 2 lanes, and in the mornings its at a standstill... no matter what time you leave. Its backed up on Ligon Mill, 401, and Capital Blvd (wake forest) so there is no way around it. What is the DOT going to do.. b/c is 800 more ppl are taking that road in the morning, I will loose my mind!

  • momeeee Oct 2, 2007

    I think if Ammons puts in a new development of this size he should be required to build schools. If everyone in the new n'hood has 2 kids on average thats 1662 kids with 30 per classroom thats 56 new classrooms & teachers!!!! Just my .02