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Raleigh, Wake Voters Face Bonds on Ballot

Posted October 1, 2007
Updated October 2, 2007

— Bond issues facing Raleigh and Wake County voters next week will feature green – open space as well as money.

Raleigh voters will be asked to consider an $88 million bond issue for parks and greenway projects.

"This bond issue will have a big effect on the city," Mayor Charles Meeker said. "It will buy several dozens of acres of land (and build) two community centers, including one aquatics facility. (It will) also build the city's share of the greenways from Falls Lake to the Johnston County line – over 13 miles along the Neuse River."

Wake County has three bond issues on the ballot: $50 million for open space, $92 million for Wake Technical Community College and $45 million for area libraries.

Tony Gurley, the chairman of the county Board of Commissioners, said the open-space bond would protect drinking water supplies.

"Our open-space purchases are along major stream corridors that go to the water supply sources," Gurley said.

The Wake Tech bond money would complete the college's north campus off Louisburg Road and secure land for another campus near Cary.

"Wake Tech is the best economic development tool that we have. All of these new industries that are moving into Wake County cite the availability of an educated work force as the main reason they're coming here," Gurley said.

The library bond would pay for new branches to be built and existing ones to be renovated, he said.

"Public libraries are the most popular service that we provide as a county," he said.

If all three county bonds are approved, the property tax rate would go up by 2.25 cents per $100 of assessed value using current property values. That would amount to about $45 per year on a $200,000 home. The county is in the process of implementing new assessed values.

Meeker said the next City Council would decide how to pay for Raleigh's bonds, if voters approve the issue. He said he would like to raise impact fees instead of property taxes to finance bond payments.


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  • Timbo Oct 2, 2007

    WRAL, it's 10:30AM, why is this story no longer "featured" on the WRAL Home page????

  • blackdog Oct 2, 2007

    ...I'd like to know how it will be paid...BEFORE the vote.

  • keiott Oct 2, 2007

    The Meeker rail failed, so let's have a Meeker trail????
    What a joke. You want it Meeker, You pay for it!!!!!!

  • Timbo Oct 2, 2007

    I hate it, but I completely agree with Crisp. ;^) Greenways are a joke.

    What they fail to tell you is for the "greenways" they force people to sell their land under the threat of eminent domain.

    And it *is* interesting that they wait 8 days prior to the election to inform folks what will be on the ballot. Clearly meant to squelch debate and prevent opponents from organizing.

    Based on this alone, I will vote "Heck NO".

  • mep Oct 2, 2007

    Quote: If all three county bonds are approved, the property tax rate would go up by 2.25 cents per $100 of assessed value using current property values. That would amount to about $45 per year on a $200,000 home. The county is in the process of implementing new assessed values.

    With the new assessed values, that $45 dollar increase will be more like $60.... and you can be sure the city will use these new assessed values to up your city taxes as well! VOTE NO!

    I'm a strong supporter of "user tax"... if you use, you pay for it. I paid off my student loans for college, I pay $5 to use Falls Lake, and I'd be happy to pay a small fee to borrow books at the library.

  • NeverSurrender Oct 2, 2007

    "And when it comes to my money, yes, the world is all about Steve when someone is trying to take it away from me for thngs I absolutely do not agree with."


    I wouldn't give you two cents for all your fancy rules if, behind them, they didn't have a little bit of plain, ordinary, everyday kindness and a little looking out for the other fella, too. --- Senator Jefferson Smith

  • Harrison Bergeron Oct 2, 2007

    I fear that the epidemic of cradle-to-grave-nanny-government liberalism has reached terminal proportions. The country is doomed; in the death throws of end-stage civilization.

    Entitlement and Marxism have such a strong foothold, that there is no point in arguing about such concepts as personal accountability and fiscal responsibility; they just don't exist in the liberal mind.

  • whatelseisnew Oct 2, 2007

    Please vote no to these bonds. If you vote yes, you get another tax increase. We just had one this year. You can also be sure that after the revaluation of property, you will see another increase. Even if they drop the per hundred rate to what they call revenue neutral you will see an increase. I have been through two revaluation cycles and that is what happens. Tuition should be paid in full by the students attending the university. If you really think about cost, if each person pays their own way they pay off their loans in 10 to 20 years and then they are done. Sooner if they know how to handle money and priorities. Under the system we currently have, they will never pay off the loans cause the state schools will get money from you even after you die. So you figure out what is less costly. I have a child now in one of the state colleges. This year almost 10 thousand of the tuition is being paid for by taxes. She could have easily borrowed that money and paid the loans after school.

  • mudmom2 Oct 2, 2007

    Why can't the collage use the public school buildings at night...talk about your "year round" then they would not have to build more buildings....I know they have a ton of night classes and use the space....lets get creative about how we educate....the building won't make you smarter...

  • ranquick Oct 2, 2007

    Well from what I heard on TV, either you vot for the Bonds or my Taxes are going up, YOU lose no matter what!