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Fuquay Residents Howl Over Proposed Pet Limit

Posted September 28, 2007

— A proposed town limit on the number of pets a household may have has some residents howling.

The ordinance would restrict homeowners living on less than a half-acre to a maximum of three pets – four or more pets would be regulated as a kennel. People with larger lots would be allowed to own more animals.

The Fuquay-Varina Town Commission plans to hold a public hearing on proposal on Monday.

The idea is to keep people from having lots of pets in small spaces. Mayor John Byrne said it reflects the changing face of Fuquay-Varina.

"We are becoming less rural and more urban," Byrne said, adding that owners with multiple animals sometimes let them roam too freely among dense neighborhoods. "People came to the town and were very frustrated because they couldn't even let their children out of their yard."

Veterinarian Dr. Liz Cotton said the ordinance will force local residents to abandon pets.

"They are going to have to pick which pet goes. It's going to be like looking at your kids and saying, 'Which one am I going to give away?'" Cotton said. "There must be a better way to attack this problem."

Byrne, who owns pets himself, said he's not sure the ordinance will pass.

"I think it is something very new for Fuquay-Varina. I think it's open for interpretation," he said.


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  • tmedlin Sep 30, 2007

    I strongly urge everyone who has concerns over the path the town council is taking show up tomorrow night at the Town Hall at 7:00 and have your voices heard. This will also serve to put the town council on notice not to try this kind of mess again, or as Robert Byrd says "out ya go!"

  • WHAT THA Sep 30, 2007

    spay or neuter your pet or politician today.

  • carlostheass Sep 30, 2007

    In fact, lecach, of my nine animals here three are rescues and two of those came for the county animal shelter, which means that your tax dollars didn't have to pay to care for these animals or euthanize them. You should be glad there are pet-lovers around who will take care of animals so as to save the costs that this ridiculous proposed ordinance will cost you!

  • carlostheass Sep 30, 2007

    "I think they SHOULD limit the number of pets. If your lot is this size you really shouldn't have more than 3. How much quality of life would more than 3 have? And think about how nasty your house would be. I live in a neighborhood whose HOA limits everyone to 3 pets and I think its a wonderful idea."

    Well, when they start to limit the number of children people can have we'll discuss it. In the meantime, my nine animals on my two acres don't require any of your TAX DOLLARS and don't bother any neighbor. In fact, my next-door-neighbor keeps children for a living and brings them over because they love to see and feed the animals.

    I take care of my animals and you don't have to live in my house. Besides, houses with animals are no filthier than houses with children. Trample on your rights, not others'.

  • lynddsy Sep 30, 2007

    i have lived in the town limits in fuquay for thirteen years and 2 out side city limits. i have seen many times people have called for animal control to come and get a stray, some mean, and some just a nuisance. they didn't show up and if they did it was not in a speedy fashion. their reason-no funds and really understaffed. who is going to monitor this order? wouldn't it be more feasible to monitor ones who pay no attention to the leash laws that are suppose to be already in place? you talk about lot size! what about putting houses on 1/4 acre lot-20 feet from the one next to you. you go out on your front porch and gas and half the neighborhood hears you!! yes i think too many pets in these per household would be a bit much. is it going to come to how many children on 1/4 acre is too many and may cause problems. i also think no matter how many animals you have that are in the house and NEVER go outside is your own darn business. create position for animal control-don't limit # of pet

  • QT3.14 Sep 29, 2007

    What about fish? Or hermit crabs? Or any other small animal kept solely indoors? How does that bother anyone else?

    What if your purebred cat has 4 kittens? Do you have to have 2 of them "rubbed out"?

    This makes absolutely no sense. I totally see where they are coming from and why this could be a problem. They are just pursuing the wrong solution.

  • strolling bones Sep 29, 2007

    lecach in a word...oreck...why dont you live where you like to live with your restrictions and i will live where i like to live without them...

  • likemenow Sep 29, 2007

    Has Cary annexed F.V.?

  • Lit Sep 29, 2007

    "STUPID ordinances like this only punish RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS. The complaint is about roaming animals - so why not simply start enforcing leash laws???" -boatrockr

    I agree. Why is the town Commission proposing a round-about solution to a simple problem? They should get people to start keeping their pets on their own property (especially dogs). Otherwise, as long as the animals are being properly cared for, the number of pets someone has shouldn't be a legislative issue.

  • mamakyt Sep 29, 2007

    lecach, you chosse to live somewhere that had limitations on pets, I did not. Not only that, but my house is nicely kept.