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Duo Caught Red-Handed Dumping Debris at Raleigh Home

Posted September 27, 2007
Updated September 28, 2007

— A landscaping crew faces charges for illegally dumping 1,500 pounds of yard debris on private property, and the property owner may be stuck with the bill to clean it up.

A Wake County sheriff's deputy caught Jason Bryant, 22, and Barry Riley, 44, in the act of dumping debris at a vacant home on Old Creedmoor Road.

Owner Sandra Pope said she felt "pure outrage, so angry" at finding the debris at her deceased mother's old home. Piled behind the house were a tower of tree limbs, a pile of pine straw and a mountain of other lawn debris.

Pope's son said a friend of his tipped the family off to the illegal dumping.

"He said that he heard someone bragging about dumping on my grandmother's property," Tommy Pope said.

The family called the sheriff's office, and the deputy who came out to make an arrest had excellent timing.

"He went down to take a closer look and looked up, and there was a truck coming down the driveway," Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said.

The deputy found Bryant and Riley, who are charged with illegal dumping. Officers said the investigation is ongoing, and more charges could be filed against the two.

Sandra Pope said the family has been getting the property ready to go on the market.

"We just paid a man to come and clean up some of the debris and stuff that was there, and for someone to come and use it as their own personal dumping ground," she said.

The family must pay to clean-up someone's mess, but if Bryant and Riley are found guilty, the court could order them to pay for the clean-up.

"I really could not understand how someone could have a total, utter disrespect for someone's property like that," Tommy Pope said.


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  • Supie Sep 29, 2007

    eriley223, are you "for real"? these "gentlemen" left the right to have thin skin at the door when they disrespected others' property and decided to break the law.

  • eriley223 Sep 29, 2007

    I dont think that Yall have not right judging no one... I am related to Both of this gentlemen and there very good guys. and everyone talking on this site are not perfect, so please watch the things you say without knowing them. I highly appreciate it!!

  • jeffdewitt Sep 28, 2007

    There is no question what needs to be done, the idiots that dumped the trash on these peoples property need to clean it up and they should leave the property cleaner than they found it.

  • freedomrings Sep 28, 2007

    I was the victim of a break-in and received a subpoena to appear in court. These two guys where there. They plead not-guilty and are representing themselves. They look even more in-bred in person..trust me.

  • Gandalf The White Sep 28, 2007

    “They could just burn it.”

    And the demonstrations of whether intelligent life exists just keep coming. Here’s another enlightening bit of info for you Einstein. North Carolina is in a major drought. When that happens guess what – everything dry’s out and thus becomes easily ombustible. So if I understand you correctly your latest suggestion is for them to start a fire, in an area that is overwhelmingly dry and dangerous due to lack of any sustained rain fall. Maybe they should just have a neighborhood weenie roast at the same time. You bringing the marshmallows or you just going to offer whatever that is you call a brain to be fried?

  • seankelly15 Sep 28, 2007

    Okay, now you suggest burning - during a drought - when the risk of wildfires is high? Okay then....

  • seankelly15 Sep 28, 2007

    iamforjustice - I am confused by your statements. Do you think that these two who have been dumping on their own land?

    They dumped on someone else's property, but you think that the owner of the property should just suck it up and move it with a wheelbarrow? First, move it where? Second, I don't get a sense that this is a wheelbarrow load or two? Finally, you think that the aggrieved party should pay for the fees associated with the removal and disposal of trash dumped on their property

  • iamforjustice Sep 28, 2007

    Gandalf, it would be quicker if they just clean it up and stop waiting for someone else to do it is all I am saying. They could just burn it. No big deal.

  • Gandalf The White Sep 28, 2007

    You of course would use a wheel barrel and shovel to clean up multiple loads of waste from a dump truck wouldn't you? No surprise there.

  • iamforjustice Sep 28, 2007

    lol Gandalf....you really tickle me. If they don't want the stuff on their land then they need to just get up early in the morning and get a wheelbarrel and move the stuff. I get tired of hearing unnecessary complaints. They should stop being lazy and just clean it up.