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Turn Lane Confusing Drivers in Downtown Raleigh

Posted September 27, 2007
Updated September 29, 2007

— Progress in downtown Raleigh is causing some traffic troubles. The problems are at the intersection of Blount and Davie streets, where drivers are using a turn lane for parking. There is no signage telling drivers the turn lane is off limits.

The parking confusion started when the developer of the Progress Energy Condos took down construction fencing.

Donna Haynes works in downtown Raleigh. She said with no fencing or signage, there have been a few close calls for drivers trying to get into the condo parking deck.

"They're crossing Davie and going to move into the right lane to turn into the parking deck, but then they're having someone side swipe them on the right," Haynes said.

The turn lane, turned parking space, is outside Jolin Eckman's first-floor condo.

"At five o'clock, it's bumper to bumper traffic and when you turn that corner over there, you could hit a car," Eckman said.

The city may be making some changes to Blount between Davie and Carbarrus streets. A proposal has designated part of the block a loading and unloading zone for businesses. The other half would be two-hour parking.

"That's going to differentiate clearly what's allowed in that block. I think the developer got the sign moved quicker that we anticipated. So there's been some confusion on the block," Michael Kennon, transportation operations manager with the City’s Public Works Department, said.

Some condo owners said they like the open parking with no limits. Of course, it is convenient, particularly if you live on the first floor.

This issue will be on the City Counsel's agenda next Tuesday. If the parking proposal is approved, the new signage could be in place by October 9.


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  • ncsustudent Sep 27, 2007

    Half of you haven't even seen this situation first hand. The condos face another residential building on the eastern edge of the downtown core. It's just a minor hazard to be reported on a slow news day. There is Parking Downtown. If anyone has actually been, they have numerous signs about 7 feet tall that mark the entrance ways of many parking decks. I know its a hassle to walk into an elevator though.

  • pleshy Sep 27, 2007

    There is plenty of parking downtown. I work downtown every day. The Progess Energy Deck is never full. The police station deck is never full. the lot by the legislature is never full. The Moore square deck is almost never full. Do you know which deck is always full? The courthouse deck. Well, folks that deck is primarily for witnesses and jury memebers. It won't kill any of you to walk 3 or 4 blocks from a parking deck to the courthouse. It also won't kill any of you to haul your but up (and down) from the first or second floor from the Salisbury street exit and leave the elevators for people with business on the upper floors.

  • iamforjustice Sep 27, 2007

    Everybody needs to park on the steps of the courthouse. We need to be heard....there is not adequate parking in downtown Raleigh. I suggest we park "IN" the courthouse. Are you with me people?

  • Rufus Akeem Williams Sep 27, 2007

    I don't get it, the students at Shaw can block a major lane of Blount Street every day between 4 and 6 and all of a sudden a blocked turn lane is a brouhaha, Oh my.

  • pack-man Sep 27, 2007

    i don't think this guy lives on the ground level. there are businesses proposed for the ground level.

  • taylor boy Sep 27, 2007

    Shouldn't park in turn lanes.

  • iamforjustice Sep 27, 2007

    NC drivers aren't good drivers? lol....they are just as good as any other driver. What state has good drivers? Why do people say such ignorant things. Probably comes from stupid parents more than likely. We need mass transit in Raleigh. Enough driving. I am tired of driving downtown and can't find a park space.

  • Sessy - Italiana Sep 27, 2007

    hate to say this but I HATE driving downtown Raleigh

  • pleshy Sep 27, 2007

    There isn't any signage, ground or street level, because the construction took most of it off. Remember, there has been a construction fence there for a year or so, and now it is gone. The turn lane is back, but unmarked on both sides of the corner and the no parking signs, which limit parking up to the corner from 20' away, are gone because of the fence. Hence the confusion. It isn't a bad driver issue, it is a "the builder removed the fence before we put up a sign and repainted the road" issue.

  • Adelinthe Sep 27, 2007

    Off topic, but...

    Who'd want to live in a first floor condo with streets and sidewalks right outside the windows?

    Sounds like they put the cart before the horse, once again.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB