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Ex-Robeson Sheriff Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges

Posted September 26, 2007

— Former Robeson County Sheriff Glenn Maynor pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges in federal court.

Maynor admitted he lied to a federal grand jury and misapplied federal funds. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of five years. Maynor was Robeson County sheriff from December 1994 until his resignation in 2005.

"North Carolinians must have confidence in the integrity of our peace officers. Prosecuting corrupt law enforcement officials is a top priority," said U.S. Attorney George Holding.

The charges against Maynor came after former deputies pleaded guilty to charges ranging from kidnapping to stealing satellite television signals. The charges against them resulted from Operation Tarnished Badge, an investigation into the Robeson County Sheriff's Office.

Two other people also pleaded guilty Wednesday in the Operation Tarnished Badge case.

Hobert F. Britt, 60, and Robert D. Ivey, 48, both of Lumberton, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit satellite piracy. Authorities said both men used illegally reprogrammed satellite cards to receive unlimited programming from DirecTV.

Britt and Ivey face a maximum sentence of five years in prison, a $250,000 fine and two years of supervised release.

Sentencing dates for all three men haven't been set.


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  • ltbarkley Sep 27, 2007

    Oh no, some cops are getting free satellite! GASP! THROW THE BOOK AT THEM! Comon, this is something fairly minor. Nothing worth firing them over and bringing criminal charges. Now the kidnapping and "lied to a federal grand jury and misapplied federal funds" - those should be investigated and punished with the maximum available!

    "Hispanics thrive because plenty of work that the blacks, whites, and Indians won't do."

    Other than that being a fairly racist statement, the problem we are having with ILLEGAL immigrants (no problem with legal ones) is that they are doing the jobs for CHEAPER than any citizen would, no matter the skin color. Its not that citizens wont do those jobs, its that they wont do them for under minimum wage.

  • sniper Sep 26, 2007

    I lived there 20+ years.. and I've always said you need a passport to go there... It's like no other county in the State.. Hoke might be a close second.

  • whatusay Sep 26, 2007

    Terryhunt1...you must work for the government or welfare system in Robeson Cty.

  • terryhunt1 Sep 26, 2007

    whatusay: You are one ignorant person. You don't know what you are talking about. Get your facts straight and stop spreading your hate and racist propaganda.

  • nclawdog Sep 26, 2007

    i may have to disagree with what county is the most messed-up.
    in my experiance warren county takes the cake folks. dead voters, that vote. convicted murders that get special treatment, and dont forget the man who pointed a loaded gun at fellow cop. the place is jacked up.

  • whatusay Sep 26, 2007

    The only thing keeping Robeson county going is the welfare system. Most there work for the helath care system or the government handing out checks to people who won't work or are having children out of wedlock. There are only a few influential families in Robeson county that own everything. The rest are looking to the government for help. Worst educational system in the state. Four races equal in number...black, white, Hispanic, and Indian. Indians run the education, Whites own the few business that exist. Hispanics thrive because plenty of work that the blacks, whites, and Indians won't do.

  • EGH3 Sep 26, 2007

    With all this going on in RC,you would think it was the only county with bad law enforcement,and I. still say they should get Hubert and his son Kiven Stone they was the BAD ONES,what Glenn did is nothing compare to them

  • dhoggard2 Sep 26, 2007

    FE, thank you for making me laugh at the end of the day... so true.. heck he could be Governor.. at least head of the state senate huh!! Black got hundreds of thousands of dollars and these guys are catching it for getting free satelite!

  • yruatwit Sep 26, 2007

    To "whatusay".............Robeson County is the second most corrupt county in the State. Top spot goes to Richmond County.

  • FE Sep 26, 2007

    Looks to me like the (former) high sheriff is coming close to meeting the minimum qualifications to run for the state legislature, or maybe even a part time job as a bag man....er, I mean lobbyist.

    OTOH, he can always call the Highway Patrol. I hear they are currently hiring.