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Investigation of Smithfield's Restaurant Fire Delayed

Posted September 23, 2007

— Investigators dealt with unsafe conditions as they tried to determine what caused a fire that burned down a Smithfield Chicken 'N Bar-B-Que restaurant in Fayetteville.

Calls about the restaurant fire at 9515 Cliffdale Road came in around 7 a.m. Sunday, Fayetteville fire officials said.

The restaurant was destroyed by the fire, battalion commander Calvin Bishop said. Flames came through the roof, causing it to collapse. Only the four walls remained standing.

The investigation into the cause of the fire has been delayed because conditions in the building were unsafe. Bishop said large equipment was being called in to remove the walls and debris, after which the investigation could last for a few days.

WRAL learned that employees told investigators they leave food cooking in the oven overnight, which employees think may have caused the fire. The building was only six to 10 years old, battalion commander Chris Morey said.

Investigators said the cause of the fire is undetermined at this point.

The Smithfield's restaurant that burned down is a franchise of Bullard Restaurant Corporation, which also operates Burger King and Friendly's franchises.


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  • RYANROCCO Sep 24, 2007

    i think i read this right..talking about franchises. if someone franchises an established brand they will pay fees and have to abide for the most part by what the actual owners of the brand name says. like mcdonalds is owned by mccopco, if a franchisee wants in they have to abide by all their rules and regulations and pay a fee for using the name.

  • shine Sep 24, 2007

    seankelley15..... I don't know and you are probably correct. I know that you can't own a franchise whether Mc's, or Pizza Hut or Smithfield without paying some type of franchise relationshops or they are taking something off of the top......
    I am not disagreeing with you - but I would think they have "some hand" in the measure if it is nothing but a licencing agreement. Thanks for the info - thats interesting. Maybe they work it that way to disassume liability.... maybe???

  • seankelly15 Sep 23, 2007

    shine - "You can't own a pizza hut without pizza hut having some hand in it." Interesting theory but incorrect; Pizza Hut franchisees have been historically unable to establish a business connection to the corporate entity. A number of franchise owners have tried to show that the Pizza Hut Corporation has made promises regarding potential profits and that the Corporation bears some of the liability when a franchise fails. The courts have sided with the Corporation by agreeing that there is no shared ownership, oversight or business control over the various franchises exerted by the Corporation.

  • cstaley Sep 23, 2007

    Yes, I know Bullards. They are a sloppy bunck. I have complained about the Smithfields in Sanford, and they sent me two e-mails back, but they could never get their own telephone number correct. Their staff is lost and don't even know it. They probably left that chicken cookin' on "HIGH"- I guess like their management is "High." ARE YOU LISTENING ROSE?

  • Doctor Dataclerk Sep 23, 2007

    He's just a hunk, a hunk, of burning love.......

  • bbad238 Sep 23, 2007

    It does matter whose building it is. Many were quick to connect this fire with Moore and events in his life, when it really has little to do with him. Even the story here was updated to reflect the owner(s) of the restaurant. It's too bad this is happening at the same time of Moore's trial.

  • anonemoose Sep 23, 2007

    Lets see, they were cookin chiken instead of pork, so that takes the local LEO bunch off the suspect list.......unless somebody stiffed them on the discount, or one of the wait staff got handed one and nobody will help her with it.

  • ranquick Sep 23, 2007

    Does it really matter whose building it is. Seems all have their attention on Moore at the moment. SO many have already label him guilty. This is entirely different!

  • shine Sep 23, 2007

    bbab238 ..... That is interesting and yet informative...... Everyone has there own ways of securing a franchise. I hope the Bullards can rebuild...... Thanks for the info on this.

  • bbad238 Sep 23, 2007

    Just some interesting information... The building itself is owned by the Bullard's with an appraised value of $557,562.00. It was constructed in 1998 making it about 9 years old. Smithfield's C&B likely shared in a percentage of the sales. It would be REALLY unfortunate if this fire was anything other than accidental. This was more or less the Bullard's restaurant rather than Mr. Moore's.