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Police: Ladies, Watch Your Purses

Posted September 21, 2007

— Ladies, watch your purses. That was the warning Friday for shoppers in Raleigh and Durham.

Police say a quick moving thief has been after bags, wallets and the money inside.

At first glance, Tammy Walker looks like any other customer in surveillance video. However, police call her a stalker and a thief.

In the video, Walker can been seen apparently sizing up her victim. Then, detectives say, she boldly snatches a woman's wallet right out of the shopping cart.

Police say Walker, also known as Tammy Gabriele, has hit gas stations, grocery stores and discount shops. Last month, officers said they believe Walker stole an 88 year old woman's purse and then used the woman's credit card to rack up a bill at a local liquor store.

Police believe Walker has expanded her operation. They think she's now targeting women at Brier Creek. Durham detectives say Raleigh police are investigating at least four incidents at the shopping center. They think Walker hit again at the Brier Creek Target.

Walker has a history of petty crimes, according to police. Authorities said they believe she's stealing cash and credit cards to support her drug habit.

So far, Walker is a suspect in more than a dozen Durham cases. Anyone with information about the cases is asked to Durham Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.


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  • uncbabie Sep 23, 2007

    If I'm not carrying my purse, I ALWAYS buckle it in with the child belt. I grew up in Durham, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • ballmom Sep 22, 2007

    my mother's purse was stolen at the foodlion, she is 70 yrs old, if you have this, you are unable to use any of her cards, etc...so its no use to you. Bet you thought there would be some money in there...not , it was in her pocket.

  • earthmama Sep 22, 2007

    Color plays no part in thievery...trash is trash. Stealing from the elderly...tsk,tsk. I wish Tammy would go for my purse. The trash would get taken out!!!

  • Jokers Wild II Sep 22, 2007

    Or maybe she will snatch a purse and realize that the woman she stole from is NOT a woman! I personally would knock her teeth down her throat if she was stealing from my family member and I caught her. Regardless what some people think and play the "Race" card as they normally do.. I could care less for a thief, even if it was purple or green! A thief is the lowest form of scum known to man-kind, and I hope she gets what she deserves!

  • gopanthers Sep 22, 2007

    Rocknhorse - LMAO - thanks for your post. That was way to funny.

  • Tax Man Sep 22, 2007

    They need to bait this lady - have a woman cop in civilian clothes leave a purse in the cart - have one of the dye packs from a bank - and whammo! Tammy is all red! Then arrest her and take her off to jail! Bye Tammy.

  • Rocknhorse Sep 22, 2007

    I have no use for a thief! They are low, common, lazy and ignorant. One day, she'll be caught - perhaps by a lady who knows how to defend herself! "Clean up on aisle 4"

  • carolinahome Sep 22, 2007

    why did color come into this??? some of you folks are flat out cowards!

  • APO75 Sep 22, 2007

    PikeMom, she is not in prison, she is in a store right now!! If she was a person of color, you knuckle-dragging bigots would be having a field day.

  • Made In USA Sep 22, 2007

    If these theives would work as hard on a job as they do at stealing, then they would be making a lot more money. Two words describe them...dumb and lazy.