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State nursing board OKs warning for FSU program

Posted September 20, 2007
Updated January 28, 2009

— The state Board of Nursing on Thursday approved a recommendation to place the nursing program at Fayetteville State University on probation.

The move comes after 24 of 31 FSU senior nursing students failed to graduate because they failed an exam from Health Education Systems Inc. The students threatened to sue, saying the test wasn't part of their graduation requirements, and 13 passed when they were given a chance to retake the exam.

The nursing board ordered the FSU program to comply with published admission policies, have the professional records of all faculty members on file to review their qualifications to teach certain classes and publish accurate program information.

Interim Chancellor Vic Hackley has said that the standardized test was used incorrectly and should have been administered earlier for assessment purposes.

Administrators were in too much of a rush to get the 2-year-old program up and running and weren't stringent enough in upholding standards, Hackley said, adding that procedures to correct any problems have been put in place.

Nursing board members will make an unannounced visit to FSU next year to review the program. If it meets standards, board members will continue to monitor the program for three years.


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  • findoutthefacts Sep 22, 2007

    PS - someone mentioned to me years ago a statement I had never really considered before and I'm sure it will hit you as well.

    "Even the person graduating last in their class gets to be called DOCTOR"

    That's kinda scary!

  • findoutthefacts Sep 22, 2007

    I agree - I think this was all caused by the typical "University Machines" that want to pull in bigger enrollments, while not fully preparing their students. Sad thing is, they discredit themselves when the unprepared students show that the university has faultered in their preparations and supposed education.

    Have a good weekend!

  • Roots AKA Bonita Applebum Sep 21, 2007

    This a new program for this school, the changes were made because the adminstration realized that they "rushed" this particular program. The school apparently didn't the review the qualifications of their faculty( heaven only knows what the students where learning) or admission requirements. This whole debacle has much more to do with the school then the students and the nursing board recognized it. Nobody is "lower" the standards, because they didn't have clear standard or expectations of students. If anything, changing the graduation test into the admission testing, will only make admissions more stringent.

    P.S. Nice to hear that you know The Roots, you must have good taste in music! Buon fine settimana!

  • findoutthefacts Sep 21, 2007

    "Interim Chancellor Vic Hackley has said that the standardized test was used incorrectly and should have been administered earlier for assessment purposes."

    From the first story that was posted, this test was a graduation requirement, now it is a requirement to get into the program. Henceforth, those who don't do well will never get to the graduation point. So they did change their requirements because of peoples complaints.

    P.S. - I know who the Roots are (as I take the time to learn other cultures). My post was in response to you mocking my screen name.

  • Roots AKA Bonita Applebum Sep 21, 2007

    The article does not stated that the rules will be changed. The University and The Board stuck to their guns, and you are here complaining because you see this as a "black" school, so you are trying to correlate it with the Jena6 "rally" situation. There is no special treatment for theses kids, thoses who did not pass on retake will have to take the course over (They can sue ,but the University has a right to change their graduation requirements.)

    My Screen Name comes from a hip-hop band that I enjoy listening too. Have a good weekend!

  • findoutthefacts Sep 21, 2007

    I've kept up with this story the whole time it has unfolded and it is a lot like the Jena situation. They didn't pass general tests and they want someone to change the rules for them.

    So "put your roots" aside and realize when people are asking for special treatment!

  • Roots AKA Bonita Applebum Sep 21, 2007

    This has nothing to do with the Jena6, please read the article and "find out the facts" before posting, Thanks!

  • findoutthefacts Sep 21, 2007

    I'm sure a rally will be held to protest why they should have to be held to the same standards as everyone else.