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Fallen Tree Stumps Raleigh Motorists

Posted September 18, 2007

— Three drivers had a run-in with a fallen tree Tuesday morning.

The tree came down at around 8 a.m. on Old Stage Road in Raleigh.

"I saw this big branch coming down toward my windshield. I thought it was just strong wind blowing a branch and then it slammed real hard and knocked the windshield out, ripped my mirrors off and really shocked me," said Mike Weaver.

After Weaver got through, a red van driven by Marie Warren approached and was probably in the most precarious position and got quite a bit of damage. Another car was covered in limbs, but it was not hit directly.

Warren said she tried to put on brakes but the tree hit the top of her van anyway, breaking her windshield and spinning her around. She said she thanks a higher power for getting through the whole ordeal physically unharmed.

"My knees are weak and I'm thankful and I know God was with me, and I feel blessed nobody got hurt. It just shook us up a little bit," she said.

It is not yet known whether the tree was weakened by last week's storms.


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  • Lightfoot3 Sep 19, 2007

    They also seem to hate Zeus, Vishnu, and the other gods too!

    Part of the reason might be how lazy God is. He does just enough to keep the simpletons faithful. God was with that woman, yet the limb still smashed her van. God couldn’t hold up the limb for another couple of seconds for her to get on through? Atlas held up the entire world!

  • blondton13 Sep 18, 2007

    Blah! What a bad way to really be jarred into a new day.
    Sounds like the lady on the I40 that suddenly lost control, spun out and stopped sideways right in front of me.

    I think I bought new underwear after that day.

  • oldrebel Sep 18, 2007

    Raleigh...City of Oaks

  • USN Vet Sep 18, 2007

    People sure hate God around this city. Since I moved here and started reading story postings on WRAL I've noticed a definite trend in negative and hateful comments toward God, Jesus, and Christians.

  • storyteller Sep 18, 2007

    i would be thanking god after i got the settlement from the property owner

  • SailbadTheSinner Sep 18, 2007

    "My knees are weak and I'm thankful and I know God was with me, and I feel blessed nobody got hurt. It just shook us up a little bit," she said.

    Sounds like God was with her. She’d better let him ride with someone else. She keeps driving like that, she’ll kill him ....


  • yaright Sep 18, 2007

    Here we go again the higher power saved her......are you people that stupid to belive God saved this person but droped a cement truck on some one else instead.....Sick to think the public is that stupid.

  • sentinel94m Sep 18, 2007

    Oh no! Let's ban trees!

  • todd23 Sep 18, 2007

    Wow, all that and they came out without a scratch? Amazing! I thank God, too!

  • Adelinthe Sep 18, 2007

    "Why thank God? Didn't he make the tree fall on your minivan? Maybe he's trying to tell you something..."


    God doesn't throw trees, in fact, in God's relationship with His children, there is no negativity whatsoever.

    The tree belongs to the earth, and like the eart, all perish.

    At this point in time also, the earth and all who inhabit it are under the dominion of the adversary, like it or not.

    So did the adversary throw the tree? Perhaps, but probably not.

    The tree is a part of nature, and like all of nature, sometimes doodoo just happens, and thus we have an unexpected tree.

    But this all could have turned our far differently. A tree falling on someone usually kills, and if while in their vehicle, it often does.

    Thanking God all is well now.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB