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Public Hearing Set to Discuss Proposed Biodefense Lab

Posted September 18, 2007

— A public hearing is set for Tuesday to discuss a national biodefense lab that could go up in Butner.

The national Bio and Agro-Defense facility would sit on the Umstead Research Farm. Scientists could study deadly diseases like ebola, avian flu and anthrax in Butner. Some believe the community's proximity to top universities, RDU International Airport and Research Triangle Park make it the perfect area for a high-level research lab.

Officials said the lab would require the highest level of security, but since Butner is already home to 16 state and federal institutions, proponents said they believe securing the lab will not be an issue.

The facility is expected to bring 1,500 construction jobs and 500 permanent positions. In addition to the jobs, the facility could generate $6 billion over the next 20 years.

The public hearing on the lab is scheduled for 6 p.m. at South Granville High in Creedmoor. Texas, Kansas, Mississippi and Georgia are also in the running to get the lab. The government is not expected to pick a site until 2008.


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  • skinnycow Sep 18, 2007

    I agree with every word you said peacebee. I find myself now just chatting on the pages of those that I know are civil and will disagree with me in a civilized manner. There is no civility in posting in these news forums. I find myself asking more so, why do I bother. Would love to read folks opinions and learn something new, but is a hard thing to do here.

  • ladyblue Sep 18, 2007

    Efforts to control Ebola depend on identifying and isolating those already infected. There is no cure, and most who contract the virus die. The disease typically produces acute flu-like symptoms, such as high fever, headaches and diarrhea. Hemorrhaging also is common, and bodily fluids containing the virus are the main source of transmission. In previous outbreaks, caretakers and those involved in burying victims were particularly susceptible

    NO I do not want this virus here being studied. Keep it close to the patients so they can test the results of their experiments..I still say our united states manufactures are so anxious to send our plants overseas to get by cheaper, so move on down the road. I don't want you in my backyard....This is strictly my opinion...

  • peacebee Sep 18, 2007

    The presence of this type of facility will bring alot of security risks to this area. I would prefer not to be at ground zero for ebola. My preference, of course...go ahead blasters...assail me for my preferences...tell me how awful, whimpy, and inhuman I am, as you so love to do...assault me with your unkind garbage, so I can wonder yet again...why did I even bother to post?

  • GulfWarVet Sep 18, 2007

    Good Grief, folks. Get a grip, it just isn't that bad. There'll be an increased number of permenant jobs. Security will be sound. "Go on about your lives, there's nothing to see... move along."

    I'd be more worried about nukes flying overhead on unscheduled, and unauthorized B-52 flights than I would be over a possible bio-hazmat situation from such a facility as they're proposing.

  • ladyblue Sep 18, 2007


    The reason we bring facilities here is to study these things more effectively. We can much better control security here than we can in Africa, which is then only a short plane ride away from the US for a terrorist or infected carrier.

    After seeing how sloppy the security was, even in Raleigh, I still prefer it be in Africa. I don't like the idea that we will hve the ebola virus i our backyard. I rather it be in another country. America is not the safest place as you think. This is just my opinion..After Prime time, I was floored at what I saw. If this research center is guarded as the ones they showed across America in several states, God help us..I wish they're reshow that program. I would feel safe only if this place was in Area 51 they guard so well...

  • skinnycow Sep 18, 2007

    You are right Harrison, it is a comment board and all comments are welcome. I just need to learn not to respond. People disagree with me all the time. It is the manner in which it is done that is deemed offensive and that is my point. But in the big scheme of things this doesnt matter, it is only comments on a board on the internet. Have a great day Mr. Bergerson.

  • Harrison Bergeron Sep 18, 2007

    Geisha Girl, I am sorry I upset your delicate sensibilities. This is a comment board; if you don't like your comments being read and responded to, then don't post. I do not need nor am I requesting your permission to makes comments about anything I would like. I'm not quite sure why you would label me as "one of the nastiest", other than the fact I disagreed with you?


    The reason we bring facilities here is to study these things more effectively. We can much better control security here than we can in Africa, which is then only a short plane ride away from the US for a terrorist or infected carrier.

    Finally, I am looking at how long we have had nuclear facilities here in relation to the number of radiation related incidents there has been. I think statistically, as I said before, we are very safe with these kinds of facilities here.

  • ladyblue Sep 18, 2007

    Harrison Bergeron-----But, I think I'm going to put my credence behind an opinion that is reasoned, and backed my statements of fact rather than hysterical raving and fear-mongering.

    That was a factual report. I also suggest that they study these horrid diseases in the countries who already have them. That is one thing America hasn't gotten yet. Our companies are so eager to move their plants overseas and out of country, so let them move the ebola research somewhere else..

  • skinnycow Sep 18, 2007

    Harrison Bergeron you have got to be one of the nastiest posters on here. It is ok to disagree with me. You are not the first, and you won't be the last. I wasn't the only person on here that said I didn't agree with it and if you read all of my posts, I did admit that it would be safe and yet you can only nit pick and be extremely condescending and plain arrogant in your post to me. I would greatly appreciate your not commenting on any of my comments anymore. It is obvious that you do so for the sole purpose of trying to make some feel stupid and dumb because their opinion differs from yours.

  • ladyblue Sep 18, 2007

    Charlesboyer is not right. Evidently he missed that special that p rime time did with the decoy students who went to all those nuclear places and walked right in SECURE PLACES by flirting and everything else. One person even let the girls into the fuel rod section. Two universities had the guards asleep at the gate and they went on in. Nothing is 100 % secure. Remember that..That special was suppose to show people how our SECURE nuclear operations in these universities are. They have students guarding them in some and these 2 girls flirted and even talked the student into letting them take pictures. I'll never forget that Prime time..For your information there is one located right in our area and it was one of the ones they snuck into. I wasn't aware we had such radioactive materials at these facilities. It's scary. I personally rather have radiation exposure than ebola...