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Authorities: Fight Over Girl Sparked High School Melee

Posted September 11, 2007
Updated September 14, 2007

— An argument over a girl apparently started a melee outside Northern High School Monday morning in which one student was injured and several were arrested, authorities said Tuesday.

Hundreds of Northern High students were gathered on the school's football field Monday morning when several fights broke out among groups of students. The school had been evacuated because of a bomb threat.

One student was injured and had to be taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Eight other students were charged with disorderly conduct.

On Tuesday morning, authorities also arrested Eric Wiggins, 17, at the school and charged him with assault inflicting serious injury.

Investigators said they believe Wiggins was one of the instigators of the melee, said Capt. John Flamion, of the Durham County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities are reviewing a videotape of the incident, and more arrests are expected, Flamion said. He declined to say how the tape was obtained.

The incident isn't believed to be gang-related, he said, because none of the suspects are "validated" gang members.

Additional security was posted Tuesday at Northern and at Riverside High School. At Riverside, deputies said they intervened to prevent a fight between two groups.


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  • thepeopleschamp Sep 12, 2007

    Bartmansan, the answer is YES. Schools have numerous students with all kinds of convictions. Some of the larger schools up north now even have in-school probation officers. In NC Juvenile and Adult Probation Officers frequently have "clients" in most all high schools in the WRAL area. The drop-out age is now 16 so schools have to keep taking the juvys. NC wants to raise the drop-out age to 18 which will force schools to keep even more serious offenders. The ones with serious felony convictions can be sent to Alternative Schools but you would be shocked if you knew what was in our schools. I know of a student that is a CONVICTED 1st Degree Rapist that was allowed in school. Soon after enrollment he was arrested again and jailed. Armed Robbery, Rape, Burglary, Felony Drug charges, you name it, it's in our schools today.

  • Sessy - Italiana Sep 12, 2007

    Gang related. Send em to boot camp for a month.....

  • hollylama Sep 12, 2007

    "fighting at there age at school would result in suspension for the remainder of the year. Great, unsupervised hooligans, wandering the streets."
    I think the lack of supervision is probably the cause anyway...

  • hollylama Sep 12, 2007

    Bartmansan...good question. I would speculate that we haven't seen pictures because they don't fit the "criteria"

  • MrMan Sep 12, 2007

    Back in my day the PE teacher would give us a pair of boxing gloves turn us loose in the gym and the best man wins, then we shook hands and went about our classes, what kind of future leaders are our schools producing? Shurley not leaders of industry and our country if this be the case it will not be long that the USA will just be another third world country.

  • poohperson2000 Sep 12, 2007

    fighting at there age at school would result in suspension for the remainder of the year. Great, unsupervised hooligans, wandering the streets.

  • Bartmansan Sep 12, 2007

    "sumamen".... Thank you for the clarification. Now that I'm aware of what that means, I assume some, or all of these 8-9 individuals will become 'Validated'. And if so, will they be removed from our school systems?

    On another note... Can a convicted criminal attend public school or would that violate their civil rights?

  • poohperson2000 Sep 11, 2007

    We do not allow kids to settle conflict on there own at all anymore. From Kindergarten on we tell our kids to find a teacher. I myself was suspended from school for fighting, but I was standing up for a friend over a PE volleyball game. My friend was much smaller and the people bullying her did have gang ties. I was just lucky that they were not carrying a weapon. Anyway- if I had run to a teacher my friend would have been toast before I ever got back. Not saying I promote fighting, but kids are going to do it from time to time. When do we teach our kids how to stand up for right and wrong if they will get arrested and or thrown out of school for it. It is like saying if you see someone mugging an old lady find a police man. Where would the world be if everyone did this?

  • NCTeacher Sep 11, 2007

    Beachboater- that was how it was when I was young. If I got paddled at school, you could believe I was going to get it even worse from my parents. That was back when parents raised their children and didn't expect the school system to do it for them

  • validpoint Sep 11, 2007

    Well, I tried to post a comment on this story, but somehow it got lost...Assume technical problem.

    No, we are not issuing ID cards to known gang members. But most gangs do have specific tattoos, markings, colors, or hand signs. Persons seen with known tattoos, etc., or persons caught in gang-reltaed trouble are identified and monitored when possible.

    Rev., there are no school house rumbles anymore, particularly in high school. Each fight has to be taken seriously now- since many of them involve weapons of some sort.