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Authorities Bust Johnston County Casino

Posted September 8, 2007
Updated September 9, 2007

— State agents and sheriff's deputies made a major bust when they raided a make-shift casino in Johnston County on Saturday night.

The raid occurred at what Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell described as an illegal poker operation in a building on Bear Road, off N.C. Highway 242 South, near Benson.

Officers arrested 70 people and seized thousands of dollars, along with numerous gambling tables. The operation included professional gamblers from out of state, Bizzell said.

The state Alcohol Law Enforcement agency conducted the investigation into the gambling operation. Johnston County sheriff's deputies assisted when ALE agents executed a search warrant at the building.


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  • whatusay Sep 10, 2007

    Video poker gone, home poker gone, BUT....WE CAN ALL PLAY THE NC STATE LOTTERY...what could be better...think of it, 1 chance in 5,000,000,000 to win $1....and the state thinks this is fair. What a complete bunch of imbeciles....

  • fletchermse Sep 10, 2007

    Gambling is only bad when the state doesn't profit from it.

  • 24Fan_24Fan Sep 10, 2007

    Was this part of the 2007 WSOP Main Event?

  • lastchance Sep 10, 2007

    let me see if I got this straight, you cant play poker cause its illegal but its ok to drink, isnt there something wrong with this picture? People playing poker isnt harming anyone, only wish I knew where the game was being held.

  • pleshy Sep 10, 2007

    This situation is different from the usual weekly home game in several ways, but the two most important reasons are probably why it got busted: 1) the "house" was probably taking a rake (a percentage of each pot is paid to the house as profit, and 2) the sheer size of the game. The report says several tables. If you figure 5 tables at 8 players, that forty people. By stating this was a casino, that implies the play occured on multiple nights a week, so if you have 40 people playing 4 nights a week, that is a lot of gambling. And in an unregulated, underground casino, you often have other illegal things going on. I would imagine your average neighborhood weekly game is pretty safe in comparison.

  • Timbo Sep 10, 2007

    Kilroy, it's everywhere. What law enforcement does is bust the ones they don't like.

  • godisgood2me2 Sep 10, 2007

    So typical of you JCPARENT to put a degree on illegal activity. Speeding "a little" is ok as is "betting a soda" on a ballgame. Perhaps your kids can use this with you when they tell a "white lie" verses a "big lie"? It all goes back to how YOU look at it. Why didn't you comment on the "giving back to the community"? Oh, I know because that isn't negative...

  • sobercuban Sep 10, 2007

    Who knows who is next on the chopping block. Hopefully home games aren't next. This is probably just another situation where someone had an axe to grind and forced law enforcements hand.

    I'm just glad it wasn't another situation with everyone getting every last dollar in their pockets taken at gun point which was the net result of the raid in March.

    As far as the PPA goes I remembered a point in time where there was a free membership you could do. Maybe not anymore. I just hope they are better lobbyists than they guys taking up for online poker.

  • Richie in Willow springs Sep 9, 2007

    The only reason it is illegal is because the government doesn't get thier cut thru taxing it .

  • Kilroy Sep 9, 2007

    "I often wondered what they did for fun in Johnston county... ;^)"

    Not only Johnston Co.....in Wake Co. also.