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Bump, Blood Mark Boy's 1st School Bus Ride

Posted September 6, 2007

— With 70,000 students riding school buses on 2,100 routes in Wake County, there are bound to be mishaps.

But the parents of one local kindergartener said even one accident was too many when their son’s first bus ride landed him in the emergency room.

Wednesday was a big day for Ryan Bullock, 5. It was his first day of kindergarten and his first time on a school bus. It was a first his mother would like to forget.

Mercedes Bullock and Ryan were waiting for the bus when the driver went past them.

“There is no way she could not have seen me at all,” Mercedes said.

She dropped her son off at school and reported the problem. After his first day of school, Ryan boarded the bus to go home, but the driver missed his stop again, Mercedes said.

She was at the stop waiting for her son as she saw the bus pass.

“I take off running, and I’m looking to see if she’s going to stop a little further down the road,” Mercedes said. “She never stopped, and then I’m panicking.”

Frantic, Ryan’s parents called the school system.

“My thought is, we have this 5-year-old who is going to be lost, wandering around some strange neighborhood not knowing where he is,” said Michael Bullock, Ryan’s father.

School officials called the bus driver and told her to take Ryan back to his stop where his mom was waiting.

“I ran around the bus to get him off, and before I could say anything, [the bus driver] said, ‘He’s bleeding,’” Mercedes said.

Ryan told his mom he stood up when he saw his stop, but fell and hit his head when the driver failed to stop.

School officials said there won't be any disciplinary action taken against the bus driver.

“Should there have been a little bit more diligence? Probably, but I think it’s more of a communications issue than not following procedures at all,” said Wake County Public Schools spokesman Michael Evans.

The Bullocks said they think the bus driver should be punished. Their son had a big bump and had to get a staple in his head, they said.

The school system agreed to pay Ryan’s medical bills.

This wasn’t the first time recently that Wake County schools have had a problem with wrong bus stops.

Last month, two children were dropped off at the wrong stops. A 4-year-old was dropped off several blocks from home, and a 5-year-old was dropped off 7 miles from home.


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  • skypilot-not Sep 8, 2007

    Wow 384 comments and no red flag yet..way to go people

  • Mustange Sep 8, 2007

    Hey does anyone remember when high school students use to drive school buses. We went with adult drivers for situations like this. Times sure have changed!!!!!

  • Mustange Sep 8, 2007

    Everyone needs to drive a school bus one time see how many tylenol you need afterwards we dont pay thim enough for what they do. And ready to hang one out to dry if they do make a mistake (seems like now days looking for one to mess up). kids will be kids we all grew up getting a smart knot or two makes you think twice before standing up on a moving school bus. Bye the way i did same thing on a bus got to have those bus legs .

  • lizard Sep 8, 2007

    Standing up in preparation for the moving bus to stop is stupid. But he is 5, after all.

    They get the kids younger and younger to go to school these days. Kids should not be schooled til about 7 years old. And then, not in the gov't run schools. They've monopolized the education system and are grossly inefficient in educating anyone.

  • honestvoice Sep 7, 2007

    I know he's probably too young to understand but he should have stayed in the seat. He should have been told that by his mother and the school system. He would have been hurt even worse if the school bus driver had stopped where she was supposed to. I don't feel the school system or the bus driver should be held responsible for the injury the child suffered.

  • Concerned LEO Sep 7, 2007

    Mom saved the bloody T-Shirt huh......anyone remember ol Robert Wise??? Not to say I don't feel bad for the little guy but come on Mom, aren't we blowing it a little out of proportion?

  • joey2 Sep 7, 2007

    Needs to keep his rear in the seat till the bus stops.

  • joey2 Sep 7, 2007


  • marm Sep 7, 2007

    my5spuds, what school does your daughter attend?

  • my5spuds Sep 7, 2007

    I think most of us moms can agree that we all know what happened. That little guy saw his house and it being his first day he didn't quite have his "bus legs" on yet. He probably panicked a little when the bus driver didn't stop and stood up(or stood up in preparation for the stop). I don't think in this case it is the bus driver's fault. It's not like she just put him off at the next stop. From what I understood she did take him back to the missed stop. I'm just concerned about the ones that drop the child off at one of the other stops instead of back-tracking.