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Officer, Paramedic Charged in Break-In

Posted September 6, 2007

— A Goldsboro police officer and a Wayne County paramedic were arrested late Wednesday in connection with a break-in and assault in Lenoir County, authorities said.

A LaGrange teen told authorities that Rusty Herring and Jason Gray forced their way into his home at 3719 Lindsey Lane shortly after 8 p.m. Wednesday and attacked him and a friend. The teen told police Gray hit him in the head with a beer bottle.

"The dude shoved me and I asked him to leave, and he shoved me again. So, I hit him in the face," 16-year-old Justin Eubanks said.

Authorities said several people ended up in the fight, including Eubanks' 16-year-old friend, Michael Beeson and Beeson's stepfather, who had to receive stitches after head-butting one of the men.

"I got a couple of scratches," Michael Beeson said. "I got bit."

Herring, 36, of Hunter Street Drive in Goldsboro, was charged with misdemeanor breaking-and-entering and two counts of simple assault, Police Chief Tim Bell said.

The three-and-a-half year veteran of the Goldsboro Police Department was off-duty at the time of the incident, Bell said.

Herring was off the force by Thursday afternoon, but police declined to say whether he resigned or was fired.

Gray, 24, of 509 Mark Edwards Road in LaGrange, was charged with misdemeanor breaking-and-entering, simple assault and assault with a deadly weapon.

Gray resigned as a paramedic with Wayne County Emergency Medical Services early Thursday, authorities said. He had been a county paramedic for nearly five years.

Herring and Gray were released on bond Thursday. Neither could be reached for comment.

Police said the alleged assault escalated from an earlier argument on the telephone.

Eubanks said Herring had a relationship with his mother that went sour, and he told Herring to stop calling her.

"He said, 'I'm going to beat you just like I'm going to beat your momma,'" Eubanks said. "He should have known better than to come up to a house where to teenagers are to react the way he did."


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  • lizard Sep 8, 2007

    "Eubanks said Herring had a relationship with his mother that went sour"

    Yeah, those "close relationships" don't work in West Virginia either. One should never have a relationship like that with his mother.

  • honestvoice Sep 7, 2007

    It would be nice to have other side of the story published. All we have is the accusers account of what happend. Sounds like typical trailor trash bull &%$@ if you ask me. What this article doesn't tell is how the two did not force their way in, they were let inside by the woman. Also, Herring was initially beat unconscious. Mr. Gray was just trying to defend Mr. Herring. How low must you go to keep beating on someone while they are laying on the ground unconscious and unable to defend themself? Think your the victims Eubanks and Beeson? Give me a break. You know what happend. So do I. Justice will prevail. I hope you get charged with making false accusations and Herring and Gray sue you for defamation of character and medical expenses. It wouldn't matter anyway, you probably don't have a job.

  • Love my boys Sep 7, 2007

    I know these kinds of things are not limited to Wayne County. As a former resident of Wayne County, I've seen this kind of childish behavior from idiots on more than one occasion (mostly from my ex-husband and his group of childish friends)

  • -info- Sep 6, 2007

    Is it the heat or are the crimes just getting crazier...what ever happened to late night shootings between 2 people??? Do you get a discount if you get someone to go to jail with ya??

  • NCTeacher Sep 6, 2007

    Love my boys-

    Do you really think these kind of things are limited to Wayne County?

  • Love my boys Sep 6, 2007

    Another reason I don't live in Wayne County anymore

  • QT3.14 Sep 6, 2007

    Pay people appropriately and they will behave in kind. Who would want to risk a well paying job (okay, maybe except Nifong). I never understood this. If I owned a gas station, I would pay my cashiers $14/hour and I bet I would get people who showed up on time, were nice to the customers and maybe even cleaned the bathroom now and again.

  • clickclackity2 Sep 6, 2007

    At least there were 3 on 2. Hopefully, the officer and parademic got something other than what they were looking for. Great that the teen stood up for his mother and great that the the other teen and his stepfather were there to help. Otherwise, those 2 cowards probably would've both beat that 1 teen unconscious.

  • validpoint Sep 6, 2007

    Nah...Thank you to the thousands who do well, and a hand up and prayer for reconcilation for the fallen (such as the offending officers you mentioned.)

    That's what I meant.

  • mrtwinturbo Sep 6, 2007

    Even more, why don't we also find every LEO we can and speak words of encouragement? How about sending them thank you cards? Posted by sumamen

    Oh sure.....Thank You Trooper Michael A. Steele for sexually harassing my wife, Thank You Officer Matt Sasser for destroying your patrol car in Wayne County, need I go on?