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Reassignment, Busing Among Topics on Wake School Board's Agenda

Posted September 6, 2007
Updated September 7, 2007

— Wake school board members discussed major issues, including reassignment, busing and a recent curriculum audit at a work session Thursday in Cary.

School officials said 8,000 new students are expected to enter the school system each year over the next couple of years. Because Superior Court Judge Howard Manning ruled year-round schools could not be mandatory, board members now must figure out a way to maintain diversity in the classroom while easing overcrowding at the same time.

Board members looked at Wake County's achievement gap. Initially, system leaders wanted 95 percent of students in the third through 12th grades reading at or above grade level in 2008. A recent 400-page audit by an educational consulting group found some minority groups perform at much lower rates than whites and Asians.

The audit also states that more girls take advanced courses while more boys are in special education. At the district's current rate, the report said, the achievement gap will never close.

The school board looked at ideas for narrow the achievement gap, such as equal access to resources and recruiting more male and minority teachers. The board looked at busing and how to improve transportation when it comes to reassignment.


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  • bus driver Sep 6, 2007

    Pro, it is mandated by the state that only 3rd through 5th graders can be in classrooms above ground level. This is also a mandate in other states. K through 2 must be on ground level. It is only recently that high schools were built with more than 2 stories.

  • piedpiperofwake Sep 6, 2007

    We found the solution. Moved to Phoenix, yes we paid impact fee, actually builder did and passed it along I'm sure. Kids started a nice new school 3 weeks ago less than a half mile away from the house. Even after a 6 year drought still no water restrictions in Phoenix and no tolls on any of our outer loop. Now my only problem is no one wants to buy our old house in a year round school area back in Wake county...

  • ltbarkley Sep 6, 2007

    I remember being able to walk to my elementary school, most of my friends from school lived in neighborhoods within walking distance...

    Did you know America spends 143 times MORE on special education than gifted education? Nothing shows teaching to the lowest common denominator more than that statistic. If America in general (and NC specifically) want to remain a leader in the world, that number needs to be reversed, or at the very least evened out.

  • Uncle Ruckus Sep 6, 2007

    Nothing will never get better until we get ride of the edurats in both DPI and WCPSS management. They are more concerned with "diversity" than education. First stop is clean the "edurats" off the school board. If we stop busing kids all over the county, and commit to community school, life will be better for all. The money saved from the forced busing then can be used in the classrooms, especially in those schools that will need extra help due to parent non-involvement.

    What people tend to forget is that at least 50% (or more) of the parents consider the public schools as nothing more than free day care. I have heard this from principles and teachers, both. Just listen to all the whining every time the schools are closed .

  • NCFF Sep 6, 2007

    "Seriously, blaming dim-witted parents for the failures of their dim-witted children isn't going to solve anything" -- Harrison Bergeron

    Agreed, we have a cycle in which under achieveing parents (for whatever reason) are in many cases under-equipped to provide the support outside the formal school environment to help their offspring achieve academically; thus, producing yet another generation of under-equipped and under-achieving young adults...who only perpetuate the cycle to the next generation.

    I say all this to put things in context, that there are factors outside the control of our educators and the educational system which have a very significant impact on student achievement. Until progress is made on these external factors and breaking the cycle -- internal (i.e, within the formal school environment) improvement will at best occur only at the slowest of paces.

  • Nancy Sep 6, 2007

    "I will not vote for another bond until the CC shows they are dedicated to growth paying for itself (they must consider impact fees or developers donating land)"

    I agree poohperson, our county/state is doing nothing to make growth pay for itself, thus giving everyone else the bill for unfettered growth.

  • poohperson2000 Sep 6, 2007

    YR schools could solve the issue until CC can decide on impact fees, and the building of schools can catch up. It may be a band aide persay, but it is the quickest way to get the classrooms so they are not overcrowded. Our childs education will suffer under overcrowded classrooms as well, which does more harm?

  • jeebk04 Sep 6, 2007

    YR or traditional isn't the issue, IMHO. Proper planning and building of schools. I strongly most it not all the woes come to poor or no planning. It started years ago, and will not get better anytime soon unless some serious changes in planning of schools and building of schools are made.

  • Pandoras Box Sep 6, 2007

    YR is not the answer - it's a bandaid. How many other systems and counties are actually using YR schools? Stop overbuilding and overpopulating the county. Impact fees should be the norm and stop faulting people for their choice of schools. I am in the YR system now and I still hate it as much as I did when it was an idea. We have "adjusted" but it still bites. My opinion - I'm entitled to it - but it should not be forced or mandatory. Our schools should also be built bigger. Why are there not 3, 4, 5 story schools? Heck - even if the space is not presently needed the upper stories could remain unfinished and when space is needed finish off the next level instead of putting in ugly mobile units! Stop spending $$ on all the reports which tell us what we alread know!

  • Not_So_Dumb Sep 6, 2007

    I am a parent of a child in Year Round BY CHOICE, yet it is not the solution. Year round has many problems.
    It isn't the solution, although if used correctly, it can be part of one.