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No Land Deal for Rolesville School

Posted September 5, 2007

— A controversial deal for land in Rolesville for a planned middle school is dead, a Wake County school system administrator said Wednesday.

The district wanted to purchase 45 acres off Burlington Mills Road for the school and had offered $3.5 million for the site, or about $75,000 an acre. But two independent appraisals valued the land at between $48,000 and $64,000 an acre.

Wake County commissioners refused to approve the purchase at the $3.5 million price, and on Tuesday, commissioners voted to spend up to $2.6 million for the land, or about $56,000 an acre.

Don Haydon, chief facilities and operations officer for the school district, said Wednesday that the property owner refused to lower the sale price, so the deal was off.

"Our staff attempted to get the seller to reduce its price several times during the course of this attempted purchase – all to no avail. The seller has not wavered in its demand," Haydon said.

District officials will begin searching for a new site in Rolesville for the middle school, he said, adding that starting over will likely delay construction and the 2010 opening date by a year.

The delay could also add $2 million to construction costs because of inflation, he said.


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  • sdt1961 Sep 7, 2007

    Can you say GREEDYYYYYYYY!!!!!! The seller deserves to lose the deal completely. What is up with people.

  • WFrules Sep 6, 2007

    oceanchild71: Either way there will be something built there and no matter what it's going to cause more traffic. I just don't want a school there. Take a look at the DOT plans for traffic update.

  • WFrules Sep 6, 2007

    I thought everyone would find this interesting on the traffic study. IT'S A 30 YEAR PLAN....

    From the DOT:
    Currently, the City of Raleigh is gathering traffic count data at this time. Regarding Capital Boulevard, there are plans to widen the highway from I-540 north to US 1A in Franklin County. A corridor study was completed for this portion of Capital Boulevard as of last year; and can be viewed at the following website www.ncdot.org/~us1study.

  • common_sense_plz Sep 6, 2007

    The fact is...that the area that is in discussion cannot handle the traffic that is already there and that needs to be addressed before adding more development in that area. Rolesville cannot handle that amount of growth that fast. As far as "1000 houses" I know several developers in the area and they are not going to pay that much over the assessed value of the land. It is crazy to do so, sure you want to make a profit, but this is an extremem case of greed.

  • poohperson2000 Sep 6, 2007


    If you think the area can not handle the traffic of a school, just wait until they put 1000 houses on the land. Then you have no school and bad traffic.

  • painina Sep 6, 2007

    Bubba, I was wondering the same thing. It seems the county can take other land when they deem it neccessary for the growth of the county.

  • cduty Sep 6, 2007

    I'm familiar with the property owners:
    1) They are not "10-cent" anything. They are nice, decent people who happen to own a large contiguos piece of land that the Wake County School Board approached them about.
    2) They have no relationship , whatsoever, with anyone on the school board. Again, they just happen to own a nice piece of property, suitable for a school.
    3) To the people who think " no developer will want to touch it", that is very amusing and you obviously do not know a thing about supply and demand.

    I wish them good luck. They're biggest mistake was getting tied up with Wake Couny Government. I'm sure a developer will be much easier to deal with!

  • common_sense_plz Sep 5, 2007

    Finally the WCPSB has done something right, they did not waste our money on land that the value of it is much less than the asking price. I do agree that hwy 401 and Burlington Mills road cannot handle the additional traffic a school would bring, and they may want to address that issue with the state DOT first. There is plenty of land in Rolesville, but if the seller is a native of Rolesville, then they will be expecting a great deal more than what it is actually worth. They are a bunch of 10 cent millionaires with nothing but a pocket full of change. Kudos to the School Board for saving millions on this land purchase.

  • applesmith Sep 5, 2007

    I live in the area. It cannot support the traffic nor the congestion. louisburg rd and Burlington mills rd are all ready packed to the brim with cars in the AM and PM during peak traffic times. Also I will be glad when wake county developes every inch of ground it has,then the only problem we as county residents will have is how high our taxes will be. Develop on you big time construction gurus.

  • superman Sep 5, 2007

    It should be fairly easy to find 45 acres from an owner that wants to sell in an area where they want to build a new school. I dont blame them for not willing to pay the owner what he is asking for his land. Just keep waiting-- another 45 acres is a desired located will surely be on the market tomorrow. Land costs continue to increase-- building cost and labor continue to increase the net result of waiting and trying to find cheaper land will result in a negative.