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Pit Bull Shot, Killed During Attack on Officer

Posted September 4, 2007

— Two police officers on Monday shot and killed a pit bull that was biting one of them as he tried to apprehend a fleeing suspect, police said.

Officers D.R. Osborne, R.A. Lee and J.F. Gheen had gone to serve a warrant at a home on the 2500 block of Evers Drive shortly after 6 p.m. Monday when they spotted several people standing near a parked car, police said. As the officers  approached the group, police added, one man fled and Osborne and Gheen chased him.

Gheen caught the man and was struggling with him when a pit bull ran up and began biting at the officer, police said. During the attack, Gheen and Osborne shot at the dog and killed it, police said.

Meanwhile, the man took off again on foot and got a short ways before the two officers caught him again.

Marcus Antonio Williams, 20, was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting, delaying or obstructing an officer. Three outstanding warrants charging him with failure to appear in court on traffic offenses also were served on him, police said.

Devon Qantez Mangum, 17, whom Lee had detained near the parked car was arrested on an outstanding warrant charging him with a probation violation.

Rashad Deon Myers, 19, of 2500 Evers Drive, whom Lee also detained, was served with an outstanding warrant charging him with simple assault.

Police later determined that Myers owned the pit bull that attacked Gheen, and Myers was charged with allowing an animal to run at large, failure to have a rabies tag on the dog and failure to have a city license tag on the dog.

Gheen wasn't seriously injured by the dog or during his scuffle with the suspect, police said.

The Raleigh Police Department created a lesson plan this year to help officers handle encounters with dogs after an officer shot a dog on Christmas Day. That dog was seriously injured, but survived the shooting.


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  • Professor Studley Sep 5, 2007

    "The owner of the dog caused the situation which led to the death of the dog. Too bad Raleigh doesn't carry tazers." -djofraleigh

    I totally agree...

    Rpd posted "[...if a dog was approaching barking, hair raised...]" I am sorry buddy this is a trait of all well trained guard dogs. This is includes many "family" breeds including Retrievers (esp. in Labs, Goldens, Chessies, the latter a docile dog, but very likely to bite), Shepards, Collies, and many hounds... There are a lot of dogs out there to be shot I suppose.

    Once again, I feel the officer in the story acted appropriately, concidering the dog was actually biting him, however, you cannot judge a dog as an imminent threat because it is barking, fur raised, growling, or even snarling. These are only intimedation tactics guard dogs use. They do not necessarily indicate the willingness to attack. In many cases a bite is a result of the human ignoring the dog's warning, this is defense measure.

  • Harrison Bergeron Sep 5, 2007

    There's an old breeder's adage: "Know the breed, know the dog."

    Up until 2000, we couldn't genetically identify any differences between the domestic dog and its distant relative, the wolf. All that variation comes from a very small set of important genes.

  • Professor Studley Sep 5, 2007

    I cannot believe that people are "glad" the officer killed the dog... I fell the dog is just yet another victim in the story, and hope charges are filed against the owner of the dog as such. The dog only knew a strange person was threating it's owner, it was only doing it's job, however, it had no concpet of the difference from a LEO or random person. It is the Owner's responsibilty to control the animal AT ALL TIMES. This is rather sickening to say the least. I am glad the officer was not seriously injured, and I fault him none, but still I am not "glad" the dog had to be killed. This is shameful on the owmer's part.

  • jchelpus Sep 5, 2007

    Now the police knows how if feels when they turn their dogs on others.

  • djofraleigh Sep 4, 2007

    The owner of the dog caused the situation which led to the death of the dog. Too bad Raleigh doesn't carry tazers.

  • rpd911 Sep 4, 2007

    Butterbean are you kidding??? I would sure hope so cause those "poor victims of society" were criminals. There would be no case for the NAACP to even proceed with.

  • claudnc Sep 4, 2007

    The fox - you better watch it these folks will become very upset about their dogs...But I am wondering why when I said the samething as HP - I was attacked.Pitbulls are naturally aggressive and they will kill you with no hesitation. You know I am not a big supporter of the way some cops handle different situations but in this case - he should have shot that dog right between the eyes. Are you kidding with the mase, some foks still fight back when mase is sprayed in their faces. I am sure a dog will continue to bite the devil out of you with being pepper sprayed. I know if I saw a pitbull coming at me and I had a ak-47 I would empty the entire clip in him.

  • RAINDOG Sep 4, 2007

    Always pi bulls.

  • SpunkyGrits The One and Only Sep 4, 2007

    I agree that the dog had to be shot. If I had to decide between a human and a dog, the dog would have to go. Don't get me wrong, because I love animals and have taken in many many strays over the years. Although it isn't stated here, it is likely that the owner released the dog on purpose to help his friend in his bid for the getaway. Blame the owner for the dog running loose, not the police for shooting a dangerous animal.

  • RAINDOG Sep 4, 2007

    Why is it always a "pit bull" ?