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Authorities Make Largest Cocaine Bust in Lee County History

Posted August 25, 2007
Updated August 26, 2007

— Lee County Sheriff’s officials said they made the largest cocaine seizure in county history Saturday following a six-week investigation.

Five people were arrested after authorities found almost 10.5 kilograms of cocaine, which has an estimated street value of more than $2 million, officials said.

Authorities said they also seized several semi-automatic weapons from the residence at 2993 Blackstone Road in rural Lee County.

Officials have not released any names, but the five people arrested were “all illegal aliens from Mexico,” according to Capt. J.C. Holly with the Lee County Sheriff’s Narcotics Division.


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  • NCGal Aug 28, 2007

    LCSDajoke, what good does all the investigation and evidence do when the DA's office will plea the case down anyway?

    A perfect example is Pastor Sanchez. They had him for DUI, no license, open container, 3 counts of involuntary manslaughter, driving wrong way. Lee County Assistant District Attorney Mike Beam accepted a plea of three counts of involuntary manslaughter and dropped all other charges. Sentence was 4-5 years with credit for time served. One year for each child he murdered. So what good does evidence do in Lee County?

  • URADA Aug 28, 2007

    ok scsaleen2002, I'll ask you directly since you seem to know alot about the Dept. What are the outcome of the court cases against these people? You can bust folks all day long, but if you can't hold the case against them in court, then you have really done nothing except grandstand in the media.

    And where did you get the 62% solve rate? That's a little high. They solved the home invasion, well I won't say solved, more of being in the right place at the right time. What about the murder that Mr. Carter harped on throughout his campaign, I haven;t heard another word about it since he went in office.

    And yes, Mr. Carter let go trained and qualified employees and some quit, so we taxpayers have to pay to train new officers, thanks, Tracy.

  • scsaleen2002 Aug 27, 2007

    I think it's funny how everyone keeps downing Sheriff Carter, He's been in office 8 months and already has seized more drugs and money than the entire City/County Drug Unit did the previous year. Some people say "what about the other cases?" well the Detective Division is on a 62% solve rate for their cases, which include 100% solve rates in murders, also throw in the fact they solved one of the biggest cases of 2006 that other administration couldn't even acquire suspects on. I think alot of the negative comments come from past employees that were let go for lack of productivity and thinking the "buddy buddy" system would be enough to keep there job. Great job Sheriff Carter, you got my vote in 2006 and you'll have it in 2010 keep up the good work

  • NCGal Aug 27, 2007

    You didn't. You said "And contrary to Mr. Carter's statement that this is the biggest drug bust in Lee county history.......anyone who has lived here awhile knows that is not true. I recall a TRACTOR TRAILER load of drugs being seized, while Tracy was still "in school"."

    Since you disputed the sheriff's statement, I just figured you meant to say "cocaine". I do vaguely remember a big mj bust several years back.

  • jhnewman Aug 27, 2007

    Inter Alios:

    Sorry, but there cannot be an effective deterrent to drugs. The revenue from drug related crimes is too large a percentage of the Lawyers' revenue.

    New laws would have to be passed and, since 98% of our Congressmen and Senators are Lawyers, they are not about to pass the laws that would put an end to the drug traffic (and their income).

    Let me know if you want to hear what the effective program would look like.

  • URADA Aug 27, 2007

    NCGal, where do you see that I said cocaine? Um, not all drugs are cocaine.

  • NCGal Aug 27, 2007

    lcsdajoke, a TRACTOR TRAILER full of cocaine? Must have been worth a trillion and before my time.

  • URADA Aug 27, 2007

    IForgot, wow, LIBEL much??

    Tarheelz1, you are 100% correct!

    All these people that Carter has busted, anybody heard the outcome of the actual court cases? THAT is where the real story is told. Hard to prosecute with a bungled job of the investigation and paperwork. There are LAWS and protocols that have to be followed.

    And contrary to Mr. Carter's statement that this is the biggest drug bust in Lee county history.......anyone who has lived here awhile knows that is not true. I recall a TRACTOR TRAILER load of drugs being seized, while Tracy was still "in school".

  • dimples too Aug 27, 2007

    Hey "Spunky" OH YES I agree with you 100%!!!!!! I believe if we had that system, Sheriff Joe's that is, people would really think twice about doing crimes. Maybe the first time but not the second for sure!! Remember Barreta? He use to say," If you can't do the time don't do the crime"!!

  • Tarheelz1 Aug 27, 2007

    Tracey Carter has not done anything, the drug unit has, Holly and the rest of the team knew about all theses drug houses before Carter took over. now it makes carter look good, people had it out for Kevin Braynt, but the truth will come out soon, trust me i know..