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Happy Helpers Work to Stop Hunger Now

Posted August 25, 2007
Updated August 26, 2007

— Volunteers worked at a frenzied pace Saturday at N.C. State as part of a record-breaking effort to pack up meals for third-world countries.

The Raleigh-based International Relief Organization, Stop Hunger Now, makes it an annual event with N.C. State and other businesses.

This year was bigger than ever with 1,500 volunteers and $60,000 from sponsors. Volunteers packed a record-breaking 301,752 meals, according to organizers.

“Volunteering is very important to everyone here,” said N.C. State student Rob Boggs.

Each bag of food contained four ingredients: rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetables and a flavoring mix. One bag had enough for six individual meals. At 20 cents per meal, it was quite a bargain, organizers said.

“For about the same cost as a bag of Ramen Noodles, it's got about three times the amount of nutrients,” said Rod Brooks, CEO of Stop Hunger Now.

The meals will be sent to places such as earthquake-damaged Peru, where hunger and good nutrition are issues.

“You always gotta give back. You have to set an example for your children,” said Paula Harrison, who was volunteering with her daughter.

The meals will take four to six weeks to reach their destination, organizers said. They'll be shipped to Peru and to Haiti for a school lunch program.


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  • Steve Crisp Aug 27, 2007

    To bobokelly:

    Give me a break. The only reason Greek organizations "do more" than other campus groups with respect to philanthropy is because they are required to by the terms of their university charter. And that requirement even specifies the number of events, the number of hours alloted to each event, and the percentage of fraternity members required to participate in order to get credit for the event. Go to http://www.ncsu.edu/greeklife/programs/standards/ download the PDF and see for yourself. Chapter ten is the most interesting with respect to this particular discussion, but every mandate is listed.

    To wcnc:

    Yes, we should do nothing. Or at least in the context of providing aid. What we should do is activly assist in overthrowing corrupt governments so that citizens can govern themselves. Remember, for every bit of food we send them, presuming it even reaches the people, that is one less bit of food that locals can grow and sell, something which only increases poverty.

  • wcnc Aug 26, 2007

    "There are no guarantees that this will ever get to the places it was supposed to go."

    I hear you and do agree- BUT should we do nothing instead?? I'd rather show my young children that it's worth a try!! I'd want someone doing that for me.

    For all of the critical people on the post- when was the last time you volunteered for anything?? Gave extra money to a group that helps in the US??? Gave of your time to help someone outside of your circle??? I can't say that I do that often enough, but every effort counts. With all of you who are so critical of this group and are looking for ways to help OUR country, why does the Food Bank always need food and money?? I'd rather help this group than sit back and criticize from the comfort of my home........

  • shine Aug 26, 2007

    wcnc:........ After reading the post - I understand it gives opportunity. If they don't start in their backyard, then they will always look for other places. What could be more gratifying than doing something to help your fellow citizen.

    There are no guarantees that this will ever get to the places it was supposed to go. We could feed the poor and hungry here and start a new example. There is no reason the save the other worlds without working on ours first.

  • bobokelly2003 Aug 26, 2007

    There is one thing I would like to point out about this story, and that is if you will notice in the picture the young lady is wearing greek letter, supporting her soroity. Greeks have a sterotype of nothing but drunks, but they do more community service than others orgs. located on campus.

  • mvnull Aug 26, 2007

    "The only thing we should send them are condoms." Sorry, no can do. We can, however, send them millions of "Abstinence is Your Best Friend" DVDs. I'm sure that will help.

  • mvnull Aug 26, 2007

    "At least it makes our pathetic white children feel better."

    Sad commentary, but not unexpected from the writer.

  • wcnc Aug 26, 2007

    WOW- some people can bring Bush into ANY story!!!
    THis is not a government program- it is privately funded, so in my opinion, can choose whomever they want as recipients of their goodwill. Maybe if we'd get off our rears and computers and volunteer at this place or any other group that helps in the US, all the complaints on this post would be answered.

    I understand the point of helping at home first, and it should be done. But with welfare in place, why would any of those recipients care to get off their feet?? Also, this is a GREAT opportunity for young people to serve someone other than themselves, so I say it's a great thing!! Maybe if we teach teens to do community service, they'll grow up and help their communities!!!

  • nc911tc Aug 26, 2007

    All of you have valid points! Lets start in our own backyard. Several states have been devastated by flooding..where is the President...in CANDADA!! Lets take care of home first! My .02

  • shine Aug 26, 2007

    commonsense2 (post 1:06) You beat me to it ! I can't understand why we can't seem to want to deal with OUR own backyard rather than go play in someone elses. I am all for helping whoever, but if you don't deal with yourself (US) first then it there is not much accomplishment elsewhere.

  • mrtwinturbo Aug 26, 2007

    ok this may sound cold hearted but.....when I was growing up we sent food and supplies to these people and they survived and had children and now we need to feed them too? I don't think so. Stop sending them food and let them die off like nature intended. The only thing we should send them are condoms..