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Ex-Christian Group Leader Pleads Guilty to Solicitation Charges

Posted August 22, 2007

— A former lawmaker and president of a North Carolina Christian group pleaded guilty Wednesday to soliciting a prostitute.

Coy C. Privette, 74, of Kannapolis, was placed on probation for one year after pleading guilty to six counts of aiding and abetting prostitution. He also was ordered to perform 48 hours of community service and receive counseling.

Privette was arrested last month after investigators said he rented a hotel room and paid Tiffany Denise Summers, 32, of Salisbury, for sexual acts. Summers was charged with six counts of prostitution in the case.

Police were investigating a forged check case when investigators learned of the alleged prostitution.

A retired Baptist minister, Privette served four terms in the state House and is a member of the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners.

Privette resigned as president of the Christian Action League of North Carolina the day after his arrest. The organization represents Christian groups' interests in the General Assembly.

He had been the group’s president for six years and served as its executive director for 15 years before that. He has been one of the state's most vocal opponents to the lottery and to alcohol sales.


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  • Lightfoot3 Aug 23, 2007

    Steve Crisp,

    If liberals and Democrats are completely different categories, why do the Republicans worry about “liberals” being voted in? Most are going to either vote Democrat or Republican, so there shouldn’t be any cause for alarm.

    Who cares if people deride or praise the bible? It’s just a book of fiction.

    This Privette dude is just another pretend Christian that doesn’t believe a word or what he preaches. Typical.

    PS: Has anyone seen any images of the prostitute? Curious to see what kind of taste a godly man has. :)

  • Supie Aug 23, 2007

    steve crisp writes "And that is absolutely true as far as it goes; the Ten commandments WERE only given to the Jewish people and no others".. really? cause Jesus was a Jew. so if I leave land to my child, May Smith, she marries Jones and thier child John Jones cannot inherit because it was left only to Smiths and not to the Jones. So you would say the old testament is not for Christians. interesting. You might enjoy reading about Marcion, or as he was better known, "marcion the heretic".

  • shine Aug 23, 2007

    Remember this man is also a human being......

    For the rest that don't make mistakes - Why do they still put erasers on pencils?

  • Supie Aug 23, 2007

    gnathostomata writes:"Look at the harm this one person has done for the Christian Church with his pretense". God is not mocked.
    Those who know Jesus and love the Holy Spirit will only be strengthened.

    SLD62105 reminds us that Jesus happened upon the stoning ceremony for a woman who had committed adultery and his comment there was "let he who is without sin cast the first stone". And, now let me see, what was Mary Magdalene's line of work again?? (we assume only before she started travelling w/the disciples, but nothing tells us that). When I got my MDiv from Duke it was still taught that Jesus' death opened heaven's forgiveness to earth and Jesus does encourage us to love one another. That is the Jesus in my heart.

    doesn't mean that people who kill by driving drunk should be kept from killing again. Put them in jail to protect their own souls from their own murderous lifestyles.

  • Lightfoot3 Aug 23, 2007


    I don’t think he should have been given ANY jail time or that prostitution should be illegal. Sure he’s a hypocrite and religion is a fraud, but that’s irrelevant. Prostitution is a service agreement between two willing partners. It should be regulated and taxed!

    However, sadly, WRAL does have a moderator(s) that will delete posts based on personal or religious (i.e. they are pro-Christian) reasons. When I complained about a deleted post, a contact at WRAL claimed it was because I used the word that started with a C, ended with a P, and had the letters RA in the middle. Is that a bad word? When I pointed out that other posters had used that mild word without deletion, WRAL didn’t have a response. It was clearly a case of a SINGLE moderator just not liking me so he/she was deleting what I posted, no matter what the content. Same thing happened when I wasn’t a fan of Kellie Pickler. Such censorship is sad, but it does happen.

  • latanya512 Aug 23, 2007

    I guess he needs love too. He probably is the first one to stand up in church and shouting about fornication, gays, and unwed mothers. Maybe the prostitute will get a book or movie deal out of this.

  • ptahandatum Aug 23, 2007

    Once again the right wing religious ones are making one excuse after another to cover their tracks. If their man made god was so all powerful, neither this action or earthquakes, floods, starving, poverty, wars, etc., would ever happened at all. Just goes to show that your god was man made, and this "preacher" has been leading by example all along. He certainly should have been given much more jail time and community service. But once again, the right wing religious ones always get off the hook somehow. One day justice will be served, and properly. This will be the real thing - in courts of human law, and not some made up nonsense. WRAL, I certainly hope you allow this post, and not allow your religious convictions to keep this post out too.

  • inform Aug 23, 2007

    Gotta love non-christians, who will believe anything. Two wrongs don't make a right. So yes, gambling, homosexuality, adultery, and fornication are all wrong, even if someone else does them, even one who rightly condemns such acts.

    Just because someone else did it, doesn't make it right. Yet, someone who wants to do wrong, will tell you it's right because someone else did it. I don't think so, and I don't accept the argument that it does, for obvious reasons, one would hope. Yet, the argument persists, why?

    It must be because there are those who want to do wrong, and not be held accountable for their actions. Solicitation of prostitution is a crime, and Privette was held accountable. Those who don't want to be held accountable, aren't arguing Privette shouldn't be held accountable, only they shouldn't be held accountable for their behaviour.

  • lizard Aug 23, 2007

    At least this guy had the smarts to resign, something that Clinton would never do.

  • carrese Aug 23, 2007

    "Fawgive may lawd, fo' Aye have sinned!" That one sound familiar.