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Groups Pitch in to Help Apartment Fire Victims

Posted August 21, 2007

— Several area groups came to the assistance of dozens of people left homeless by a Monday apartment fire, according to the American Red Cross.

A fire destroyed 22 units at Brentwood East Apartments, at 3819 Bonneville Court near New Hope Church Road. Three people were injured in the fire, and more than 70 people were left homeless.

Authorities said Tuesday that they haven't determined the cause of the fire, which they said started on an apartment balcony.

New Hope Baptist Church, the Raleigh Baptist Association and the North Carolina Baptist Men’s Association provided shelter, hot meals and showers for 45 victims of the fire. The Interfaith Food Shuttle provided a hot meal for all of the victims Monday night, and El Pueblo, a Hispanic advocacy group, brought activity and coloring books for the children. Neighbor to Neighbor’s Latino Outreach program brought clothes and other personal items, and North Carolina State University provided bath linens.

“We are grateful and fortunate to have such caring partners in this great time of need,” Barry Porter, executive director of the Red Cross' Triangle Area Chapter, said in a statement. "It takes many more people and organizations to partner with the Red Cross when so many people are left homeless.”

The shelter at New Hope Baptist Church will remain open until the disaster victims have been relocated, Porter said. The Red Cross also will provide money to the victims to help buy food, new clothes, medicine and other emergency needs, he said.

After the emergency phase, the Red Cross will provide guidance and other financial assistance to help the displaced families recover and relocate, he said.


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  • renesbmw Aug 22, 2007

    praying for all of these families............i cannot imagine how it must feel to be left without nothing due to a fire or natural disaster such as these folks and oftentimes tornado and hurricane victims face. no clothes, no food, valuable sentimental items lost forever, and sometimes losing loved ones, too. so sad.

  • raptor101 Aug 21, 2007

    A grill at 4AM ????

  • seeingthru Aug 21, 2007


  • claudnc Aug 21, 2007

    The wonderful thing is that no one was hurt. For the most part the community is offering assistance. For the ones that can't seem to get over the fact that they were not naturally born citizens - let them keep their precious items and wait for who they deem suitable to assist. I quess I wasnt aware there were so many stipulations to giving.

  • skinnycow Aug 21, 2007

    Good point Ladyblue..thank you

  • ladyblue Aug 21, 2007

    GG- If it is the negligence of a tenant, they could be sued, but what you going ot get from them? They have nothing to sue for probably. They rent and they probablymake payments on thecar. It wouldn't be worth the time to carry them to court. People do not undrstand not to throw live coals out. I don't know whay someone things coals will go out if thrown away while smolderling. Many a home has burn down from that. They will find the cause I'm sure. I don't know if anyone had rental insurance or not, but that is a hassle and most of them give you a hard time when it's collecting time from you. They want receipts for everything DAH They burn up. At least the Spanish orginazations stood up and started assisting with the translation and etc that they were having a problem with yesterday. I'm sure the Red Cross will continue to assist them too.

  • Bronx_Boricua Aug 21, 2007

    My prayers to the many families that lost everything except life. God Bless.

  • this is not mexico Aug 21, 2007

    could have just been someone cooking meat in tinfoil on the balcony.

  • skinnycow Aug 21, 2007

    "Authorities said Tuesday that they haven't determined the cause of the fire, which they said started on an apartment balcony."

    I wonder what it was that caused such destruction. Maybe a cigarrette or a grill. It will be interesting to see what they find. Due to a tenants negligience is it possible for those apartments to sue for the damages even if their insurance will cover it?

    It is good that the churches and differ organizations can get together to try and supply the victims with the basic necessities as this whole thing gets sorted out. During a time of crisis it is good to see people come together for the common good.