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New Start Times for Clayton Schools Dropped

Posted August 16, 2007

School Bus

— Johnston County officials on Thursday rescinded a plan adopted this week that would have staggered the bell schedules at Clayton schools to save money on buses.

Despite protests from parents, the school board adopted the plan to have each bus make three routes instead of two, claiming that the savings of nearly $1 million was needed to fill the gap between the money they requested from county commissioners and the allotment they were given.

After a meeting between the chairmen of both boards, commissioners agreed Thursday to repay the district for the cost of buying more buses.

For most schools, the new system would have mean about a 15 minute shift in the start and end times of schools. But parents said they hadn't been given enough notice to rearrange work schedules and find affordable day-care options.


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  • coolmusicmom Aug 17, 2007

    I guess they will steal from Peter to pay Paul. I guess the parents hollered enough that somebody listened! Can't wait to see the discussions when we will soon be forced to look at year round schedules!:)

  • Deb1003 Aug 17, 2007

    So how is the county going to pay for the addition busses and drivers? Raise taxes?

  • deadwood90210 Aug 17, 2007

    Pretty ignorant, carolina fever.

    The story left out that the original proposal was to start school AN HOUR later and let them out an hour later. And by the way, no one knew anything about it until 5 weeks before the school year bagen. Then the school superintendent, who desperately needs to be thrown out of office at the next election, denied any public feedback for as long as possible. If they said 'this is what we are thinking for the 2008 school year' and permitted public discussion, at least it would have been pretty much a non-story.

    Instead they sprang this on everyone at the last minute and made it nearly impossible for there to be public comment, because they didn't want to hear it. They had already made up their mind and to heck with what the people who pay their bills and salaries think.

  • torque1 Aug 17, 2007

    Carolina Fever ... you must not have any kids in school. My son is in Middle School and I could have handled the change, however, it meant changing my work schedule to get him to his extra curricular activities. For the children needing before school and after school ... I can not imagine anyone (who has children and their expenses) to readily have extra $200 or more a month for added daycare expenses ... unless you are in their shoes don't judge on them being able to handle a "real problem."

  • youngerby5mins Aug 17, 2007

    "Have to speak up"...you're right...it wasn't just the 15 mins. The original time frame shifted up 30 mins for high school and back 35 mins for elem. I have several friends who still have children in elem + mid + high schools. (fortunately mine are 2 in college and 1 in h.s.) Some parents would have to transport their kids from 6:50 a.m. to 8:50/9:00 a.m. That's what the parents were complaining about...Those who couldn't afford or arrange early care would not be able to start their workday until 9:30. You have to ask yourself if your boss would allow that. Even if you could do this, you would be working until 6:30 (w/1hr lunch) and then there's the problem of after school care or elem kids riding the bus home to an empty house. It was a big headache. I am glad they were able to "find the money" for the new buses. Mainly because the new buses should have air-conditioning.

  • jeebk04 Aug 17, 2007

    example-I have to be at work at 8, my son cannot be dropped off until 8 for his 8:30 start time. So, I have to have him enrolled in before school care at his old daycare(school doesn't offer before care anymore), have him there by 7:20 and pay $50 a week for this. See how much difference 15 minutes or so can make?

  • Greyhound_Girl Aug 17, 2007

    Carolina Fever - 15 minutes for school start times, but that doesn't mean the bus pick-up/drop-off times weren't shifted by 30 minutes to an hour. That could make a difference to someone who works a "shift".

  • jeebk04 Aug 17, 2007

    15 minutes could mean the addition of before school care for some parents? Unless you are prepared to make these arrangements and pay for this additional expenses for these parents, then...

  • Carolina Fever Aug 17, 2007

    The parents couldn't figure something out for 15 minutes? I'd hate to see how they handle a real problem.