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Creedmoor Takes Hard Line to Face Dry Times

Posted August 15, 2007
Updated August 16, 2007

— City commissioners in Creedmoor turned off the water taps on several activities Wednesday night and asked residents to do everything they can not to use water as the city turns to neighboring systems for its supply.

Watering is out, whether for lawns or gardens. Washing cars is out, and car washes will have to shut down during the emergency. Restaurant waiters will be bringing water to tables only on request.

Lake Rogers usually provides water for Creedmoor's 2,300 residents, but Mayor Darryl Moss points to a water level that is down 24 inches because of the lack of rain.

“The average depth for Lake Rogers is 4 to 6 feet, depending on where you are. So, when you lose 2 feet, it's pretty bad,” Moss said.

Creedmoor shut down its water plant, which was pulling in sediment as well as water as the lake became shallower. The town is purchasing about 300,000 gallons of water a day from the South Granville Water and Sewer Authority in Butner.

The water situation is so dire straits, the city provided for a $50 fine for violations when the Board of Commissioners approved the emergency resolution.

With water so scarce, restaurants have to change the way they do business.

“You have to stay after employees to make sure they don't leave a faucet running or, when you're washing dishes, do a pile in one shot,” business owner Fibi Elmenshawi said.

“Like everyone else, we are praying for rain. We need many, many days of rain to help fill the lake back up. When that happens, obviously, the problem will be fixed,” Moss said.

Initially, city officials were considering asking residents to change their shower habits, but Moss decided not to include that provision.


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  • zodad Aug 16, 2007

    "For what it's worth, place rain barrels where water comes out of the gutters."


    What rain is there to fill the barrels?? Put barrels out in some subdivisions and the homeowners association will give ya a warning and tell ya to remove them, for fear of dragging down the property values......LOL

  • Joe Aug 16, 2007

    For what it's worth, place rain barrels where water comes out of the gutters. Save that water for your garden, lawn, etc. You would be amazed at how much water can be collected from gutters.

  • jasonicholas Aug 16, 2007

    Anyone know of restrictions in Fuquay-Varina yet? We were left out of most of the cities in Wake County that are on restrictions, still haven't heard anything else about it?

  • joylx2 Aug 16, 2007

    O.K. obviously Creedmoor is full of leaders that have very poor planning skills!!!!! I would think that before you continue approving thousands of houses to be built you would make sure there was an adequate water supply as well as enough school space! Come on people it does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
    Further more if there must be restrictions then they must apply to EVERYBODY! I recall I beleive it was summer before last when this sort of thing happened.....and beleive it or not someone I know very well witnessed the Creedmoor Police cars being washed! This person confronted someone about this and was given the excuse that the cars had to be washed because they have special paint on them. Well boo-Hoo cry me a river! I think all of us who pay thousands of dollars for our vehicles would agree that ours also have special paint! I bet there will be alot to read in next weeks letters to the Editor!!!

  • chargernut69 Aug 16, 2007

    gee... guess it's easier to just wait until it runs dry, then start water rationing? what is with these town officals lately?

    Let the stupid grass die before people can't drink, or bathe. No watering of grass period!

  • cj Aug 16, 2007

    A lot of us in the Creedmoor district are on wells. Having lived off a well for more than 30 years, we have learned to be conservative. You use a pan to wash dishes and then water the plants, turn off the water when brushing teeth, and always make sure that there is a full load in the washing machine. Always keep a couple of gallons on hand just in case you run out or the electricity goes off. Being conservative is no big deal, it is a shame that people are making it one.

  • zodad Aug 16, 2007

    "Watering is out, whether for lawns or gardens. Washing cars is out, and car washes will have to shut down during the emergency. Restaurant waiters will be bringing water to tables only on request."
    What an intimidating statement that was.


    Does this rule apply to golf courses also, or do they have a private water supply?? Are there any golf courses up there??
    Did anyone take into consideration 10 - 15 years ago, prior to this most recent boom, that there would be a potential water shortage due to the population explosion?? How about infrastructure consideration?? Aren't water supplies and sewer systems part of the infrastructure??
    Anyone know if there will be a moratorium on breathing fresh air soon?? Gee, dread the thought of only being allowed to exhale a limited number of liters of CO2 daily. Oh well..so be it..

  • ajohnson Aug 16, 2007

    Hey Sillyone,
    In reference to having your well water tested, you can contact
    Solon Smith @ Living Water Filter Co in Henderson, NC at 252-438-6600. They do an excellent job at testing and offer good
    recommendations. Good Luck

  • farcry Aug 16, 2007

    I hope the people in my neighborhood who insist on watering their lawns EVERY day despite the restrictions in place are reading this article and are seeing the writing on the wall. This area has done a horrendous job from the get-go with infrastructure and planning and it's catching up now. I'm sure the politicians all have a nicely manicured lawn and don't worry about restrictions.
    As for using paper plates and taking "Navy" showers - those of you too stupid to see that it also helps you need to rethink your position. You save money - sure it's not ideal, but do what you have to do before the area turns into a dustbowl. Someone said porcelain plates are more sanitary - probably one of the more moronic statements I've ever heard. Enough said.

  • Yelena Aug 16, 2007

    My mother in law used to put buckets inside the stall when she was taking her shower. She used the left over water to water her outdoor plants.