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School Board Considering New Start Times for Clayton Schools

Posted August 12, 2007

— Big changes could be ahead for Johnston County students. The school board is considering new start times for Clayton area schools, but the plan is causing some controversy.

“If this had been planned, it should have been talked about in May,” said PTA President Jennifer Hall. “Trying to get our kids to school by nine is really difficult, especially for working parents. Trying to make arrangements at this late time is difficult as well.”

Initially, principals were told a few weeks ago that high schools would start at 7 a.m., middle schools at 8 a.m. and elementary schools at 9 a.m.

“This will not be a drastic change, but it will make a difference for our parents,” said Crystal Roberts, Johnston County Schools’ spokesperson.

School board members said they have received hundreds of calls, e-mails and voice mails about the issue. Many say they are not happy about the idea of kids going to school at different times. Some school board members said they aren't happy about it either.

“It is mostly affecting families that have multiple children in the school system,” said school board member Donna White. “They will have a two-hour range of kids starting school at 7 o’clock and starting school at 9 o’clock, for instance if they have an elementary child, a middle child and high school child.”

It all comes down to bus schedules. The district is considering adding a third bus route that would in turn affect school start and end times. The proposal would only affect schools in the Clayton district this year. It would go county wide in two years, according to school officials.

The reason for the proposed change is the massive growth in Johnston County, especially in the Clayton area, officials said. Instead of buying extra buses, school leaders would add a route and save money.

The idea is still just a proposal, but it is on the agenda for the upcoming school board meeting Tuesday. Members could vote on it then, just in time to put the plan into effect for the first day of school Aug. 27.


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  • JoCo-nurse Aug 13, 2007

    I've received emails from Donna White, Larry Strickland, and Butler Hall saying they were opposed and voting against the proposal. I'm told Dorothy Johnson is "on the fence". The others (Bartholomew, Carroll, and O'Hale), I'm told are voting for it. There is no doubt in my mind it will pass. I have always driven my kids to school, on my way to work. Now due to this change, they will now have to ride the bus. Not something I've heard mentioned, but this could potentially cause a major increase in bus riders. Are they prepared for that?

  • vitameatavegamin Aug 13, 2007

    "Johnston County Schools Supt. Anthony Parker wants to divert funds allocated for new school and activity buses in the 2007-08 schools capital outlay budget to make up for a $2.4 million shortfall in current expense funds from state and county allocations." this according to the local Clayton newspaper...http://www.claytonnews-star.com/news/2007080802740.html So, they HAVE the money and they don't have to mess with the schedule...the commissioners already had it allocated, but Mr Parker would rather spend it on other stuff...politics politics politics...I'm so glad I don't teach in that district.

  • JCParent Aug 13, 2007

    jeebk04, you are right on! I am a single parent, with multiple children in the system, and a full time job. Last year, I was able to get to work at a decent time after dropping the children off at elementary school. This time change is going to kill me.

  • Kurlley Aug 13, 2007

    I just received a very interesting letter from Donna White (JCS Board member) in response to a letter I had emailed her on this absurd proposal. I put it out on my blog if anyone is interested.

    I also have posted a response I received back from board member, Larry Strickland below.

    From: lcstrickland02@att.net
    Date: Aug 13, 2007 3:24 PM
    I am opposed to Dr. Parker's recommendation. I will be voting against the proposal at our board meeting on Tuesday, August 14th @ 2 p.m. I would encourage you to telephone the board members that live in Clayton
    Mrs. Donna White 553-5627
    Mrs. Dorothy Johnson 553-5527
    Thanks for the e-mail.

  • Nancy Aug 13, 2007

    "Obscurite= Did you walk up hill both ways?? My grandparents did, I can only guess that is really hard."

    Uphill both ways, in the snow, without shoes, oh heck, I didn't even have a decent pair of feet until I was 12!

    Well, that's what we used to hear :)

  • romex Aug 13, 2007

    mossy jest move to mexico'''''''''

  • tulips4445 Aug 13, 2007

    I tried to contact Donna White and discuss some very wasteful spending in the CO. She really acted interested in it when she was campaigning but once she got voted in she wasn't too concerned.

  • NoToIllegals Aug 13, 2007

    Since I live in this infested illegal alien county - of course they need to change times.

    Seems to me that NC State Government should take SOLE responsibility for what is happening in this state.

    We are taxed to death.....and even after......then they drain us again on property/gas/cig/food taxes and it isn't EVER enough.

    We have a liberal school board with the exception of two members; Donna White and Larry Strickland. The try to stop the spendthrifts and they are ignored.

    Someone stated that the good ole boy system is in play. CORRECT. The superintendent is another vulture who draws a hefty paycheck and has his underlings do all the dirty work.
    The board/school system cannot be sued due to high dollar lawyers.

    NO WIN situation. Don't ever try to go against their dictatorship or you WILL PAY.

    Most on these boards know NOTHING about EDUCATION. They are only a banking system; spend spend spend...take care of the illegals and those that DO NOT PAY TAXES.

  • tulips4445 Aug 13, 2007

    With all the growth Clayton has had in the past 10 yrs this does not surprise me. What do you think we're gonna do with all these people moving here.

  • casp3r Aug 13, 2007

    Obscurite, gopanthers= LOL, Those stories were funny though.