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Durham Man Charged in Avalon Nightclub Slaying

Posted August 10, 2007

— A Durham man faces a murder charge in a shooting outside a Chapel Hill nightclub last year, though authorities believe someone else pulled the trigger, police said Thursday.

Chapel Hill police said they had picked up Willie James Mayo, Jr., 28, of 910 Cartman St. in Durham, with help from the Durham County Sheriff's Office.

They charged Mayo with first-degree murder and accessory after the fact in the shooting of Kedrain Monta Swann of Chapel Hill. Mayo was being held without bail in the Orange County Jail.

Swann was shot 12 times with a high-powered rifle outside Club Avalon on July 29, 2006, after an altercation inside the club, police said. He died at a local hospital.

Town officials later forced the nightclub to close, citing a "grave safety risk" to nearby residents. Officials noted the club had been the site of previous assaults and gunfire.

Investigators said they think Mayo was the driver of a getaway car and that the shooter was a man named Christopher Shipley. The arrest warrant for Mayo named Shipley but didn't give any other information about him.


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  • wizard633 Aug 11, 2007

    Well, there you have it!

  • skinnycow Aug 10, 2007

    iamforjustice..you are so juvenile and childish that it is sickening. How old aren't you? If you have an issue with me or something that I said you should have been a woman/or man about it and addressed me accordingly. To go around and tell people on here that I am gettng on your nerves is stupid. You obviously have nothing better to do with your time. Grow up. It is not a hard thing to do. You look real foolish talking about me to others on their pages. How pathetic.

  • hefty-lefty Aug 10, 2007

    Well, I guess if you take seven bullets and don't die you certainly deserve to be run over!!!! NOT!!!

  • skinnycow Aug 10, 2007

    No Derrrrrrr. We may disagree more than we agree but you are not a baiter or a troll. We may not see eye to eye all the times but you post acutal information and your posts are logical and informative. I like reading your posts. Even if I many not always agree with you. So we are still on track...8-)

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Aug 10, 2007

    Geisha, am I on that list now? ;-)

  • iamforjustice Aug 10, 2007

    Fine Geisha...but for the rest of you...is the guy in stable condition?

  • skinnycow Aug 10, 2007


    You proved my point. You are a baiter turned badger. Only posting to "stir" people up. Never contributing any reasonable amount of logic to a story. The same way you said that elderly lady may have led her rapist on and we didnt know the nature of their relationship. You post real vile garbage just to get a kick. I will add you to my list of posters not to read or respond too. You will be lucky # 6. Have a great day and enjoy your GOLO life.

  • skinnycow Aug 10, 2007


    I will not respond back to you again. If you want to read the entire story I suggest you go to the N&O site. But just in case you dont here it is:

    On July 29, 2006, Swann was at the now-closed Avalon nightclub at 306 W. Franklin St.

    The trouble started in the club when a man accidentally bumped another, Alicia Conway said in an interview last year. She said she was at the club that night.

    That led to people pushing, shoving and yelling. Swann and his cousin were on the fringes of the melee, and one of them was punched, Conway said. That drew them into the fight, she said.

    Bouncers ejected the fighters, including Swann.

    That's when Swann was shot seven times with a high-powered rifle, according to police and a medical examiner's report.

    Police think his killer got into a car with Mayo and possibly others, and drove away, running over Swann's body and leaving tread marks on his back and head, according to Overton and a medical examiner's report

  • iamforjustice Aug 10, 2007

    You don't know the whole story. May be the man did something to get ran over for. Seriously. Haven't you ever gotten so angry at someone you tried to run them over? I have. I had a prejudice roommate in college that made my life miserable and I tried to bury him under my MG. Too bad he ran out of the way.

  • skinnycow Aug 10, 2007


    Surely you aren't comparing your situation to this? Did you read the post below what you just posted? The DRIVER may have RAN OVER the victim? Perhaps he didnt shoot him but he did in fact RUN him OVER and he drove the car that the shooter used to get away. He didnt turn himself or the shooter in to the police. Really? Are you being logical at all? I don't understand your reasonings.