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22 Crashes in 4 Years Logged at Johnston County Site

Posted August 6, 2007

— One week after a crash killed two people in Johnston County, one of the victim's loved ones is asking questions about the driving safety in that area.

Lee Brothers, a chief warrant officer with the National Guard, was killed on Highway 210 near McGee's Crossroads on July 30. He was driving back from Kinston when he was hit just 5 miles from home.

It was raining, according to troopers, when a Department of Transportation truck hauling asphalt slid down the hill and collided with Lee's car. Long-time DOT employee Carl Collins was also killed.

A DOT spokesperson said the crash is under investigation, but a potential review of the road hasn't been determined yet. Twenty-two crashes with injuries have been logged at or near the site since 2003.

One neighbor said in his five years there, he has seen this before.

“In that period of time, there has been four or five wrecks in this identical same spot,” said Tom Nelms. “In the past, all of those have hydroplaned when it was raining.”

This latest crash has Brothers’ friend Jon Odell and others wondering if there is something about the road that triggers accidents.

“I think it’s extremely important that Lee and Mr. Collins, that their lives were not in vain,” Odell said. “I think if we can just look at the road, if we can just save one more life, then it makes it all the worthwhile.”

Brothers was the father of three. His wife of 13 years said she always feared he would be deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan, never that he'd be killed in an accident so close to home.


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  • bgmulder Aug 7, 2007

    There is no need to get ugly with, because I was in no way trying to start an argument. I was just stating we can't say what people will and will not do, because we don't always know. But we do know is that our fate is determined in life!

  • isabella731 Aug 6, 2007

    Rev. RB-"DOT usually doesn't do anything until a woman or child is killed."

    Would you mind stating where you get your information from? This seemed to have come out of left field. Thanks.

  • melmika Aug 6, 2007

    I have actually seen sections of roads in other countries that the people there considered to be cursed.

    I personaly know of one tunnel in Okinawa that no one will drive through at night because whoever does always ends up crashing the car and in many cases the driver dies. And speeding isn't the reason for the crash. Even the local police stay away from that tunnel.

  • Myword Aug 6, 2007

    Figure it out and then re-engineer the stretch, something ain't right there.

  • shine Aug 6, 2007

    Pack Fan 33....... It is a very diffucult situation when relatives and loved ones are lost to any accident. I hope that DOT is working on that stretch or road to come up with solutions to prohibit that from happening again and again.
    It is time to fix the problem...... not fix the blame

    This is not directed to you or the DOT - I just hope someone will find a solution to the problem and obviously there is one. It is a shame it has to come to this before the problems are taken care of.

    My thoughts and prayers are with both families and I hope that they can transgress this awful event.

  • nobodyz bizness Aug 6, 2007

    It is very sad that these 2 men were lost. If you have a problem with my post, try reading it again and not interpose your own 'hidden meanings'. This was termed an accident. I inferred no blame. Donut munchers were handling the investigation, so it will be marred just like the road condition. I stand behind what I said. [That thing at the left of the bracket....it's a period.]

  • PackFan33 Aug 6, 2007

    just my2cents - Thank you for elaborating on your previous post. That is how I read it. I agree 100% with your statement that he would not have been speeding under those circumstances.

  • just my2cents Aug 6, 2007

    Well said jenkirb.
    We are praying for both families, Carl was one of ours and we loved him too. Mr Brothers fought to protect our freedom, so though I did not know him personally, I have much love and respect for him too. God bless both families.

  • just my2cents Aug 6, 2007

    bgmulder, I stick to my claim the Carl Collins would not have been speeding in a heavy downpour on slick roads while driving an asphalt distributor. Say whatever you want, I know better. SAFETY was an important part of his job, a job he loved and took seriously.

  • PackFan33 Aug 6, 2007

    bgmulder - Thank you for clearing that up. It is so easy to misunderstand when reading all of these posts. I shouldn't have assumed you were referring to my post.

    And thanks again to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for both families.