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Friends Visit Wounded Cop, Alleged Shooter on the Loose

Posted August 5, 2007

— Police are searching for a suspect in the shooting of an officer during a traffic stop in Rocky Mount early Sunday morning.

Alexander Damion Whitaker, 20, is charged with the attempted murder of Senior Police Officer Darrell Martin, who has served 13 years with the Rocky Mount Police Department, authorities said.

Martin stopped a car with Whitaker and four other occupants as it was traveling east on Sunset Avenue at the U.S. Highway 301 overpass at 3:16 a.m. Martin recognized one occupant as a man wanted by the Rocky Mount Police on an outstanding warrant for a traffic violation, officers said.

He ordered the men to exit the car one at a time, according to the police report. While exiting the car, Whitaker allegedly fired a gun at Martin at least twice, officers said.

Whitaker fled the scene, along with two other suspects, authorities said.

Martin arrested two occupants of the vehicle, Eric Devon Harrison and Tyron Foreman, both of Rocky Mount, officers said.

Martin suffered gunshot wounds on his left side and in his right arm, Capt. Martin McCoy said. He was in stable condition at an area hospital.

Friends visited Martin in the hospital Sunday and said he was doing well.

“When I went to see him, I felt much better,” said friend Lindy Brewer. “There was a lot of police support there. He was able to carry on a conversation with us, and it was very uplifting to see him in such good shape, because it could have been so much worse.”

“That’s really bad, especially when you’re out there helping the community,” said neighbor Shannon Smith.

Whitaker remains on the loose. He is described as a 20-year-old black male, standing 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 130 pounds.

The State Bureau of Investigation was called in to assist, and investigators secured the scene of the shooting, police said. Nearly a dozen U.S. Marshals suited up in the police department parking lot Sunday evening to help with the investigation.


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  • Gandalf Aug 7, 2007

    Since I could not post in the article about this varmint offing himself I will in this one. Thank you from the law abiding citizens of North Carolina for saving us wasted tax dollars for your trail and incarceration by killing yourself. Shame more of the thugs out there don't put themselves out of our misery.

  • godshelper Aug 6, 2007

    CONTI.... i WOULDN'T CARE IF YOU NEVER ANSWERED ANOTHER QUESTION....I hope this young man still has his gun and when he is caught I hope he makes another bad choice for himself and that there is no need for a trial, I would then get on here and again sing priases for our police. Tell you what. Why doont you go to BLET. They will train you just right.. Maybe get rid of your liberal views

  • Gafan001 Aug 6, 2007

    He can't be too far, shouldn't be long before they get him.

  • godshelper Aug 6, 2007

    "bias you can count on"

    As I read on you made another stupid comment....

    Idiot there is no curfew......Ever heard of North carolinas graduated lisence law... it has a curfew.....WHOS THE IDIOT NOW.... I wish I were a cop and you didnt say nothing to me and drove off... After you lost your job, for your arrest and swept and mopped at a state prision for your charges 1.Felony elude, 2. RESIST, OBSTRUCT, AND DELAY OF AN INVESTIGATION, 3.FAILURE TO PULL OVER FOR A BLUE LIGHT AND AUDIBLE SIREN.....

  • godshelper Aug 6, 2007

    "bias you can count on"

    You made a good point about the german nazis and their traffic checkpoints, seeing myself as a history lover myself, You must have slept during constitutional law and amendments......Question for you.... What amendment gives citzens the RIGHT to drive?....Times up... There isn't one driving in the state of North Carolina is "PRIVLEDGE" and can be taken away. Just like riding a school bus, IT'S ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE PRIVLEDGES". You drive down state roads because the state of North Carolina ALLOWS it.. If you don't like our laws, then park your car and walk.
    You just got on here and badgered our law enforcement officers. You are probaly a sissy, and need police to fight your battles for you. Learn your rights and our laws before you talk about something in history or Germany.....THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A COUNTRY THAT IS FREE, THERE IS NOTHING FREE, FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO, FOR EVERYTHING YOU SAY, SOME POLICE OFFICER OR SOILDER MUST PAY FOR IT...GOT IT U A.H.

  • isabella731 Aug 6, 2007

    Regardless of what he's done in the past, it's a whole new ballgame now. He's going to be charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, which is going to send him away for a long time. Amazing that the officer was able to actually arrest two of the occupants of the car after being shot twice. He should be given a bravery award, at the very least, for going above and beyond at a time when he was hurt.

  • VivaceConBrio Aug 6, 2007

    he made a very bad choice. very very bad choice. they won't stop until they find him

  • ifcdirector Aug 6, 2007

    Random roadblocks would not be happening in a truly free country. They were invented by the Nazis.

    He's right and they don't care about the Constitution either when you mention it to them. Instead they like to cop a super attitude and this is why you can't trust the police to protect your rights. I firmly believe that they would take any order at any time up to and including firing upon unarmed citizens or breaking into homes at gunpoint doing random searches if some court would allow it.

  • COPs eye Aug 6, 2007

    One day people will learn to not upset the police and do what they are supposed to do. This kid was a punk and it does not matter what his excuse is for his actions. No one cares about his home life except the liberal groups. Fact is he atempted to kill a COP. Bad choice.

  • COPs eye Aug 6, 2007

    License check points are also a way to get warrants served, drunks off the road, drugs off the streets, unlicensed and uninsured drivers off the road; etc. I agree that if there is no real probable cause to pull over a car the car should not be pulled over. Howeverin this case the car was stopped leagally within the limits of the law.