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Soldier Faces Court-Martial in HIV Case

Posted August 2, 2007

— A soldier charged with knowingly infecting a 17-year-old boy with HIV will face a court-martial, authorities said Thursday.

Pfc. Johnny Lamar Dalton, 25, a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, was arrested last month after a five-month investigation by Fort Bragg military police and the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office. He was charged with crimes against nature, assault and assault with a deadly weapon.

A military magistrate on Wednesday reviewed the evidence collected during the investigation and found probable cause that offenses triable by a court-martial had been committed, authorities said.

Dalton was ordered to remain in confinement until he is arraigned.

Last November, Dalton was ordered not to have sex without first telling his wife or other potential partners of his HIV infection, and he signed an order to that effect, authorities said.

The mother of the unidentified boy, who is now 18, said her son first met Dalton in a gay online chatroom and then in person.

Doctors conducting routine blood tests in February found that the teen was HIV-positive.


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  • claudnc Aug 3, 2007

    notfromhere - Thanks but all the new information states that people that are becoming infected today - not in the 80's are expected to live a much more healthy life with the virus. Sorry if you feel like I am being passive about this. I certainly dont feel like I am especially when statistics show me that AA women are becoming infected with the virus at epidemic rates. I really try to educate my sisters as much as possible. But I also let them know if you are infected live your life, be healthy and be as happy as you can. Again it does depend how the strain of virus effects your body. I am certainly not trying to sugar coat be inform. I have seen folks who have diagnosed with cancer check out within a matter of months but folks with HIV are living much longer. Some refuse to take the medications and still live a really long time.

  • doodad Aug 3, 2007

    Refering to this weeks headline: "People Have Sex Because It Feels Good"...If you knew someone had the ebola virus, you would not go near them AT ALL! This kid didn't know this guy was infected, but having unprotected sex is like playing russian roulette. Even this felon's wife thought she was safe.

  • doodad Aug 3, 2007

    They should tatoo AIDS on his forehead, then send him to prison.

  • aperalta001 Aug 2, 2007

    People now days just have no morals! The internet is a tool that yes can help us, but the majority of people use it for terrible things! Meeting kids to have sex. When I was growing up you didn't hear about things like this. I pity the kid who now has to live with AIDS but I guess that's 1 for GOD 0 for boy, huh?!?!

  • NotFromHere Aug 2, 2007

    As for how do they know the HIV the boy contracted came from this man. Well HIV mutates very quickly. Through a DNA test they can determine how closely one person's HIV strain matches another person's HIV strain.

  • NotFromHere Aug 2, 2007

    claudnc, people are not living 30+ years with HIV. The HIV virus and AIDS was only identified in the early to mid 1980's. That's only been about 25 years ago. I went to college in Greenwich Village, NYC. NONE of the people I know who were diagnosed at that time are still alive today. So don't try to sugar coat the situation. It is a serious illness and while they do have medications today that help to control it, those medications are very expensive and many people without insurance can't afford them. People are dying everyday from AIDS so don't pass it off as a disease you can easily live with for the rest of your natural lifespan.

  • At Work Aug 2, 2007

    I just have one question, What is his wife and kids saying about all this?

  • claudnc Aug 2, 2007

    Him sleeping with men and his wife not knowing is the ultimate example of the "Down Low Man".

  • brings Aug 2, 2007

    The 18 year old shouldn't have been having unprotected sex but what about his wife! She was in danger and probably didn't even know she had a husband that was sleeping with men. And to add to misery he's hiv pos. I feel sorry for the wife and his kids!

  • lishaxlisha Aug 2, 2007

    Delemon, yes with the drugs that are out there now, people are living longer with HIV, BUT no way in hell would i want to know that I have it and would have to live with it for the rest of my life. No matter if I live longer now with medication I still will NOT want to live with that Terrible Disease.