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Rocks Thrown at Vehicles on U.S. 1

Posted August 2, 2007

— Chatham County authorities are investigating a report of rocks being thrown at vehicles on U.S. Highway 1 near the Wake-Chatham county line.

Stanley Rimmer told authorities that he was southbound on U.S. 1 early Thursday and saw some large rocks in the road. As he tried to drive around the rocks, a football-sized rock crashed through his windshield, he told authorities.

Rimmer wasn't injured in the incident, authorities said.

Chatham County sheriff's deputies said this was not the first time someone has dropped rocks from the Pea Ridge Road overpass.

Nearly three weeks ago, a Marston woman told authorities a rock fell through her windshield. She was not hurt.

In both cases, it was too dark for drivers to spot anyone on the overpass.

Deputies said the person or persons responsible could be charged with felony assault with intent to kill.


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  • luvbeingamommy Aug 3, 2007

    This is insane!! For those of you who choose to adopt the attitude that "some of us act as if we did nothing when we were teenagers"! What is wrong with you guys? First of all, the term "prank" doesn't fit when you knowingly place peoples' lives at risk! Consider this, US 1 is 65 mph in that area. Second, there is a very high volume of truck (18 wheeler) traffic on this stretch as well. Third, I don't condone this but face it most cars are probably going at least 10-15 miles over the posted speed limit. Now taking all of that into account, along with a football sized rock through your windshield, please show me the humor in this "prank". Pranks are meant for harmless fun and I don't see that these acts are harmless or fun! Regardless of how old the offenders are, they are aware of the potential harm their actions could cause! A slap on the wrist is way to easy when caught. Perhaps if you or your loved ones were potential victims, your attitudes would be a lot different!

  • Lightfoot3 Aug 3, 2007

    If they are throwing rocks that big, they know EXACTLY what they are doing. Hence the "intent to kill" charge. That's a big highway interchange. While it has some pretty big forest on three sides, it's still big enough that you should be able to get off of US-1 and onto the bridge before they can get away. Hopefully they'll run for the small tree sections that make up the interchange. That way they'll be trapped.

    I wonder if these guys are dumb enough to bring a rock to a gunfight?

  • grumpyhermit Aug 3, 2007

    community service? I think there should be hard time for anyone throwing rocks or other dangerous objects into traffic. Their utter disregard for others' lives is stunning.

    A young mother I worked with briefly, years ago, was killed by drunk teenagers dropping rocks from the Briggs Ave bridge in Durham

  • lolly Aug 3, 2007

    Offer a reward for info leading to arrest. These idiots have bragged to someone. They sound too stupid not to brag.

  • nowon_yuno Aug 3, 2007

    This happened when I was Germany, and the military brats that were doing it killed someone, and off to GERMAN prison they went. As far as I know they are still there but they should be getting out soon, and this was in 98 or 99

  • banmewral Aug 3, 2007

    maybe the bridge they are throwing rocks from will collapse out from under them?

  • missdawg Aug 3, 2007

    Can we line them up in downtown Raleigh and throw football- sized rocks at them? That's what they deserve.

  • fkhaywood Aug 2, 2007

    These kids, when caught, should have to perform community service for 40 hours a week until age 25. Maybe they will learn not to do things like throw 'boulders' off overpasses!

  • Fair Tax Now Aug 2, 2007

    Why can't these punks be satisfied with whizzing off the overpass like we did. Nobody got hurt, the drivers down below just laughed it off...and shot at us. Great fun had by all.

  • mindyourown Aug 2, 2007

    Bunch of kids with nothing better to do, sad..just plain sad. Hopefully these punks will get caught and they deserve more punishment than they'll probably get...wouldn't rocks in the road indicate that they probably fell from the bridge above on purpose? Shouldn't someone have maybe cell-phoned the police to maybe just check out the situation? A little vigilance and awareness by more of us and hopefully people/kids like this will get caught in the act.