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Black in Franklin Jail Awaiting Move to Federal Prison

Posted August 1, 2007

— Former House Speaker Jim Black was moved sometime overnight from the Wake County Jail to the Franklin County Jail, authorities said.

Federal authorities told WRAL that Black will spend time at the Franklin County Jail before leaving to serve his sentence at a minimum-security federal prison camp in Lewisburg, Pa.

The 72-year-old Mecklenburg County Democrat was sentenced July 11 to 63 months in prison after pleading guilty to a federal charge of accepting an illegal gratuity.

On Tuesday, he was sentenced to eight to 10 months in prison and was fined $1 million on a state obstruction of justice charge. Black's state sentence will run at the same time as his federal sentence.

Black was given until December to pay off the fine. If he does, Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens said he would sentence Black to 19 to 23 months in prison on a state bribery charge, with the sentence running concurrently with his federal sentence.

If Black doesn't meet the deadline for paying the fine, Stephens said he would hold a hearing and could sentence Black to more time in prison.

Black held the top position in the state House for a record eight years before resigning in February and pleading guilty to both state and federal charges.


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  • not pc Aug 2, 2007

    look this state time does not mean anything he's doing it concurrently he wont do a second in state prison,only in that posh fed camp.a million is a drop in the bucket compared to what he really took.this is just what he got caught for.any one holding a public office should get the max penilty for the crime then maybe they would think about it a little longer before selling out to the devil.

  • skeeter Aug 1, 2007

    The only thing Don Beason is going to get from this is his clients he represents may not renew their contract with him. The may not want their name tied to Jim Black. When Beason loaned the money to Black there was no ethics law passed by the General Assembly that would have prevented him from making this loan. So charges or jail time I doubt will happen.

  • Mad Baumer Aug 1, 2007

    he said "dis-lobbied" Still funny

  • Tranewidow Aug 1, 2007

    fiestysp, are you nuts? It's more expensive to live in Franklin County (Louisburg) in particular than anywhere else in the state! Peaceful??? I can't wait to get the heck out of here. 25 years is enough torture.

  • jamandbread Aug 1, 2007

    Did he pay Taxes on the $500,000 (loan) When is the lobbyist, like the snake of Eden, going to get his time in court. I want him dis-lobbied. Okay, DA, do you your job.

  • Timbo Aug 1, 2007

    You know UPS Lewisburg is more like "Club Med" than a prison. He's got it easy.

  • fiestysp Aug 1, 2007

    Whats wrong with Franklin County davidgnews? Its alot more peaceful, cheaper to live and nicer folks that most counties I know of.

  • davidgnews Aug 1, 2007

    Hd_text=Ha ha - they should just leave him in Franklin county, that would be more than enough!

  • dhoggard2 Aug 1, 2007

    The guy is a crook, and there are more still in office that need to meet the same end. He deserves to rot in prison for what he did and I'm glad he actually got some substantial time. He represents everything that is wrong with this state and this country. Bunch of sell outs!!

  • Doctor Dataclerk Aug 1, 2007

    He's done, get on with the rest of those in NC politics doing the exact same thing. Start with those that clung to him before he crashed and burned. They are lying low right now, but take a look at who funneled money to him and who he funneled campaign money to.