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Police Group Endorses Grand Rapids Police Chief

Posted July 31, 2007
Updated August 23, 2007

— The Raleigh Police Protective Association on Tuesday evening endorsed a Grand Rapids, Mich., police chief to be the city's next top cop.

Chief Harry Dolan is one of two candidates that Raleigh City Manager Russell Allen chose from a pool of 45 applicants to replace former Chief Jane Perlov, who left in March to take a corporate security job. Raleigh's interim police chief, Kent Sholar, is the second candidate.

The association said a majority of its members voted for Dolan but would not say how many members voted.

Last week, police officers had the opportunity to hear from both at a forum, in which the candidates talked about their desire to lead the department, their experience and their views on communication and training.

Allen, who will decide on the chief, has said he will take into account the RPPA's endorsement, as well as feedback from last week's forums. He has not given an exact date on when he will decide but has said it will be soon.

"We really did have very good candidates, and I really do feel extremely good about the two finalists," Allen said earlier this month. "Either one would be a great chief for Raleigh. My job is really to find out which one will be the best one."

Sholar has worked for the Raleigh Police Department for 24 years, moving up the ranks from patrol officer to detective, sergeant, lieutenant, captain and major. He was named deputy chief last December and was appointed as interim chief after Perlov left.

Dolan has spent 18 of his 27 years in law enforcement in North Carolina, including five with the Raleigh Police Department. He has been police chief in Grand Rapids for the past nine years. Before that, he served as police chief in Lumberton and for the North Carolina Department of Human Resources Police Department in Black Mountain. He worked in Raleigh from 1982 to 1987.

According to its Web site, the Raleigh Police Protective Association is an organization of officers who advocate for the protection and rights of police officers.


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  • longhornbulls Aug 1, 2007

    I will agree to disagree, You have my support in in your thoughts and support for Dolan in your city. Did not mean to be overbearing, just commited to the well being of the organization and city I served.

  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Aug 1, 2007

    You asked if I knew a Bryant and I said no. From reading your post I gathered that you knew the person that referenced the good ol boys. Did not see the post the other guy wrote until you mentioned it last time. So I apologize for calling him your friend. But you said and I quote "I’ve worked with both and these individuals. Dolan has a charismatic personality but..." That is what I based my original comment on. Then you posted that I must be one of the good ole boys. That is when I assumed you were quoting someone you knew. We can just agree to disagree and move on. I have my opinion and you have yours. I doubt seriously that either one will contribute to who is hired in Raleigh. So Mr/Ms longhornbulls I hope you have a wonderful evening and a blessed tomorrow. May the best candidate win!

  • longhornbulls Aug 1, 2007

    Never said anything about an officer that worked in both Raleigh and Lumberton....interesting where that came from....You continue to say "YOUR FRIEND" ...I do not know the poster, just that it was posted on page two from someone that was aware of Dolan when he was in Lumberton if you read the post, it would appear.

  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Aug 1, 2007

    Nope never heard of a Bryant. Don't know of any police that have worked in both Lumberton and Raleigh. My husband was a cop here for 9 years and left about a year after Dolan did. As for the corrupt cops, have you read the papers lately? Operation Tarnished Badge - it's all about Robeson County. I apologize I should not have said that because I do not know your friend. I just got carried away. But if your friend would include my husband as one of the good ole boys - so be it. I know that he is honest and hardworking.He loves being a police officer. It certainly isn't for the money. But as far as Raleigh goes I sincerely think (opinion) that Dolan would do a good job. I know that he would do whatever he had to fight crime and give the citizens great results. Any department you go to someone will complain about their chief, noone is liked by everyone. That just doesn't happen.

  • longhornbulls Aug 1, 2007

    The post was from a person in Lumberton, post on page TWO, do not know if it was an officer or not but just for fyi on the perception of then Chief Dolan in Lumberton. Not sure what you mean by "Maybe your friend is one of the corrupt cops that just has a problem with authority." Do you have an Officer Bryant there?

  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Aug 1, 2007

    I never said I worked with Dolan. My husband did when he was in Lumberton. I saw what Dolan did for the high crime areas of this town. Living here my entire life I saw the difference. I saw what my husband did and would do again if given the chance. Maybe your friend would say my husband was one of the good ol boys that's fine with me. I happened to be married to a wonderful police officer who has worked as patrolman, k9 cop, chief of police, and detective. I can assure you that if my husband wanted a job in Raleigh he could get one no matter who the chief was because he is a good cop! Maybe your friend is one of the corrupt cops that just has a problem with authority.

  • longhornbulls Aug 1, 2007

    You need to be informed on what the individual from Lumberton had to say.
    I think Raleigh will regret it if they choose to give Harry Dolan the police chief position. I lived and worked in Lumberton when he was chief and unless he has changed his attitudes, he will be gone in short order. Don't let his charasmatic personality fool you. You know how it goes - promises, promises, promises! "

    Sounds like you may be one of the Dolan "good ol boys" from Lumberton, are you looking for a job in Raleigh?

    I don't claim to have worked with both of them, I HAVE.
    Have You ?

  • K9Tucker.LoveMYcop Aug 1, 2007

    longhornbulls - you claim to know them both, I think you need to do more research on Dolan's background before you accuse him of just wanting to be chief. I have personally seen the man on a bicycle riding down the road in L'ton with officers. He took the time and actually got to know his officers and their families. He handled the politics of this little LA better than anyone that has ever been here. You need to look at the schools he attended - the same ones he had his officers attend. The man is top notch. I do not know Sholar, I am sure he is a fine man. I just feel the best thing for the Raleigh area would be to hire someone from outside the area and Dolan is a great candidate.

  • longhornbulls Aug 1, 2007

    (continued from below)
    community policing it’s been around for a long time. And guess what, community policing started way before Perlov showed up. Let's try Chief Brown's era.

    Who would you rather have as your next Police Chief?
    A man who came to the department and served the city of Raleigh and the citizens of Raleigh and City Government for his entire career, has experience and learned the operation of the department thru all ranks OR a man who just wanted to have the title of “Police Chief” and have 2, possibly 3 retirement incomes coming in and moving to the next city as soon as he is vested?

    I’ve worked with both and these individuals. Dolan has a charismatic personality but he just wants to be the “Chief of Police” again, without ever having to achieve or have the knowledge gained at the of the rank of Sergeant, Detective, Lieutenant, Captain or Major. Five years and he will be gone again. Chief Sholar may not appear as polished as Dolan , but that does not m

  • longhornbulls Aug 1, 2007

    Ok..let's look at the real facts on Harry. He was "Police Chief for the NC Department of Human Resources" in Black Mountain, NC. This is a similar to a position here in Raleigh that is held at Dorthea Dix in the Human Resources Department.
    A state government job at a Mental Hospital
    He held this for 5 years and VESTED.

    He was then Chief of Police in Lumberton, NC in 1992, population then, 20,000. Stayed there 1992-1998, 6 years and VESTED.

    Grand Rapids, Michigan from 1998-Present - 8 years and VESTED.
    Population 197,800, Calls for Police service per year 150,000 calls.

    Raleigh, NC today
    Population 356,321, Calls for Service per year, SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER!!

    Compare the crime rate from Grand Rapids to Raleigh, and get the facts:

    Ok...so we put community policing in a town of 20,000. Of course it’s going to work. And "community policing" is not something new. If you’re a cop, you know about